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Summary: NOT A SELF-INSERT! Three new female Gundam pilots are sent to Earth in hopes of helping the Gundam boys destroy Oz. One girl holds a special power that would be useful on either side of the war. Will everything turn out alright for the Gundam pilots? Or will OZ defeat them? Relena bashing!

Battle of the Heart


Lenx Wagami sighed as she threw some clothes into a bag sitting on her bed.

"I can't believe I am doing this." She muttered to herself as she thought back to what Dr. J had said.


Lenx was walking down the corridor with her friend and partner, Reiko Toshoku. Earlier that morning Dr. J had told them of a meeting that would involve both of them. Reiko only told her the basics of it and when Lenx bugged her for more information she would say nothing and walk away. Lenx was thinking over this when all of a sudden Reiko stopped. Lenx barely missed running into Reiko's back and instead fell flat on her butt. Reiko looked down and helped Lenx up with a smile.

"Why'd we stop at the Gundam hanger?" Lenx growled as she wiped the dirt off of her bottom.

"This is where Dr. J told us to meet him and Kri." Reiko answered shortly and went into the small hanger where three Gundams were kept. Lenx followed soon after, grumbling about crazy meeting places and hard, dirty floors that hurt when you fell on them. A chuckle was heard from the shadows and Lenx jumped slightly.

"Kri! Don't scare me! You know I can't sense things when I'm talking to myself!" She shouted and glared as a young girl walked out of the shadows. Kri smiled and continued walking past Lenx and up to Reiko. The two of them quietly conversed but soon stopped when they noticed Dr. J and a few other rebels stowing away their Gundams into three carriers. The three girls ran up to Dr. J with confused and a little bit angry faces.

"Hey, why are putting our Gundams into the carriers? Did OZ find out that there were three other Gundams?" Lenx asked nervously. Dr. J smiled slightly and shook his head.

"No. OZ has not found the Gundams yet but I have a feeling that they will soon. That is why I am giving you a new mission." He said and walked towards the carrier that Reiko's Gundam was in. The three girls followed him, interested.

"The five Gundams' that we sent to Earth are having a little bit of trouble fighting OZ. I, as well as some others, agreed that it is time to send you three to Earth to help them." He told them. Reiko and Kri had a grim face on while Lenx looked thoughtful.

"Do the other Gundam pilots know that are three other Gundam pilots?" She asked finally. Dr. J shook his head.

"No but Miss Relena Peacecraft and Sally Po know of you but have promised not to tell the other Gundam pilots. I suspect that Lt. Noin and Zechs know of this as well but we can do nothing about that now. Fortunately Treize and Lady Une do not know of you yet but if Zechs does know, it will only be a matter of time before they know as well. I want you three to go to Earth and help the other Gundams stop OZ. That is the first part of your mission." He explained as he stared at the three girls in front of him.

"What's the second part?" Kri asked. Dr. J sighed.

"Someone knows of Lenx's powers and I am afraid that she is in danger. I want you two to protect her from OZ's armies." He said and nodded to Kri and Reiko.

"Mission Accepted." All three girls answered in a monotone voice.

~End Flashback~

After Lenx had finished packing she went back to the Gundam hanger and found the carrier with her Gundam in it. Reiko and Kri were already there and were waiting in their carriers. Dr. J came moments after Lenx had gotten into the carrier.

"I want you three to stick together and tell the other Gundam Pilots that Dr. J sent you. Heero Yuy will know that you are allies and Relena and Sally will be able to vouch for you as well. I will keep in contact with you through your computer systems in the Gundams as well as the transmitter device each of you carries. Good luck and be careful!" He yelled as the girls started up the carriers. Minutes later all three of them were flying through space, heading towards Earth. Little did they know that this would be much more than an ordinary mission.


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