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Battle of the Heart

Chapter Seventeen: Reiko's Past

Reiko silently watched Trowa as he worked on his Gundam. She was thinking about how she was going to ask him about his past. Suddenly it hit her: She would just ask him. After that thought, Reiko sweatdropped. Jeez, Lenx's stupidity is starting to rub off on me. She thought with a small grin. So, she decided to take her 'Lenx thought'. She walked up to Trowa, and watched him for a minute.

"Hey Trowa, do you think you can tell me about your past? It's been bugging me for a while..." Reiko said as she sat next to him. Trowa looked at her and then went back to his work. At first Reiko thought he wouldn't say anything. She was about to leave when he spoke, making her jump.

"I will tell you." He said quietly as he stopped working on his Gundam and turned to her. Reiko sat there expectantly.

~Ten Minutes Later~

After Trowa had finished his tale, Reiko viewed him with a newfound respect, not that she hadn't respected him before.

"Well, I guess I'll tell you about my past then." She said quietly as her eyes took on a faraway look.


A young Reiko walked along the streets of her town, or at least what was left of it. Her eyes were lifeless, and dried blood stuck to her. Her parents were dead. Her brothers and sisters were dead. Her friends were dead. Her whole town was dead. Except her. She looked up at the sky as rain started to pour down.

"Why am I cursed to live my life alone? What have I ever done to you?" She asked the sky as she started crying. Suddenly she was enveloped in a hug. She sniffed and looked at the person who was hugging her. The person looked back at her.

"Who're you?" Reiko asked quietly. The girl grinned.

"I'm Lenx. Why were you crying?" Lenx asked curiously. Reiko sniffed again.

"My family is dead, and so are all of my friends." She said as a new set of tears stung her eyes.

"Not all of your friends are dead. I'm your new friend, right?" Lenx asked hopefully. Reiko looked at her a moment before smiling.

"Yep. Now we are friends. Where's your family?" Reiko asked her newfound friend. Lenx's eyes saddened.

"They died too. Now I live with my older brother, Aki." She said and pointed to a tall blonde behind her. He smiled at Reiko, who smiled back.

"Say, you wanna come live with us?" Lenx asked, staring at Reiko hopefully. Reiko hesitated, but nodded. I might as well go. I have nowhere else to go anyways... She thought as she and Lenx ran back to Aki.

~End Flashback~

"Eh, pretty boring. But the rest Lenx already told you, or at least told Duo. And since it involves both of us, I'm afraid I can't tell you the rest." Reiko said as she stood up and stretched. Trowa just nodded and went back to his work. Reiko quickly went back up to Lenx's room, where the other females were waiting. She stepped in the semi-dark room and shut and locked the door behind her.

"Well, did everyone find out about the pasts?" Cathrine asked. All of the females nodded.

"Okay then. Um, do you think we should tell each other?" Silence met her, and then heads shaking.

"I agree. We will keep their pasts a secret. Oyasumi!" Cathrine said as she left the room. Everyone except Lenx left the room, each muttering an oyasumi to each other. Little did they know that Aki and Duo stood down the hall, watching the females leaving the room. Aki turned to Duo.

"What do you think they were talking about?" He asked as Duo shrugged.

"Probably girl-talk. Who knows. I certainly don't want to know. But then again, they could be talking about us." He mused. Suddenly his and Aki's eyes widened. They ran to Lenx's room, pounding on the door.

"Lenx! Open up!" Aki shouted. Suddenly a fuming Lenx in her pajamas glared at the two.

"What?" She snarled.

"Uh, were you talking about us with the other females?" Duo asked nervously. Lenx blinked and frowned.

"No. We were talking about...girl stuff." She said and slammed the door. Duo and Aki blinked as they walked down the hall.

"Okay, that never happened." Aki said and Duo nodded, agreeing with him.


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