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Meeting New People SmilingKitsune

Chapter 6

Kagome was found sitting in the large garden later after the sun was going down. She sat on the ground a thoughtful expression marring her face, her head resting on her hands,
legs drawn up close to her body.
"Kagome?" Botan ventured carefully feeling bad about bothering the young woman.
Kagome was instantly on her feet, a small dagger in hand. Botan backed away nervously as did the others. Seeing them there Kagome gave a sigh and put away the dagger in the small sheath by her hip.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Botan said still nervous.
Kagome sat back on the ground. "I was just thinking. Today has been a long day." she said drawing her legs up again. "Forgive me, I'm supposed to act like a princess while here but I really don't like to and besides you are friends. I don't deem it really necessary." "We won't tell if you don't cuz." Yusuke said smiling at her his eyes taking in what most were missing. The saddness, pain and longing. As well as her desire to get out of there as soon as possible. "What can I help you with? It must be important seeing as you have all searched me out." "Kagome we need your help." Botan began.
"I have already told you I can't help you guys. I have other business to take care of and besides I can't go back to the future. It seems Fate likes playing dirty tricks and is placing me here." she stood up looking at each of them straight in the eye. "I am very sorry that you have all come a very long way for nothing. Krys I am ready to go back in so you can stop watching me." she said calmly as she walked away. "Good-night." "But.... we didn't even get to tell her everything." Botan said.
"Can't we just kill him ourselves?" Yusuke asked again.
"I have already told you no." Botan said.
"Look I don't like putting this on my cousin's shoulder ok?" he snapped. "She is obviously preoccupied with something or she would have agreed to help us already. I know her the best and I'm saying now that we leave her alone." "We can't do that." Botan replied trying to explain it to him.
"Whatever." he muttered as he walked away as well.
"Who would have thought that Yusuke actually cares about someone just as much as Keiko?" she said quietly.
"Obviously we didn't." Kurama replied he turned to talk to Hiei to find that he was already gone. "Where did he go now?" "Where did who go?" Botan asked not even looking.
"Hiei, he was here and now he's not." "You know Hiei, he does things his own way. I'm sure he's fine." she said distractedly.
"I'm sure you're right. Good-night Botan." he said as he went towards his room

"You can come out now." Kagome said calmly as she paused by her room, hand resting on the door knob. "How can I help you messenger of darkness?" she asked.
"The bossssssss requessstsss your pressssenccce." the voice slithered.
"I'm sure he does." she replied. "Unfortunately you will have to tell the asshole that I'm in need of sleep." "He will not like ttthhat." "He never does like bad news does he." she chuckled. "I'm giving you a chance to leave what happens after this I will not be held responsible for because I have warned you already." her voice turned hard all laughter gone.
"I can not do tttthat." "What a pity." she turned around quickly poisoned dagger in hand and struck out at the creature earning a cry of pain.
"You witch." it cried angrily.
"No, just a miko." "I will make you pay." "Not if you die first. Good-bye." she threw the dagger at the thing charging it with her miko powers. Her eyes never wavered as people came in to see what was going on only watching as the thing crumbled to the ground turning into ash. "Kagome are you ok?" Sango asked looking at her friend worriedly.
"Never better. I will see you all in the morning." she said not even looking at them she opened her door.
"Kag-chan?" a voice broke through all the noise, a voice that made her feel very guilty.
She kept her face down.
"Kag-chan? Please." She couldn't help it. Her head shot up and she made eye contact with her cousin as he made his way towards her and hugged her small frame close to him.
"Are you ok Kags?" "I'm fine now Yus-kun." she murmured softly. "I'm fine now." "What's all the commotion?" an old cracking voice asked.
Everyone became silent as a demon with large eyes and a demonic cow followed behind him came down the hallway making their way toward the two cousins holding onto each other. "Kagome? Is everything fine?" the demon asked slowly blinking as he looked at her.
The girl seperated from Yusuke and gave the man a small hug. "Totosai I am fine thank you. Your daggers are as amazing as your swords my dear friend." she said pointing to the spot where the demon had fallen the dagger stuck in the ground.
He nodded his head slowly and made his way toward the ashes that lay in the spot. He knelt by them and carefully examined them. "Kagome?" he said turning to look at her holding a handful of the ash letting it sift through his fingers.
She shook her head. "No Totosai don't say anything. I already know." she said.
The others looked back and forth between them wondering what it was these two knew that they didn't. "I'm tired and in dire need of sleep. I have been kidnapped for the last two days and now am almost completely drained of any power I have left. I will see you all in the morning I am sure." Kagome said as she turned away from them all wishing them all one last good-night before disappearing behind her door.
Sango hesitantly put her hand on her friends door only to be met by a force of energy that repelled her backwards. "I think she doesn't want anyone disturbing her." Miroku said blinking slowly.
"I hope she's ok." Sango said sadly as she made her way to her room.
"Where is Sesshomaru-sama?" Krys asked.
"He's still out my lady." a servant replied.
"Damn it." she muttered. "Everyone go back we are fine. I will make sure that the barrier is strengthened a bit more before I go lay down. Relax we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow remember. Please with the coronation coming up in the next two weeks or so we have to be ready." The servants slowly made their way back to their quarters worried about the friendly miko was friend to them all. Krys shook her head obviously bothered by something.
"This doesn't make sense." she muttered a hand rubbing at the temples on her forehead.
"I was positive she'd be safe yet they are even making their way into the castle." "Krys." She spun around to find Sango standing outside her door looking thoughtful. "I don't think this has anything to do with the coronation Krys." "Why do you say that?" "It hasn't been announced yet. No one has any idea about it yet. It's something else besides that." "What could they possibly be after her for then?" "The Shikon?" Sango asked with a shrug. "To tell you the truth I'm thinking more along the lines that it's Kagome this time they want and not the jewel though it would be an added bonus." "That's it I'm standing guard tonight. I'm not letting anyone lay a finger, tentacle, claw or whatever on her." "Krys I know you're worried about her but you'll make her angry acting like this. Your actions imply that you don't think she can take care of herself and that she is weak. She doesn't like being thought of as weak and will fight you tooth and claw for you to leave her alone. Think about what I said princess." she said entering her room.
"How is everyone figuring that out?" she demanded angrily leaning against Kagome's door ignoring the magic shield that burned at her skin. Shippo slowly made his way toward her with Rin and they both took a hand and pulled her away from the door.
"Auntie Krys." Rin said looking at her with worry.
"It's nothing child. Go back to bed." she said scooping the two children up in her arms with a warm expression on her face as she walked them to their room and gently set them on the beds. "Go to sleep and I promise everything will be fine in the morning." "Kaa-san says you shouldn't promise things you can't assure." Shippo said looking at her with his intelligent green eyes.
"She's right but I'll keep that promise. I won't let anything happen to her." The little boy shook his head negatively, stubbornly looking at her. "That's not good enough Auntie Krys. You can't promise that, it's impossible." "Why do you say that?" "Because both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha promised her that and stuff still happened to her under their care." "I'm not them though. I promise cross my heart hope to die stick a poodle in my eye that I won't let anything happen to her." The boy still shook his head negatively. "You shouldn't have done thtat Krys." he murmured tiredly. "Kagome says no one should make a promise or pledge like that and that it'll bring them nothing but trouble. Don't say stuff like that again." his eyes slipped shut leaving her to look at him in wide-eyed surprise.
He was very intelligent. He was young but that meant nothing, he knew a lot that was going on. Did he know something about Kagome that no one else knew?

End chappy

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