When Legolas finally came to, he could hear voices and feel the light upon his face. He felt dull pain everywhere, no longer remembering what his injuries were or how bad they were. Elladan appeared. "How do you feel, mellon nin? Are you in much pain?" The elder twin asked. Legolas closed his eyes quickly, and then reopened them. "No, I feel better." Legolas answered softly.

"We are going to move soon. There will be no scouts for a few hours, I assume. Elrohir is going to watch for a little longer and then we must move." Elladan said, placing his hand on Legolas' forehead. "You're fever is breaking." The twin murmured softly.

"I fear being recaptured." Legolas said quietly. "You are safe, Legolas." Elladan said, nodding. "Am I?" Legolas asked, raising an eyebrow. Elladan didn't answer. Legolas felt better, so couldn't they leave now? Why not? He'd rather leave now than be caught by those horrid creatures.

Legolas propped himself up on his elbows. He tried to sit, but Elladan saw this movement and lowered the Mirkwood Elf back to the pillows. "Elladan! I feel better. I---"Legolas said as a wave of pain hit him. "I really do." The blonde Elf finished.

Elladan raised an eyebrow and Elrohir jumped from the tree. "We can't stay! Scouts are being sent out early today! They come this way. We must leave now." Elrohir said.

They packed up camp and got Legolas onto a horse with Elladan. This wasn't good. The three Elves heard the footsteps of the running pursuers coming closer. They were in trouble, but they couldn't let Legolas be captured again.

//VERY SHORT! God, what kind of sucky writer am I?! Well, more is coming! I just needed to get a cliffie in here.//