All hope has gone

Legolas struggled against the bounds that held him so tightly he could barely breathe. He had been here for, according to the tally marks on his dungeon's wall, 18 months. He knew why. He is the Prince of Mirkwood. It had to be that! They captured him during the night, from his own bed.

He was sure that his father had sent out search parties when Thranduil knew he was missing. Legolas wondered if anyone was looking for him now. The twins? Aragorn? Elrond? Surely, they were looking? Right? Legolas put his head back onto the concrete wall. The Orcs would be returning soon to get him. Maybe this time it would be Urak-hai. It didn't matter. Either way, he was going to get beaten when someone arrived.

This dungeon was the same one he had been in for 18 months (so far) and he was used to it. There was a thin mat and pillow in one corner. No window and blood on the floor. He shivered. His blood. He had lost a lot of blood in these 18 months. From torture or wounds he earned on The Work Field. They called this place Camp or (as he liked to put it) Eternal Hell. He lost all hope that someone was coming for him.

The creaky cell door opened and Legolas lifted his head from the wall. An Urak-hai entered and pulled Legolas to his feet. Legolas kept his head down and let his eyes looked to the floor. The Urak-hai snarled. "Let's go." It said, half leading and half dragging Legolas from the cell.

The Urak-hai smelled of blood, sweat, and other foul odors Legolas didn't want to identify. The creature literally threw the Fair being into a small room, which contained torture items. Legolas felt sick. He knew what was to come. He huddled in the corner, but when two muscular Men entered, he was pulled up to his feet. These were new Men. Legolas hadn't seen them before.

The new Men tied Legolas down. The tight rope cut into his wrists painfully. One of the Men brought out a small brass table. Horror came over Legolas when he saw the objects that lay on the small table.