Digimon Revolution

By: Wolf E. Urameshi

Emails, All Digimon characters and related trademarks do not belong to me-they belong to Bandai and whoever owns them, plus no infringement of the law is meant in any way. All original characters belong to me and may not be used without permission.

NOTICE FROM THE AUTHOR: Hello! In case you don't know me, I will introduce myself: My name is Wolf E. Urameshi, and I'm author of a Star Fox fic. This Digimon fic that you're about to see is entirely original. It has nothing to do with any of the seasons of Digimon, and takes place in the year 2253-exactly 250 years ahead of us. Now, here's a short summary: What if Digimon and humans were not really enemies, and they were working together, and building a new world? Would you like to find out how? It is all in this story I am about to tell you all... By the way, keep in mind that for every character introduction, I will be giving out a small biography. Enjoy!

PROLOGUE: A Day In The Life

Bling. Bling.

The alarm had just awakened him. And he was having sweet dreams. "Ohhhh... Okay, I'm getting up, please. Just stop torturing me..." He said as he reluctantly turned off the alarm, and got up in boxers. He walked up towards the bathroom, and proceeded to wash his face. After that, he took out a towel, and dried it. He looked at himself in the mirror. And, again, knew who it was: Just an ordinary ExVeemon. But he was an unusual kind of ExVeemon. He was also built of human DNA, had no wings or tail, and everything was all related to his past and heritage. And his name was Jack. Jack Alias.


Code Name: Jack Alias (Code Names are how they are called in the fic)

Origin: North America, currently living in Japan.

Age: 18

Specialty: Basic Operatives, Rescues, Etcetera

Skills: All around gun-man and fighter

Short Bio: An ordinary Digimon, Jack has spent most of his life living with his family until they were all killed, one by one, in a disaster several years ago. At the time, he was in High School, but after his family, all of them D-Guards (You might say they are the Police!), were killed, he swore to find and murder the killer, and therefore avenge his family. Now in the line of duty, he is one of the best officials in Japan. He currently works in Akihabara District with his friends and colleagues John, and Shigeru. Decorated several times for his bravery and determination, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

He suddenly took a good look at his physical build. He grinned, knowing it was quite impressive. He gritted his teeth, and made a funny pose in front of the mirror. "Who's that handsome! Heh heh heh... I love doing that in the morning!" He said with a small chuckle. Suddenly, a high-pitched whirring was heard. He looked somewhere in his boxer's pockets and found his trusty cell phone. He decided to take the call.


"Hey, do you realize you're late again?"

"Oh, come on, Kaylee, give me a break... I had a rough day yesterday,"

Human-Kaylee Sanders

Origin: Japan, has certain American heritage

Age: 18

Specialty: Communications, etcetera

Skills: Surveillance

Short Bio: An ordinary girl from Japan, originating from Tokyo. Friends with Jack since High School, she is the head of the Reconnaissance Team, and a genius at best. Whenever the team needs technical or surveillance help, she is there for them. Possibly Jack's sweetheart, as he always treat her with courtesy and respect, although it is unclear.

"Oh really? Well, here's a memo: Something's going down at headquarters. Seems like something new,"

"Is that so? I better hurry then. I don't want to be late and miss the whole thing,"

"OK, now, I won't be able to make it today due to school, but you better tell me what was it all about, okay?"

"YES, young lady, I will,"

"Stop being so hesitant! Please do that for me..."

"Sure. Well, catch you later, you're making me fashionably late!"

"Okay, later!"


With that, he hung up. "Man, this will be a long day..."

Then, he proceeded to take a bath, since it was his custom. He hummed a tune as he took the bath, relaxed by the hot water coming down his body.

Later, once he was finished, he took out his usual outfit for Monday: A white, sleeveless shirt with black pants which extended all the way to his ankles, and a gray jacket, made entirely in leather, with a cape which extended all the way to his legs. With priority, he immediately put on his usual belt, black, with a gun holster. His weapon. The one he never used at all, but had incredible skill with.

