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They Had Kids!
Epilogue: Part 4

((Rei's House))

While everyone was talking about how they think the parent-teacher conference went and not paying attention, Kaito got back up and turned on the playboy channel.

Hikari blushed and glared at him, "Turn that crap back off!"

Kaito shrugged and walked into the kitchen to grab another soda. Rei scowled at his back and went to push the power button on the TV, but it wasn't working, "What the heck? Kaito, what the hell did you do to my TV?"

Kaito's head popped out from the kitchen with a grin, "Oh, is it broken? I didn't do anything, just a stroke of good luck!"

"Maybe for you!" Honoo snapped, but couldn't take his eyes away from the TV…

Hikari smacked her brother in the back of the head, "Oh, no! You're not turning into a closet perv too!"

Kaito came back out with his soda and plopped down on the couch, getting comfortable, "Dinner and a show, anyone?"

Nadare's cheeks were extremely red, "Where's the remote? And what are they doing?"

Ever the funny one, Kaito just kept grinning, secretly patting the remote in his pocket, "Ask Rei's dad when he gets home."

Rei went to punch him, but he caught her wrist, "I told you to leave my dad out of this!"

"Great, the power on the TV doesn't work and we don't have the remote. What are we gonna do when our parents get here?" Hikari asked grumpily from her seat on the couch with her arms crossed.

"Eh, who-" Kaito didn't get a chance to finish before the door bell rang.

"HOLY BIGGO, THEY'RE HERE!" Honoo started freaking out, while Nadare innocently walked to the door and opened it.

"AH! IT'S THE CAT-EATER!" She screamed in horror and ran back to the group, hiding Shimo from view.

Hikari grabbed onto Kaito's arm and once again he was grinning like a maniac, until the boy from the bus walked in.

Everyone stood stock-still while he walked up to them, "There you are Hikari. It's time for our date, remember?"

"Sorry, I don't recall," Hikari turned her head away.

Rei gave him an odd look, wondering how the hell he knew where they all were, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, she wasn't at her house, so I figured she was over here. Kaito's house would have been my next stop."

Honoo jumped up from his spot on the ground and pointed an angry finger at the boy, "STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM MY SISTER, YOU STALKER!"

Kaito nodded in agreement, "YEAH! NOW EVERYBODY RUN, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!"

The group just stared at him, staying where they were. He sighed and sat back down on the couch, "Heh. Guess not."

The kid looked at the TV and his eyes lit up, "Oh! Playboy, nice!" he plopped down on the couch next to Hikari and wrapped his arm around her just like Kaito had. Hikari wriggled out of his grasp with a disgusted look on her face.

"Can't you just throw him out?" Kaito grit out, pulling Hikari away from the kid.

Rei sighed, "Sadly, not. The only person who can do that is my-"

"LUCY, WE'RE HOME!" Yusuke came bursting through the door, throwing out his arms.

"-Dad." Rei finished.

Nadare frowned, looking around, "Who's Lucy?"

"More importantly, is she hott?" Kaito smirked.

Honoo sweat-dropped and patted her on the back, "Nobody, Nadare. Nobody."

You could hear a growl coming from behind Yusuke right before he fell flat on the ground. Hiei just stepped right over his body and walked into the room, followed by the rest of the Reikai Tantei and their respective partners.

Yusuke perked up and ran into the living room, "Is that the playboy channel I hear?"

Honoo's eyes widened in horror and he dove on top of the TV to cover the screen, but ended up knocking it over and breaking it.

Yusuke fell to his knees in agony, "NOOOOOO! MY HAPPY PLACE!"

When the crash was heard, Keiko came running into the living room with the rest of the parents, "My TV! How am I supposed to watch Oprah now?"

"Screw Oprah, woman! What about my playboy channel?" Yusuke wailed from his spot on the floor.

"Wait… they were watching playboy?" Botan glared at her friend on the floor.

"Yeah, well who the hell's that kid?" Yusuke said, pointing to the kid from the bus, trying to take attention away from himself.

The kid put his hands up, "Hey, I'm not the one who broke the TV!"

Honoo started wailing from next to the TV, "I didn't mean it!"

Hiei grunted, "Hn. I'm not paying for that."

Yusuke got up off the floor, "Well neither am I!"

"It's your TV, moron."

"Oh, yes you are, Yusuke Urameshi!" Keiko glared and pulled her husband by his ear to the broken TV, "and just why is there a playboy channel on my TV?"

