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A/N: This takes place two years after season seven of Buffy and season four of Angel and parts of it are AUed. Buffy and crew went to stay at Angel's hotel, you know since their home went all ka-boom like, and Spike (not dead Spike) is in San Diego. In addition, Angel still owns W&H, just lives at the hotel.


At the dress shop, Cordelia led Buffy around through many wedding dresses, Buffy undecided on all of them. Nicole watched them, her arms folded, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"What's wrong, kid?" Faith asked as she flipped through a rack of bridesmaids' dresses.

"Nothing. Just... Buffy's kind of lucky. The whole getting married thing," Nicole stumbled through her explanation.

"Must be nice," Faith said distractedly. "Not every day a girl marries an Angel," Faith sighed, "So what do you like?" she held up a dress.

Nicole looked the rack of clothes over. "They're so..." the girl tried to find the right word.

"Not so bad," Faith put in, trying to reason with the teenager.

"But they're just so... pretty," Nicole continued. "People will look at me."

"That's kind of the point," Faith pointed out. Nicole still looked uneasily.

Faith sighed and looked at her. "Look, Harper, chill out. The whole frilly, pretty dress isn't really my thing, either. But, hey, it's just for one day." Faith shrugged her shoulders. "Primp a little. Besides, I don't think the whole ruffles and bows will be on the dress. I heard if Buffy does it, Willow will do some spells, and something will usually go wrong."

"I…guess," Nicole said, still unsure. Beth sat on a small round couch in the middle of the shop, watching the grown ups pick out dresses. Beth wasn't the type to really get into

something, just sit back, and watch it happen.

"Hey, Bethie." Beth's blue eyes glanced up at Faith, who had come to stand over her. She held a pink dress in her hand, complete with hot pink flowers on it. "What do you think?"

Beth made a face. "It's pink," she declared. "Gross!"

"Come on," Faith nudged, sitting next to her. "Just try it."

"No way," Beth shook her head, her long, black ponytails flying.

"Well, what do you like?" Faith asked her.

"Black," Beth replied. "Lots of black."

Faith shook her head, slightly amused. She could bet that Beth's father had planted that in her head. "What about red?"

Beth smiled. "Red's good."

Faith took hold of a red, laced dress from a rack of flower girl dresses. "Try this."

Beth took it, looking it over. "Pretty," she beamed. "And no pink."

"No pink," Faith nodded as she watched the five-year-old walk into an unoccupied dressing room.

Faith watched silently as Nicole rifled through the rack of bridesmaids' dresses. She touched them as if by the simplest mishandling, they would disappear into thin air.

"Ladies," Cordelia said, a huge beam on her face. Willow, Faith, Fred, Nicole, and Beth all looked up. "Check out this vision of loveliness, compliments of moi." Beth held a cream colored dress in the same style of the red one Faith had picked out.

"Cordy, I don't know about this," Buffy called from inside of a dressing room.

"Buffy, do the bashful thing later," said Cordy. "Come on. We're all waiting."

A hesitant Buffy finally stepped out of the dressing room. She wore a long, silk wedding dress with straps. She wore a diamond tiara in her long, curly golden blonde hair, a short veil made onto it.

"Well?" Buffy nudged her friends uneasily, waiting on an opinion.

"Oh, wow," Fred smiled.

"Buffy..." Willow approached her, playing with the veil. "You look great."

"Looking good, B," Faith agreed. Nicole nodded silently.

"Thanks, guys," Buffy smiled bashfully, liking the dress herself. "You know, I... I kind of wish Anya could be here."

"Oh." Fred realized it. "Anya. She was the one that..."

"Died," Faith supplied, playing with her hands.

"Yeah." Willow attempted to chuckle. "She'd probably be complaining about the economical costs of weddings these days."

Cordelia tried to lighten the mood as she went over to Buffy. "Come on. Let's get this dress altered a little."

"OK," Buffy nodded. "Thanks, Cordy."

"Hey, people," Angel greeted as he walked down the stairs with his son in his arms. Gunn, Xander, and Wesley were all lined up on one of the couches, Giles sat in an armchair, and Spike had propped himself up on the front


"Uncle Gunn," Connor squealed with a smile, reaching out to him.

"Hey, little man," Gunn smiled at him, taking the child into his arms.

Angel smiled at the interaction before noticing that all of the men shared the same expression.

"What's going on?" the tall vampire asked.

"Well, it seems Spike has a secret about him," Wesley answered.

"What do you mean?" Angel asked.

"You see there has been some sort of transformation," Giles tried to explain. "Spike is well, he, that is, he's..."

"I'm human," Spike spoke up.

Mallory looked at where Nicole sat legs up around her chin. Squaring her shoulders, she went over to the younger teen.

"Pretty cool huh?" Mallory said, as she flopped down next to Nicole at a table in a small cafe, outside the wedding shop.

The other teen turned her head and looked at Mallory, "You again? What part of "Doesn't play well with others," do you not understand?" She sneered slightly and

turned her head to look straight ahead.

"Geez, I was just trying to be friendly. I mean most of the adults are sticks in the mud…." Mallory trailed off.

"Sticks in the mud? God, how old are you, forty?" Nicole said, still looking straight ahead.

"You're such a freak," Mallory said, standing up from the table.

Nicole's head whipped around. "I am not a freak," she said lowly.

"Prove it," Mallory said cockily, her arms across her chest. "Do you like to shop at the mall?"

"Yes," Nicole said her face a picture of perfected teenaged boredom.

"Oh," Mallory said, and thought for a moment. "Your own money or someone else's?"

"My father's."

"Oh," was all Mallory could say. "Wanna go shopping some time?"

Faith pulled Cordelia behind a rack of dresses for little girls. "We've got problems of a teenage kind," she said quickly, not bothering to beat around the bush.

"And?" Cordelia asked, not really understanding where the dark haired slayer was going with this.

"Help Harper. She's having issues. Help me do something for her?" Faith asked the former cheerleader.

"Why do you want to? No offense but Spike's oldest has been nothing but a bitch since we've met her," Cordelia pointed out.

"Because sometimes the simplest gesture means the most," Faith said quietly.

"Fine," Cordelia sighed, "This is what we do…"

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