Do Or Don't
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: G
Category: Romance DRR, Friendship all around.
Summery: Sequel to X Files Goes Bog Brother'. Will everything go smoothly at John and Monica's wedding after what happened in the Big Brother Law Enforcement Special?
Disclaimer: If you recognise it, I do not own it.
Spoilers: None really. Maybe season 9
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Authors note: You may want to read the big brother story before reading this. It may be confusing if you haven't.
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Both Monica and John have had a busy month. The press have not left them alone since coming out of big brother. They had spent the last month planning the wedding and the honeymoon. All of their friends and family have been invited. Parents had met there future son or daughter in law. Monica's brothers have threatened John that if he ever hurts her he will have his balls personally ripped off by them. Monica had told him not to worry and that they were always slightly overprotective of her.

In two days they were going to be married. Everyone was getting excited, especially the newspapers. They had really said some awful things. How it wont work out. How Monica is only with John out of pity from losing his son. Monica's relationship with Brad. The list is endless.

At the moment they are at there new house, in there bed that they shared now every night trying to sleep. But Monica isn't able to and John is worried.

Monica what's wrong?

He moves up close to her. She turns around so that she is facing him. He instantly puts his arms around her and hers go around him.

I don't know.

Somethings wrong.

Its just ... I guess I'm scared.

Of what?

That this is the right thing.

Of course it is.

Do you know how many newspapers are hoping that something will go wrong?

I don't know how many, but Monica I don't care, nothings going to go wrong.

How can you be so sure?

Because its going to be the happiest day of our lives.

The newspapers have been saying how it wont last. Somehow they know everything about me and Brad and they're making it out like I'm some kind of whore, I overheard people talking the other day when I went shopping with Dana, they were taking bets how long until we split up.

They bet at the wedding you'll say no. Tears were running down Monica cheeks. John lifted his left hand and wiped them away.

I'm not going to say no, I love you to much to leave you. he paused You are not a whore, you are Monica Reyes the toughest, smartest, kindest, loveable and the most beautiful FBI agent in the entire world. Since when do you care what people you haven't met think?

I don't usually but some of the things that people have been writing I guess it struck a nerve.

Monica looked away embarrassed that she was making a big deal of all this. John knew that she was scared. He knew she even had her doubts. He did to. But with all the news surrounding them and their love life the pressure from all the different opinions had become to much.

Listen to me. Forget what everyone is saying. Forget all the gossip. All the secrets. There's only us two. No one else. Listen to what your heart is saying. Not what everyone else is. He paused What does your heart tell you?

That I love you and that we're going to be happy. With that they pulled each other close for a kiss. That grew more passionate throughout the night.