Title: An Extension of Reality

Author name and e-mail: mistykasumi at SeducerofFantasy@hotmail.com

Pairing: Blaise/Draco

Summary: Draco dreams, but he doesn't know that dreams are only an extension of reality.

Rating: PG-13

Category: Romance/General

Disclaimer:  If the Harry Potter books = a red shield, I would own them.  Unfortunately, they are not.


An Extension of Reality

            For four days in a row, Draco has had the same dream.  Every detail is the same, every single happening, but he can never ever ever remember the dream when he wakes up.  As soon as consciousness strikes, the dream loses itself like water slipping through a hand.  It's impossible to retrieve, impossible to piece back together again.

            He has started to lose interest in the conscious world, so much power the dream holds over him.  Draco barely eats, and he spends most of his waking hours pondering over the darkness within his mind that the dream has left him.  He ignores Pansy, he ignores Vince and Greg, Draco even ignores Potter.  Something about the dream has frozen him, made him unaware of anything else.

            The fifth night, Draco prepares himself again for the dream.  When he awakes, however, Draco can remember several details amid the black void in his mind.  He sees piercing blue and remembers the touch of one fine finger sliding down his throat.  And Draco is scared of the person (it must be a person) within his dream, but he wants more.  He wants to feel more of the person, wants to know more, wants to experience more.

            Every night, Draco remembers a little bit more.  He starts remembering almost olive skin, a blood-red smirk upon a handsome face, lush black hair, and oh, a lithe body pressed against his own.  He remembers bruised lips the color of wine, blood dripping down that tanned skin and licking it, drinking it, tasting it, tasting him.

            When Draco can remember everything within the dream, he starts to gain control.  The place is bleak, just a tent and rough blankets spread upon the floor, a few necessities scattered here and there, but he dreams of pushing the other boy (man) onto the blanket-bed and kissingbitingbrusingmarkingscratchingowning him.

            But suddenly, without warning, the dreams stop, and Draco finds himself out of the real world, finds himself desperately trying to reenter the dream, reenter the world where he resides.

            He gives up after several months.  Draco refocuses upon schoolwork and politics, and he vows to leave the dream behind, to rid himself of its power influence.  And when he no longer thinks about the dream, he thinks he succeeds.

            Then, one day, as Draco walks into a shop within Knockturn Alley, he stops suddenly at the entrance.  Facing him is a handsome man with lush hair and startlingly blue eyes, and Draco's breath stops.  His mind automatically grasps the vestiges of his almost-forgotten dream, and Draco recognizes him.

            The man's eyes turn onto him, and their eyes meet, an infinite exchange of emotions and words passing within one single instant.  He slowly strolls toward Draco and offers his hand, never taking his eyes off of Draco.

            "Blaise Zabini," he offers, and Draco takes his hand.  "Draco Malfoy."

            "I have a feeling we will be most companionable, Mr. Malfoy," Blaise tosses with a smirk, and he runs one finger down Draco's throat.

            "I believe you are right, Mr. Zabini," Draco returns with a smirk of his own.