Malfoy Twins Chapter 1 By: GoddessMoonLady Disclaimer: Must I really go through this.... THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! **********

"Dumbledore I've had enough of your games! I DEMAND you return my son to me this instant!" A very livid Lucius Malfoy was shouting at Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Now Lucius calm down." Dumbledore spoke softly, trying to calm the younger wizard.

Mr. Malfoy was practically growling with anger. Harry Potter glanced at Ron Weasley, meeting his red haired friends eyes. They were hiding just outside the door of Dumbledore's office eavesdropping on the conversation after seeing Lucius enter the castle and head strait here.

"What do you think there talking about?" whispered Ron

"I'm not quite sure. It has to do with Malfoy I think. I mean he did say his 'son' right?" Harry whispered back. The conversation continued inside the office.

"Calm Down! Dumbledore it took me 15 years to find him! You stole him from us and now that I know the truth, I want him returned home where he belongs!" Lucius was getting angrier by the second. How DARE this Codrey old Fool keep his son from him! He wouldn't have it!

"Now, Lucius, really. Think of the boy. How do you think he would take this little bit of news?" Dumbledore's voice was quiet, questioning.

Harry glanced at Ron again, eyes wide.

"Dumbledore, I AM thinking of my boys. 'Both' of them! Keeping them apart isn't the best thing at all! I want BOTH of my sons!"

Now Harry really was in shock. 'Both? What does he mean Both? Malfoy has a brother? This is too weird.' He thought.

"Lucius, I placed him with another family for a reason. I really think it safer and better for him, if he doesn't know the truth." Dumbledore was clearly getting irritated now.

"Well, it was never your 'Place' to decide what was best for MY boys was it?!" Lucius was shouting now, having lost his patience with the old man.

In his shock Harry accidentally leaned on the office door causing it to swing open spilling Harry onto the office floor and Ron backwards out of site. Harry looked up at the men looking back at him and grinned sheepishly. Ron had slipped back down the staircase unnoticed.

"Um... Hi Professor, Mr. Malfoy. Lovely day, isn't it?"

Harry looked like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He stood and straitened himself out a bit. Only then did he notice the looks on the men's faces. The expressions he expected to see were reversed. Dumbledore was looking slightly pale and shocked, for once in his life, to see Harry, while Lucius looked as though he had been expecting him. If he wasn't so worried about getting in trouble for eavesdropping he would have laughed.

"Mr. Potter. This is a bit of a surprise. To what do I owe this visit?" Dumbledore asked getting over his initial surprise. Lucius shot Dumbledore a glare for some reason Harry couldn't guess.

"He is here because I want him here, Dumbledore. I believe we have some.. 'family' business to discuss." Lucius smirked at Dumbledore, "I allowed him a glance of me in the hallways and knew he would follow to investigate. I felt it was best if Both boys were here for this conversation. Now all we need is-" A knock on the office door interrupted his thoughts. Lucius' smirk widened.

"Enter." Dumbledore called wearily

The door opened and in stepped Draco Malfoy. He glanced around the room, his eyes settling on his father.

"Ah, Draco. Perfect timing as usual." Lucius nodded approvingly.

"You sent for me father? You said it was important." Draco walked toward Dumbledore's desk.

"Now Lucius... Do you realize what you are doing? I don't think-"

"Yes, Draco. It is rather important." Lucius interrupted the Headmaster, "I believe you should sit down. Both of you. There is something you need to know and it may come as a bit of a shock." He shot Dumbledore a glare.

Draco then noticed Harry standing not two feet away. They glared at each other then stepped up to the two chairs sitting side by side before the Headmaster and pulled them to opposite ends of Dumbledore's desk. Lucius frowned at this, but said nothing. Instead he turned to Dumbledore.

"Now, that they are here, would you care to tell them or shall I?" He paused, not even giving Dumbledore time to open his mouth to respond before going on, "Very well, I shall tell them.

"First off, I'll not have this.." He motioned with his hands at the boys sitting arrangement. He then took out his wand and with a quick wave the chairs, with the boys, were back to there original places. "Much better! I'll not have my sons acting as though one has the plague and the other doesn't want to catch it!"