He closed the door to his apartment, and made it down to the parking lot, where his jeep was parked. Reluctantly enough, he took out the keys, and turned on the crimson vehicle, which had four seats: Two on front, and the other two on the back. Then, he put on black glasses, each glass piece shaped as an oval, and drove out. He looked around as he drove all over Akihabara District: His home. Everything, as usual, was in order. Nothing bad going on around. It was expected. Nothing usually happened around.
After what seemed to be around ten minutes, he finally arrived at his place of work: The Akihabara Police Station. He drove into parking lot but to his dismay, he discovered his favorite parking lot, one near the back entrance, was taken away by another vehicle, a red, shiny one. It seemed brand-new.

"Aw, great! He's at it again!" He said with a long sigh as he parked the vehicle into another parking, took off his glasses, and walked towards the station. Once he entered, his fellow companions started to greet him as he only grinned and returned the greetings, and walked towards his desk, messy as usual, with many papers of past cases all over the desk.

He sat down on it, and started to check his papers. Suddenly, he felt a loud thud on the desk, and once he looked up, he felt a little bit angry. "You! You took the damned parking again! Why do you do this to me every time I'm just a few minutes late, Shigeru!" He demanded at the huge Wargreymon, who only chuckled as he looked at him straight in the eye. Shigeru seemed to be wearing a small jacket with no shirt, and red, baggy pants with black shoes. Plus, he didn't have the usual armor that's in a Wargreymon- he only had the helmet.


Code Name: Shigeru Fukunaga

Origin: Japan

Age: 18

Specialty: Ransom Operations, Rescues, High Security, etcetera

Skills: Martial Arts

Short Bio: An old friend and ex-classmate to Jack, Shigeru has always lived in Japan. Reluctantly at first, Shigeru entered the D-Guard Academy in order to prove his family he could put his brute power to good use, but his family deserted him. Not knowing about them for a long time, he has been working closely with Jack, preserving peace in Japan with the local Police. Rather slow but steady, his amazing power is of help to the team, but his lack of speed is an unfortunate side effect. A natural fighter, he is always respectful of his mind, and despises many weapons. Also, he is fiercely royal to his friends and superiors.

"Hey, hey! Is that a way to say hello to a friend? And besides, you know the penalty: Get to work late..."

"...And lose the parking. You torture me with those words every morning..." Jack replied with a long sigh.

"Oh yes I do! Those are just reminders that you should always--"

"Arrive to work early, comply with your duty, or else. I know the stupid code," Jack replied, getting even more annoyed by the second.

"Heh, I love messing with you! By the way..." Shigeru started, but was soon cut short by another voice.

"Did you hear? A new guy's coming in today," The two looked at their side, only to look at a Growlmon. He was standing in front of them, and wearing a simple, black jacket, which looked exactly the same as Jack's. He was wearing black glasses, which he took off slowly enough to let his eyes be seen.


Code Name: John Rogers

Origin: Puerto Rico, currently living in Japan

Age: 19

Specialty: Covert Operations, etcetera

Short Bio: A rather silent Digimon Guard, John, angry at his unfair father, decided to become a D-Guard but then moved to Japan due to his anger. A rather calm and sensitive Guard, he his always implied to do the right things in life, even if it means disobeying orders at times. John is, in truth, Jack's trainer, but he feels satisfied simply knowing that his pupil has surpassed him.

"No fair! You always get the gossip!" Shigeru replied annoyed.

"New recruit? Since when? It should have been announced yesterday then!" Jack replied in a high tone.

"I know, I know... Protocol process. But, there's a couple of scandals involving him... Supposedly, that transfer cost him the murder of the Japanese Ambassador in England, since he was the bodyguard... And he's here for answers..." John replied in his very usual, quiet tone.

"So THAT was the famous Japan Murder Scandal. I heard, but I thought it was all a bunch of shitty lies," Jack said, considering the urgency of the situation. "I guess that guy's been in a lot of problems..."

