Take Flight On Angel's Wings

Chapter 1: The Fight

"Goku, stop it! This is all your fault!" Chi-Chi yelled as she and Goku stood in the living room.

"Chi-Chi, be quiet, just stop talking for two seconds!" Goku yelled back not noticing the two little eyes peeking through the hallway door.

"Man," Goten thought sadly, "They are at it again," he thought as he turned back to his room.

"Chi-Chi, just shut up," he could hear his father yell. At first it was really surprising that Goku would tell anyone to shut up, but he and Chi-Chi had been in so many fights lately he kind of got used to it.

"I wish they would stop," said as he closed his bedroom door trying to block out the noise, "Gohan," he said as he went to his bed.

"Gohan, this all started when Gohan died of that disease. All they do is fight."

"Crash, smack," he could still hear the fighting.

"Chi-Chi, stop throwing things!" Goku yelled. He was hit in the face with the telephone then smacked by Chi-Chi.

"Ahhh!" Goten said trying not to yell, " It hurts," he said grabbing at his chest.

"Why does it hurt so bad?" he cried to himself "It can't be… I can't have Gohan's disease. But…" he thought in a scared voice, "They weren't sure if I could get it. I guess they where wrong and I can get it," he said beginning to sob quietly so his parents wouldn't hear, "I can't" he thought, "I can't tell them, they will only fight more. I have to do this by myself," Goten said and crawled into bed. "I'm so tired, but why?" Goten thought about what the doctors said about Gohan. "It is a heart conduction they had never seen before. It causes fluid to build up in your heart which makes it stop pumping. But why does that make me so tired? Wait… my body, my power. All my power is going to my heart to keep it pumping and that's why I'm so tired," he said still sobbing. "Oh, Gohan, what do I do? I can't tell mom or dad, and the doctors don't know what they are talking about. What do I do? I can't beat it alone. I already know I can't. You couldn't and you had mom, dad, all our friends, and the doctors. I have no one I'm all alone. What do I do big brother? Help me I'm scared brother," he cried and cried until he cried himself to sleep.

"Goten, Goten," he heard a voice. It sounded familiar somehow. This place was weird, it was dark and it seemed as if there was no ground or ceiling, almost like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber only dark.

"Goten," he heard the voice again and turned to see who was calling him.

"Gohan!" he yelled with the biggest smile. "Gohan, your back! How did you come back? Did Bulma find the Dragon Balls?" he asked hugging his brother tight.

"No, Goten, I'm not back. This is a dream," Gohan replied. His smile was a strange one; it was full of joy but also sad at the same time.

"But I want you back Gohan! I want my brother back," Goten said sobbing, still holding his brother, "Why did you come?" he asked still crying. Wiping his eyes with his blue sleeve so he could see Gohan's face clearly.

"I heard you," Gohan replied softly, "I heard you crying and I knew you needed me."

"Oh, Gohan, I'm so scared," Goten cried, "My chest hurts so much."

"I know, Squirt," Gohan replied, "But you'll be alright," he said trying to comfort him. "How am I supposed to tell him?" Gohan thought, "How can I tell him it gets much worse? Oh man. It's not fair. It's just not fair! He is only a little kid, he doesn't deserve this," Gohan thought now holding Goten as tight as he could, crying, the tears dripping into Goten's black hair.

"Gohan?" he heard Goten say, "Gohan? Why are you crying?" he asked looking at Gohan's face in wonder, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no you didn't," Gohan replied. He stopped crying, he knew he had to be strong for his little brother and hold back his tears no matter how much he wanted to cry.


"Yes, Goten, what is it?"

"Do you think mom and dad love me?"

"Yes, Goten. No question about it mom and dad love you very much. More then anything else in the world."

"Then why do they fight so much?" Goten asked.

"Because they are sad about what happened to me. Don't ever think them fighting has anything to do with you. They love you, Goten," Gohan said he started to feel a pull on his arm, "Well, Goten. I have to go."

"No, you can't leave!" Goten screamed and hugged Gohan tighter, clinging to Gohan's dark blue gi as if he'd die if he let Gohan go.

"I have to Goten, but I'll see ya soon, ok?" Gohan replied letting go of Goten, "Now, I have to go," he said and started to disappear.

"Wait, Gohan!" Goten screamed to his big brother, "I have something to tell you!"

"Yes, what is it?" Gohan asked as a light began appearing around him making the darkness in the area fade.

"I love you, Brother. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Goten," Gohan said with a smile. Just as those last few words where said a big bright flash of light flashed over everything.

"Ahhh!" Goten screamed. He shielded his eyes from the blinding light with his hands. When the light faded away Goten opened his eyes again. To his surprise and disappointment, Gohan was gone and the darkness once again consumed everything.

"Gohan," Goten said softly dropping to his knees, " Gohan! Where are you, Brother?" he yelled and started crying.