"Sons!?" Harry and Draco choked out in shock, both looking at Lucius as though he'd just announced he was having an affair with Professor Binns. They looked at each other, then at Dumbledore, who had his face in his hands.

"Sir? Please tell me this is some sick joke." Harry begged the professor, looking for all the world as though he would faint.

"No, Harry, this is no joke. Regardless of what Dumbledore has told you, it is most certainly the truth. He himself stole you from your bed when you two were born. I remember that night perfectly." Lucius answered for him.

"Haha father, very funny. Now seriously what is it you wanted." Draco smiled, deciding this 'must' be some sort of joke. His father 'couldn't' be serious! He just couldn't!

"Draco I AM being serious." He looked his son right in the eye, leaving no room for question, he took a seat in the chair he was standing besides, before continuing, eyes glazed over in memory.

"You were both born on October 31st, 1986. Just as the clock struck 12:00 am Harry was born then 5 minutes later at exactly 12:05 am Draco followed...."


October 30th, 1986, 11:55 PM

Lucius Malfoy sat on the couch in his sitting room drinking a hot cup of tea. He looked perfectly composed, the only thing showing just how nervous he truly was were his steel-gray eyes, which kept jumping to the door every 3 seconds.

He was nervous for a perfectly good reason. That very night he was to become a father. His wife was giving birth, not to just one child, but two. The Malfoys were expecting twins. The rest of the world may not know it but Lucius cared deeply for his wife and he worried for her and his yet to be born children's safety. Narcissa is a delicate woman and child birth is a difficult process. It would take twice as much out of her to bring two children into the magical world.

Lucius stood, and walked over to the elegant, gothic style window and peered out. He pulled a cigarette out of his vest pocket, and lit it with a neat 'incendio'. He puffed it nervously while surveying the house grounds. It was 12:01 am and the grounds were quiet. While his back was turned a house-elf in a nurse's cap and apron opened the door from the bedroom where Narcissa lay giving birth.

"Excuse me Master, but it is happened sir! The first one has been born sir!" She squeaked

Lucius whirled around, "Boy or Girl, Tink?"

"I is sorry Master, Mistress wishes Tink not to say, till the other has done being born sir!" Tink squeaked and disappeared back into the room closing the door once more.

Lucius growled under his breath in irritation. He returned to his seat and his abandoned tea, which had gone cold. He swore under his breath and snapped his fingers summoning another elf to get him another cup. Dobby appeared immediately.

"Master summoned Dobby, sir?" He bowed low, his nose touching the floor.

"My tea has gone cold. Fetch me another cup. A hot one." Lucius ordered distractedly.

"Yes, sir, right away sir!" With that Dobby took the cup and vanished with a 'Crack'.

Lucius stared at the floor, twiddling his thumbs trying to stay calm. Another 'Crack' announced Dobby's return with the tea. He sat it on the table and waited for his next instructions.

"That'll be all Dobby." Lucius waved his hand dismissively.

"Yes, sir. Sir, if Dobby may ask, I would likes to see the baby's when they is born sir! Dobby has finished all his chores he has. And would like to wait with Master, sir!"

"Of course, Of course...." Lucius answered lost in his thoughts. Dobby jumped up and down with excitement, then sat on the floor to wait.

Lucius had now been waiting in this room a full 12 hours and needless to say he was on his last nerves. Finally at exactly 12:07 am, the door to the bedroom opened once again. This time Tink stepped out carrying two small bundles of blankets in her arms.

"Congratulations Master! You is having two beautiful baby boys sir! Two sons sir!" Squeaked Tink happily, stepping forward to reveal the sleeping boys. Dobby jumped up from his spot and hurried forward for a closer look at the two as Tink handed them to Lucius.