"You bet. In fact, they should be making the whole announcement in just a short while..." John said as he walked away. Shigeru stared at him, flabbergasted.

"He knows more than he seems..." Shigeru said as he only looked at the red Digimon leave.

"Well, what can we do? What if it's classified? You KNOW only he has access to classified information. He's an operative for that. We're forbidden to see it," Jack said, thinking about it.

"Yeah, but still, I think we should get that access too. I mean, he's just one of us. A normal D-Guard, like us! So why can he get such info and we can't?" Shigeru asked, only to get no reply.

"Attention, personnel. Please report to the Conference Room in ten minutes. I repeat, please report to the Conference Room in ten minutes," A female voice announced by way of radio across the room.

"Hee hee hee! There goes my sweetie again!" Shigeru said like in a loop.

"Oh, come on! Try again, and Ada will only reject you again! She's done the same for a week! And that stupid head of yours can't even kiss!" Jack said with a laugh.

"HEY! AT LEAST I CAN DO THE TREATMENT!" Shigeru said, mad.

"Yeah right- being rejected!" Jack said as he only walked away and entered the Conference Room.

"Ugh, I'll get him!"

As Jack entered, he was a bit surprised to find Ada, the local Secretary. "So Ada, what's the rumor?"


Code Name: Ada Himura

Origin: China?

Age: 25

Specialty: None

Short Bio: A mysterious woman, Ada is a Digimon full of secrets. The secretary of the D-Guards, she is always on the lookout for emergency and distress calls. She is also Gennai's personal confidant.

"Well, an English recruit is coming today. He was transferred here by an anonymous identity, and it costed him a lot..." She said with a mean look on her face.

"I know- the death of the Japanese Ambassador. I was already told,"

"That John! He's always telling things!"

"Yeah. Hey, is there anything else?"

"Uh-huh, his girlfriend fell into a comma afterwards. She hasn't awakened since. She doesn't even react to anything, not even his voice," She said sadly.

"Damn... I feel for him, but it's not fair for him. So, when's the announcement?"

"I'd say as soon as Gennai's here, but weirdly enough, he's fashionably late..."

"Hey, Ada... Don't you find it weird that he's always a hologram, and that no one knows if he's human?"

"Yeah, Jack, you're right..."


Short Bio: The Chief of the Akihabara District D-Guards, the old man is actually a man full of mystery. No one knows his origins, age or other info, although it is said that he is Jack's Uncle. No one really knows about him except his personal confidant Lillymon. Due to him always appearing by way of hologram, no one knows if he's human, or a Digimon.

Suddenly, as soon as everyone was in the room, the room was lightly dimmed, and a small hologram were projected, and a short, old man in what seemed to be Hawaiian clothes appeared in the room. "Good morning, people! First, I must apologize for calling you on such short notice... Now, allow me to go on to the details for this reunion..." Gennai started as everyone only listened clearly to what the old man had to say.

"Now, as many of you may know, we have a new member coming today... I know it should have been announced yesterday, but due to security reasons, we had to wait until today," He said as some murmurs were heard across the room.

"Excuse me, did he just say, security? Not even a fool could fall for that," Shigeru whispered to Jack, who was lost in thought about the whole thing.

"Exactly. Something really IS wrong. I'll ask later..." Jack replied as he looked back at the speech.

"Everyone, I would like you all to meet Ted Jameson, our newest member!" He said as a figure entered the room. But then, to Jack's shock, it was a Weregarurumon. It was wearing the classic blue pants found on a Weregarurumon, with the exception that it wasn't ripped up, and neat-looking, with a black vest, no shirt, and one earring. He only grinned, and nodded his head in greeting.


Code Name: Ted Jameson

Origin: England, transferred to Japan

Age: 17

Specialty: Covert Operations, Rescues, Body Guard, Reconnaissance

Short Bio: The youngest D-Guard ever to have worked in Japan, Ted has just moved to Japan due to an unauthorized transfer which resulted in the murder of the Japanese Ambassador in England. He has come to Japan in order to find out who murdered the Ambassador, and to avenge a tragic event: His beloved girlfriend, Amy, fell into a comma shortly after the murder of the Ambassador. He has guessed the one responsible for the event is in Japan, and is there for answers. He is rather rash and does not wait for orders, as he acts on instinct.