Yusuke faltered and started sweating, "Uh… well, Kuwabara made me! He double dog dared me to do it!"

"What? I did not! You lie, Urameshi!" Kuwabara hollered, about to jump his friend.

Kurama narrowed his eyes at Yusuke, "You allowed my child to find the playboy channel on your TV."

Kaito grinned, "Hey, I'm not complaining."

Kurama sighed and rubbed his temples, "Why do you have to be so much like your mother?"

Yusuke looked at Rei, "Why can't you be like that? Oh, sweet Jesus, why can't I have a son?"

For that little comment, he would be spending many nights on the couch.

Kaito just shrugged and took a sip of his soda, wrapping his arm around Hikari again. Hiei saw this and his Jagan eye started glowing, "WHAT THE HN?"

Kurama stepped in front of Hiei, disabling him from killing his kid, "Anyway, Yusuke, you are incompetent. How could you allow all of our children to watch this? "

Shizuru scoffed, "Whatever. Just get rid of the channel. The TV's broken anyway. And why the hell is that kid still here?"

The kid shrugged and walked out. These people were weird.

Yusuke ran to the door, shaking his fist, "GOOD RIDDANCE!"

Botan sweat-dropped, watching as Yusuke walked back into the living room with a satisfied smirk on his face, "Yusuke, you didn't even know who he was!"

"So? Who wants coffee?"

Botan sighed and shook her head, "No thanks."

Yusuke looked down at Hiei, "What about you, you little goth munchkin? You want some coffee?"

Hiei grunted, "Hn. Coffee's disgusting."

"KEIKO, GET THE MAN SOME COFFEE!" He shouted to Keiko, who sighed and went to the kitchen to make some coffee, "THAT'S RGHT, SLAVE GIRL! BOW TO MY EVERY NEED!"

A fork came flying out of the kitchen and just missed Yusuke's head, "ALL MEN ARE IDIOTS, AND I MARRIED THEIR KING!"

"Hn. I don't want Coffee, detective."

"Yeah? Well that's too bad."

Out of nowhere, they could hear a shout come from the back door, "FO SHIZZLE, YO!"

Kuwabara's eyes widened, "DAWG? IS THAT YOU, OL' BUDDY?"

Yusuke promptly grabbed his shotgun (not that he needed it, he's got spirit gun), "THEY'VE COME BACK TO HAUNT ME!"

Rei just banged her head on the coffee table, "Oh god, not again."

Hikari looked back at the sliding door, that lead to the back yard, "What is that?"

Hiei walked over to his child, "It's what makes the oaf even stupider. Just ignore it and maybe it'll go away."


Hiei promptly grabbed Botan and took her into the kitchen with Keiko, and walked back out with his katana out of its sheath.

"Dad, it's just a squirrel!" Honoo said, running in front of his dad.

"Soon to be a dead squirrel," Hiei grinned maliciously and Dawg waved to someone next to the door. A minute later, Canary showed up and two baby squirrels followed.

Kuwabara ran to the door and opened it, letting the squirrels in.

Yusuke cocked his gun, but Kurama grabbed it away from him and put it on the wall, shaking his head. Yusuke growled, "Get the damn squirrels out of my house!"

"Simma down, yo. This playa just came by to show off my mini-playas," Dawg told him, and the two baby squirrels came back from behind him, "Amen to that, shizzle!"

All the kids just sat on the couch and shook their heads. Rei was in complete disbelief, "E-everything he said… it w-was true."

Kuwabara shook his head, "You actually married Canary?"

"Hellz yeah, I did!"


Canary stood over Dawg's 'dead' body, crying, "I promise Dawg, if we get out of here, I'll marry you, and maybe even stop cheating on you! …Except with chicken when he's drunk, he's fun when he's like that! I swear! Just get up!"

Dawg's finger twitched and Canary's eyes widened, she shook him, and he started to cough. Confused, she pulled off his 'balla' jersey and under he was wearing a bullet proof vest. With a wry grin he coughed, "A balla's gotta be prepared when ya runnin' in da hood."

"Oh, Dawg!"

((End Flashback))

Kurama shook his head, utterly amazed, "Okay, well…"

And as things come to an end, all of their lives are nearly complete.

"Coffee's ready!"

And now they're complete… well, at least Yusuke's is.

And that my friends, is the end.