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In the office the next day, the only two in the room was Riho, Guni, and Shido. Yayoi had been sent to investigate a crime scene.

"Hey brat, what's the matter with you today?!" Guni was flying around Riho's head as she try to make some coffee for Shido.

"Nothing is wrong, just leave me alone!" Riho yelled as she grabbed a cup from one of the kitchen cabinets.

"Brat! Why you-arg, hmf!" Guni flew away over to Shido who was reading the news paper.

Shido looked up from his paper, and glanced at Guni, who was grinding her fanged teeth together. "What's wrong Guni?"

"It's Riho! She's acting like a spoiled brat!" Guni let out a puff of air that nearly blew her backwards.

In the kitchen, Riho's voice could be heard, "I'm not a spoiled brat you loud mouth, pestering, LITTLE bat!"

Shido chuckled. Guni glared at Shido.

And then Riho came out with a steaming cup of coffee, black. "Here Mr. Shido." Riho said, a little cold, but Riho was trying to act as normal as possible and to not let Shido know that what happened last night had affected her so badly.

"Thank you Riho." Shido said with a smile, but Riho didn't smile back.

'Is a smile all I'm worth?' Riho almost regretted becoming a vampire. Sure she wanted to be with Shido always, but not as a little girl, she was sixteen going to turn seventeen for crying out loud! Riho faltered a little.

'Even when I hit seventeen, I'll still look like I did then.'

"It's so boring in here, I'm going to sleep!" Guni exclaimed then flew out and found a cabinet to sleep in.

Riho eventually sat down on the couch, and Shido went back to reading his paper.

Riho took a nail and cult the back of her hand. This didn't go unnoticed by Shido though.

"Don't do that Riho."

"And why not?"

"It isn't healthy."

"I don't care."

"I do."

Riho snorted. "You shouldn't." 'He can care for me, but he'll never love me.'

"What's wrong Riho?" Shido was worried about Riho, she's been acting...differently ever since last night.

Riho made another cut in on the back of her left hand. "Nothing you'd understand Mr. Shido."

Shido raised an eyebrow. Why was she acting like this? 'What's wrong Riho?'

And just then Yayoi walked through the door.

Shido looked at Yayoi. "So, how was the scene?"

Shido was surprised that Riho had asked the question instead of him.

"Well, Riho, there appeared to be no evidence of the breed having to do with the killing. Two men where killed, a bullet in each head. Nasty really, but no breed."


Yayoi looked over to Shido and said, "Hello Shido, would you like some lunch?" And she tugged on the white collar around her neck.

Out of the corner of Shido's eye, he noticed Riho's face harden, and her eye's narrowed dangerously.

"Not right now Yayoi."

Yayoi's seductive expression turned into a pout.

"Fine then, I'm going home to get some shut eye." Yayoi stormed out of Shido's office.

Riho walked over to Shido's desk and grabbed his half-finished black coffee, "I'll get you some more Mr. Shido."

And she left and went into the kitchen and poured some more coffee into his cup. And when she returned, he had disposed of his paper, and then she set his cup of coffee down and walked back over to the couch and sat down again.

And again, with her back to him, Riho cut the back of her left hand, and it bled a little.

"Stop that Riho."


"What is wrong with you Riho?"


And just then, Guni flew in the room with a happy expression on her little green face. And then she looked over to Riho and Shido and asked, "Did I interrupt something?"

Shido was about to say something but Riho said, "Nothing at all."

Guni looked at them suspiciously, something was going on, and she was determined to find out just what that something is.

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