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Like Dreamers Do

Susie Greenleaf

October 2003

Tidus lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling of his room at the Highroad Agency. The sun was long gone; he had watched it set while sitting beside Yuna. The small room lay in darkness, shadows flickering in the corners.

He closed his eyes; immediately, images of Yuna filled his mind. The dazzling, fading sunlight echoed in her stunning, mismatched eyes. A shiver coursed through him.

Man, these feelings for Yuna confused him. He thought of her as a good friend and there was no question he would give his life to save hers. Did that amount to friendship … or something more? Back in Zanarkand, he had had a multitude of girlfriends and various encounters with women … and yet none of them made him feel the way Yuna did: as though everything would turn out all right, as though he had nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. As though he was something special, something to be treasured and loved and never forgotten.

He shifted, the front of his black pants suddenly tighter than normal. The visualization of the waning sunlight reflecting off Yuna's wispy brown locks made something in his stomach stir. Tidus glanced furtively at his door. It was firmly shut.

One tanned arm pillowing his head, Tidus reached to unzip his Zanarkand Abes pants and relieve the growing pressure.

Closing his burning, cobalt blue eyes, Tidus allowed vision after vision of Yuna to flood his mind … using a gloved hand, he stroked himself lightly, picturing Yuna performing the action on him. In his mind, she kissed the product of his excitement lightly, running her little pink tongue over his throbbing manhood.

He groaned, gripping himself firmly. Behind his lids, Yuna quickly stripped herself of clothing. She gazed down at him, small hands running over his arousal.

"Tidus," she whispered softly, moving closer to him. She slipped a hand into his and sat up.

She was beyond beautiful, sitting there in the dimly lit room, watching him intently. Tidus swallowed hard; his hand began to slowly move up and down.

Yuna climbed atop him, straddling him. Her searing warmth gradually closed around him. He gently held onto her hips, guiding her. She bit down on her lip as he settled fully inside her. Tidus shifted slightly; she burned around him, nearly scorching him with her desire.

She let out a low moan when he tenderly moved within her, unwilling to hurt her. She rolled her hips, carefully, as though testing him. Tidus suppressed an overwhelming urge to flip the girl onto her back and pound into her as hard as he could.

He, of course, did nothing of the sort; he allowed Yuna to continue her cautious, measured pace.

Yuna took his hands, her eyes never leaving his; she used his fingers to trace circles around her nipples. Tidus stared for a long moment at her breasts, suddenly hesitant. Yuna smiled her encouragement; he sat up and ran his tongue lightly over one nipple, teasing it to hardness. Yuna moaned his name, grinding her hips against his, trying to get him as far inside her as possible.

"Yuna," he groaned, driving deeper into her.

One black-gloved hand firmly clasping his shaft, anxiously seeking to find his release. The beginnings of tension seized him, images of Yuna pressing onto his senses, setting his nerves on fire.

An explosion suddenly ripped through him, Yuna's name tearing itself from his lips. He arched into the orgasm, allowing blackness to engulf him, crying out Yuna's name over and over.

Yuna bit her lip, feeling apprehensive. She could hear Tidus calling to her from his room; she hoped desperately nothing was wrong.

She gently pushed open the door and immediately felt her body flush at the sight of Tidus. Before she knew she was going to, Yuna spoke, calling to him, in a husky, low voice she did not recognize as her own.