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Chapter 1

Falling in love with you

" Azarath, Mentrion, Zinthos." Raven whispered under her breath as she meditated atop of the Titan's Tower. A gentle breeze ran through her midnight blue hair as she uttered those very words. The sun had finally set and in a flash, a beautiful aurora appeared across the night sky. The thought of Beastboy slowly crept into her mind. ' He's gorgeous,' she thought as she pictured him standing right next to her, her hand in his. A sudden interruption rang through the cold night air. Raven's eyes shot open. " OH YEAH! I so left you in the dust! MY dust that is," Beastboy's voice rang out. " WHAT?! You couldn't have won, I won," Cyborg's booming voice shouted. " I swear if they make one more sound I'll." Raven muttered to herself. " You'll do what?"
Raven had just realized that she was in the middle of the living room. She looked at Beastboy, his arms crossed. He had a look of seriousness on his face. Raven opened her mouth to speak. No words seemed to come out. She closed her mouth and ran toward her room, tears streaming down her cheeks. ' Great, you did it again, now she'll never like me,' Beastboy thought, his heart sinking. Raven fell upon her bed; her tears had now stained her blue cloak. She grabbed a pillow and slammed her pale face against it. " Why, why, why did I even leave the roof and make him mad at me!? " she screamed. Everything in her room was levitated and crashed into the walls, ceiling, and even into other objects. She couldn't stop her emotions. The pain was just too much for her.
" Come on Beastboy, you gotta do this, for Raven's sake. Well here goes nothing," he raised his shaking fist and knocked softly against her door. The door slid open to reveal half of Raven's tear stained face. Beastboy, now seeing her tear stained face, struggled to find the words he was going to say. " I-I, well, I-I'm s-s-s-sorry," Beastboy uttered barely above a mutter. The door started to slide shut. "Wait!" The door, once again, slid open. "What?" she said impatiently, wanting to return to the comfort of her room. " I-I w-was wondering if y-you would like to go to the dance with me on Friday?" But before he could finish, the door slid shut. He strolled down the corridor as a look of disappointment spread upon his green face.

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