Lucius took them into his arms and peered into the faces of his newborn sons. He thought they were the most precious, priceless, beautiful things in the world. They were as different as night and day. One was wrapped in a green baby blanket and had a head full of think Ebony-black hair. 'Hair so like his mother's' mused Lucius. His eyes were closed so he couldn't see there color. The other was wrapped in a silver baby blanket and had silky- smooth White gold hair like his father, his eyes were also closed. Lucius couldn't help the wide, proud smile that crossed his face. 'These are MY boys! I have SONS!! Two perfect children!' He thought. He couldn't have been prouder if he was named Minister of magic!

"How is she?" He asked, his eyes never leaving the bundles in his arms.

"Mistress is very tired, sir! Very tired! But she is still well sir! She shall recover in a few days sir. Tink is most sure sir! Now Tink must clean up sir! I shall tells you when everything is clean again." With that she turned on her heel and retreated once again into the bedroom, leaving the babies with Lucius and Dobby.

A few minutes later Tink poked her head back out into the sitting room. "All clean, Master sir!" and she opened the door for him to enter.

Lucius stood, careful not to wake the sleeping boys cradled in his arms and hurried into the bedroom. Narcissa lay resting in bed. She opened her eyes upon feeling Lucius' hand on her cheek.

"Well, love? What do you think of them?" She asked weakly, smiling at him.

"They are the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life. How are you feeling?" He asked gently, sitting on the bed and handing the silver bundle to her.

"I'm fine ... or I will be as soon as I rest. But I believe we have one more matter to attend to. What are we going to call the little guys?" She asked, gently running fingers through her son's silver hair, then reaching out to caress her other son's cheek.

"Well, ... that does present a bit of a problem doesn't it? How about... Adam and Alex? " Lucius suggested

"Hmm ... no ... how about Michael and Micole?" Narcissa added her guesses

"Jeremy and James?"

"Erik and Eran?"

"Drake and Damon?"

"I've got it! Draconus and Damion!" Narcissa's eyes lit up.

"That's perfect! Wonderful Names Narcissa!" Lucius smiled

"What do you say Draco?" Narcissa cooed to the baby in her arms, by now both boys had woken up and there eyes were visible to the world. Draco had silver-blue eyes that glittered with his smile. Damion, had emerald-green eyes, that shone like the precious stones themselves. "I think he likes it. Do you agree Damion?" A happy coo answered her question.

"Very well then. Draco and Damion it is! Now, I think we should get these little nippers to bed. Tink!" Tink scurried over and took the boys so that Lucius and Narcissa could get at least a little sleep that night.


The room was silent as Lucius ended his tale. The silence lingered on for a minute or two before either of the boys found there voice.

"Mr. Malfoy.... You said Draco's brother's name was... Damion. I can't possibly be him..." Harry stuttered into the room.

"You most certainly are him. I think I would recognize my own son. I didn't see it before do to a Minor glamour curtesy of Dumbledore here." He nodded his head indicating the professor, "A week after you were born we had just gone to bed when Tink came running into our room with Draco in her arms crying. She was hysterical..."


Lucius and Narcissa had just settled into bed and were about to turn out the light when they heard running footsteps approaching there room. Three seconds later the door flew open and in burst Tink, tears running down her cheeks, with a crying Draco in her arms.

"Master! Mistress! He is gone! Damion is gone! I is going to tuck them in, I is left the room but for a moment and when I comes back he is gone!" Tink was in hysterics

"WHAT!?" shrieked Narcissa jumping out of bed and fleeing the room.

"Calm down! Tell me what happened!" Lucius ordered as he quickly followed his wife with Tink and Draco on his heels.

"Like I says master, sir! I is going in to tuck them in, and I forgets to bring there bottles so I is going and getting them. I is gone but a minute, and when I returns... He was Gone! I is searching entire Nursery but he is not being anywhere!" This announcement brought a fresh wave of tears to her eyes and she hugged Draco who was also still crying, "Baby Master Draco is very upset! He was crying when I returns sir!"

Lucius arrived in the Nursery to find Narcissa kneeling on the floor in front of Damion and Draco's crib, holding Damion's green baby blanket to her chest. "He's gone ... oh God ... my baby ... he's gone!... Damion...!" She whispered between deep sobs.

