Title: Once Again

Author name and e-mail: mistykasumi at SeducerofFantasy@hotmail.com

Pairing: Blaise/Draco, implied Achilles/Patroclus

Summary: Draco is determined to change the past.  Crossover with The Iliad.  For the HP100 crossover challenge.

Rating: PG

Category: General/Romance

Disclaimer: Not mine.  -.-


Once Again

            Draco believes in reincarnation.  He knows that he was Achilles.

            He finds it funny how the past repeats itself.  Blaise is his lover and ironically, his second cousin as well.  And everyone with the right connections knows that Blaise, in his early years, killed a servant that he had been playing with.

            This time, however, Achilles will not let Hector kill his beloved Patroclus.  He will not let Patroclus engage in battle without him, let his beloved believe that he can kill the enemy due to hubris from the glory of the battle.

            This time, he won't let Harry win.