"Now, let me remind you that he is the youngest D-Guard ever to have worked in the Akihabara District! So you may call him a D-Guard prodigy!" Gennai said proudly as Jack rose up from his seat, quite surprised.

"The youngest? How old is he?" Jack asked.

"Seventeen," Ted replied in a pretty low tone of voice, but low enough to be heard across the room.

Everyone gasped. "That's swell, I say the younger they are, the better they come... Well, glad you're here then. You can call me Jack," Jack said as he stretched out his hand.

"Pleased to meet you, call me Ted..." He said again in a low tone.

"Oh yeah, these are my friends John and Shigeru over here..." Jack replied as he introduced them to each other.

"Pleased to meet you..."

"Likewise!" Both john and Shigeru replied at the same time, but looked at each other.

"JYNX, YOU OWE ME A BEER!" John quickly managed to yell, and made a victory stance, grinning.

"Alright already, just cut it out!" Shigeru replied, annoyed, while taking out a dollar and handing it to Shigeru.

Suddenly, an alarm started to ring in the building. Lillymon quickly ran to her desk. "There's an emergency at Akihabara Bridge!"

"What is it!" Shigeru asked as he ran towards the desk, followed by Jack and the others.

"Wait a sec..." She said as she typed in her computer. "OK, according to my info, there seems to be a theft in the Akihabara Bank near the bridge. This theft isn't normal, they have hostages..."

"Damn, let's go help them then!" Ted yelled out.

"He's right! We can make it in my Jeep, so come on!" Jack ordered as the group ran outside, followed by Ted. They jumped in, and Jack stepped on the pedal. Along the way...

"How ironic! To think a new guy would already get an assignment on his first day! What do you guys think!" John asked as Ted grinned.

"First day, yes! Ironic, no!" Shigeru replied annoyed.

"That ironic thing was a statement!" John shot back as they arrived at the bank. They froze: Several masked men were at the entrance.

"Crap, the D-Guards are here! Boss, shouldn't this take long!" One of the lackeys asked. Then, a voice replied, "Hold them off while I take the rest of the money!"

They all started to walk towards the group. "Hey, you think you can take this?" Jack asked Ted, who quickly nodded.

"I've had worse, so be my guest! Besides, I'm a lone wolf of action!" Ted replied as he quickly got down, followed by the others.

"OK, once I say three, go take them down!" Jack ordered quickly as they all prepared.

The guards crept up a little bit closer. "THREE!" Everyone yelled as they ran in different directions. Once Jack got into the fray, he punched one of the thugs in the gut, followed by a kick to another one's rib, which snapped under his leg's fury. After that, he quickly somersaulted, and did a back kick to two more thugs, right in their faces. After that, he stood up, and cleaned his hands. "Don't mess with me, fools,"

Meanwhile, Shigeru was already knocking out a whole group of bad guys. Being the expert martial artist he was, he had already done in four bad guys. He quickly did a back somersault, and landed on his feet after hitting two more guys on the backs of their heads with kicks. He laughed. "I may be incapable of kissing, but not acting!" Realizing the stupidity he said, he put a hand to his helmet. "Damn, this isn't what I meant!"

Then, John and Ted were firing guns and defending themselves with fists and their guns.

"Nice firing!" John complimented Ted.

"Thank you!"

Shortly later, after they had rescued the hostage, they were free.

"What a day. Not bad for a first timer here, Ted!" Jack complimented Ted, who grinned.

"Thanks! Well, I gotta go! I'll see you later!" He said as he ran away.

"Later! I gotta go too, see you later?" Shigeru asked in a tired tone.

"Okay, later," Jack replied as Shigeru walked away.

"Laters," John said as he walked away too. Jack smiled, knowing it was the new beginning of an enduring friendship.