Lucius rushed to her side and held her, rocking back and forth. Tink came over and handed Draco to her mistress. Narcissa took him and held him to her as though afraid he might vanish too if she let him go.

"Dobby! I want the manner searched from top to bottom! Leave NO room or space unchecked!" Lucius ordered.

He and Narcissa sat in their sitting room waiting for news. About four hours later Dobby returned.

"I is sorry, Master, Mistress, But we is finding No one. Nor Baby Master Damion. I is sorry." He sniffed tears clouding his huge eyes.

Narcissa let out a whale of anguish and burst into tears once again. With Lucius doing his best to comfort her, feeling as though his own heart had been wrenched out of his chest.


"It took us fourteen years to find out it was Dumbledore who took you, and another year to find out where he took you." Lucius finished.

Harry and Draco were staring at him again. Slowly both boys turned there gazes to Dumbledore. He was staring at Lucius with his eyebrows knitted together in deep concentration.

"Sir, this can't be true... Professor...?" Harry asked, his voice trembling, "Professor? You wouldn't do something like that would you? Mr. Malfoy is lying... Isn't he?"

"Harry.. I.." Dumbledore, was clearly at a loss for how to explain.

"Need I call your Mother and Tink? I think they would recognize you instantly. Now that the glamour is wearing off of course." Lucius raised an eyebrow, ready to firecall his wife and there house-elf if need be.

"Father... So that's why every year on my birthday... Mother and Tink are always crying...?" Draco asked quietly, his mind working out a few things.

"Precisely. That is why." Lucius nodded.

"I still can't believe it..." Harry whispered more to himself then anyone else.

Lucius said nothing but walked over to Dumbledore's fireplace, opening a pouch from inside his cloak, threw in some powder and said "Narcissa, Malfoy Manner". A few seconds later Narcissa's head was resting in the fire place.

"What is it, Lucius? Did you find him?" Narcissa asked impatiently.

"Yes, I did, but I need a little help convincing him. Call Tink and I want both of you to come to Dumbledore's office." Lucius ordered. A minute later Narcissa and Tink stepped out of the fireplace.

"Where is he? Lucius, Where's Damion?" Narcissa asked, her eyes eagerly scanned the room for her son.

"Master Draco! And ... and... Master Damion! Baby Master Damion!" Squeaked Tink excitedly.

Narcissa's eyes flew from the elf to Harry, "Damion!" She rushed forward and seized him from his chair into a tight hug, "Damion! Oh... My Damion! My precious baby!" She took a step back so she could get a better look at him. She touched his cheek softly, then turned to Draco. She held her other hand out and touched his cheek as well, "Both of my precious babies.." She swept them both into a tight hug.

At first Harry just stood, as stiff as a board, but ... something about this woman was familiar ... something comforting. After a few seconds he relaxed and let her hug him. He didn't even mind when Draco was pulled into the hug. Something in the back of his mind was telling him that this is how it is supposed to be. He glanced over Narcissa's shoulder and glared at Dumbledore.

Lucius watched his family for a moment, before he joined in the hugs and general happiness.

After a few minutes Harry and Draco pulled away from there parents and faced each other. The adults didn't say anything, simply watched. Draco and Harry stared into each other's eyes measuring each other.

"So ... it's true..." Harry's voice was soft.

"Yeah.." Draco answered just as softly.

"Were twins..."

"I guess so..."

"Not enemies anymore...?"

"I guess not..."

"I guess that was all Dumbledore's fault."


"So... I'm not Harry Potter." He smiled slightly.

"Nope." Draco smirked

"No. You are Damion Narcissa Malfoy." Lucius informed him.

"Nice name." Snorted Draco mockingly. He snickered slightly.

"I don't think you have room to laugh, Draconus Lucius Malfoy." His mother interjected.

At this Draco made a sour face and Har- er- I mean Damion broke into a fit of laughter.

"Hey! Don't laugh at me!" Draco growled then without warning tackled his brother to the ground and they started mock-fighting on the floor of Dumbledore's office.


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