Title: Excalibur Evolution Author: heroes for ghosts E-mail address: glittergrr@yahoo.com

Notes: I'm worried that this may be the end of X-Men Evolution. So, inspired by this fear, I've gotten off my lazy ass and decided to write something I've had in my head for a while. LOTS of romance in this one- Kiotr, Kete (or Pitty if you prefer, lol), Romy (Remy WILL show up!), and Kurt, Betsy, Brian and Meggan will all find love too- but I'm not going to give away with who yet! Illyana and Jono are only mentioned in this one, and Remy isn't mentioned at ALL, but they're all going to become more involved as this goes on, I promise. That is, if it goes on- I need encouragement and a kick to the rear to stop being lazy!!!


"Will someone please tell me why I'm doing this again?" Kitty sighed, leaning back in the X Jet chair with her arms over her head. "Over the summer, you're supposed to go on vacation, not do MORE schoolwork."

But Keety," Kurt grinned, "ve ARE going on vacation!"

"Going to Scotland does NOT count as vacation, Elf!" Kitty grumbled, crossing her arms and pouting.

"She's right, Kurt," Rogue drawled. "Ah think anyplace where it's gonna rain more than not doesn't count."

Beast smiled, looking over his shoulder at the complaining students. "Come on, children. When this summer credit curriculum was announced, all three of you were eager to sign up."

"That was a dirty trick Mr. McCoy," Kitty fumed, "Not to say where this 'great enjoyable educational trip' was going to be."

Kurt leaned forward, whispering to Hank, loud enough for the other to hear. "And vhy did ve have to take HIM?"

"SHH!" Kitty kicked the back of Kurt's seat. She glanced over to the seat next to her where it appeared Piotr Rasputin was still napping peacefully. "Don't piss him off."

Rogue grinned, looking over the top of her chair at Kitty. "You just wanna keep 'im sleepin' so you can drool over 'im in peace."

A loud growl emitted from Kitty, stomping her foot and glaring at Kurt and Rouge. "I am NOT drooling over him!!!"

Piotr sprung up, snapping back in his seat as he bounced off the seat belt. "Katya? What is wrong?"

Kitty sighed, rolling her eyes at the snickers of Kurt and Rogue. "Nothing's wrong. Go back to sleep."

"You got some drool on ya, sugah," Rouge sniggered.

Piotr paused, blinking. Kitty buried her head in her hands as even Hank couldn't resist a quiet chuckle. Finally, Piotr broke into a smile and rubbed his mouth with his hand. "Da, thank you."

Kurt giggled slightly as Rogue flopped back into her chair, growling. "Sarcasm is lost on that Ruskie."

"Did I miss something, Katya?" Piotr asked, looking over at Kitty with big blue eyes. Kitty sighed, smiling awkwardly at him, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. Hank saw the perfect opportunity to jump in and took it.

"We were just discussing why you have decided to grace us with your presence, Piotr. It seems that the youth of America has a difficult time staying awake during our briefing sessions."

"Hey, vho are you calling American?!" Kurt joked.

Hank continued, throwing a small smile in apology to Kurt. "I am sure that you are most excited to be reunited with your younger sister, Piotr."

"Da, I am very excited to see my little Illyana. Though I must admit, I am very worried about the conditions surrounding our reunion."

Hank sighed, nodding his head slightly as he continued piloting the X Jet. "I myself must agree that I do not understand why Professor Xavier was not able to give us more information on how your sister found herself at Muir or why we must arrive in such haste."

"What about that British kid?" Rogue asked. "I thought we were comin' to help 'im."

"Yes, we're doing that as well, Rogue. Perhaps now you understand why I needed so many extra hands." He heard Kitty grumble in the back and smiled. "I especially needed your help Kitty as our resident gear head. After all, two geniuses are better than one, yes?"

"You are a genius, Katya?" Piotr asked. Rogue giggled as Kitty slowly turned a deep red. "You did not tell me this."

"A brain *and* a beauty, eh Piotr?" Kurt grinned evilly and received yet another kick in the back.

Piotr began to blush as well. "Da, tovarish," he said quietly.

Hank smiled to himself. He guided the X Jet to the landing field at the Muir Research Facility as Kurt and Rogue giggled and catcalled at the two in the back. He peered out the window, nodding at Moira MacTaggert, Charles Xavier's old flame and Nobel Prize winning chemist who stood waiting. Around her darted a small girl, her long blonde hair flying about her as she nervously hid behind Moria's legs. He quickly glanced over the Research Center as he noticed a young woman striding from the building with intense purple hair. A blonde guy emerged from behind the jet resting next to the research center covered with grease. Hank saw the shadow of a man sitting at an upstairs window, smoking. He swallowed nervously as he worried about the group of young mutants staying with Moira: would they get along with the X-Men okay?

Hank did not have much time to worry as Rasputin bounded down the walkway, running breathlessly up to Moira. "My sister, Illyana, where is she?"

Moira crossed her arms across her chest, glaring at Piotr. The small blonde girl started nervously and flew back, hanging in the air and regarding the newcomer with fear. The young man walked closer to the girl protectively, wiping his hands on a rage as he too looked at Piotr and the X-Men with suspicion. The girl with purple hair stood beside Moira with a hand on her hip. Kitty, Rogue and Kurt followed obediently behind Hank, all slightly nervous.

Moira glanced over at the purple haired girl next to her. "Betsy, can ye get Pete down here?" The girl nodded, smirking slightly as she gave a condescending look at the X-Men before she sauntered off. Hank smiled and moved to shake Moira's hand before she pulled him into a friendly hug. "Och, its good tae see ye again, Hank." She turned to face the rest as they filled in behind Hank. "I guess that the rude one of ye is Rasputin." Piotr lowered his head, mumbling an apology. "Ah, its okay, I know ye must be worried about yuir sister. And this must be Kitty, Kurt and Rogue." The three nodded, smiling at her as she continued. "This wee one is Meggan, the gel with the purple hair that just ran inside is Betsy Braddock and this lad here is her twin Brian." Brian nodded a welcome and Meggan flit a bit closer, grinning hesitantly.

Betsy strode out of the building, smiling at the X-Men. Behind her trailed a guy in his early twenties, dressed in a rumpled suit and with a cigarette hanging out from his mouth. He peered at the interlopers with a suspicious glare before standing off to the side to finish his cigarette. Meggan darted up into the air again and circled around him once before landing behind Pete. Moira looked over the man with a blatantly distrustful look. "And this here is the bane of me existence, Pete Wisdom." Pete growled in response.

Next to Kurt, Kitty shifted about nervously. Instinctively, Kurt snaked his tail around Kitty's leg gently. He couldn't help but feel protective of his best friend, with the way that Rasputin had been acting towards her and how Pete had glared at them all. His feelings for her still lingered, he just couldn't help it. From the beginning he knew he cared more about her than she did him, but it didn't hurt him any less. They had dated for a while before he had broken it off with her, knowing that she would never feel the way he wanted about him. To her, he would always be her best friend and he was able to be content with that, just as long as he remained a prominent figure in her life. He didn't necessarily like or trust Rasputin; he didn't care what Piotr's initial motivation was, Kurt didn't easily forget that the Russian had fought against them on the side of Magneto. And the four year age difference seemed so much wider than it actually was.

Hank looked over to the X-Men as Kitty leaned against Kurt. "These here with me are the X-Men. Kurt Wagner," Kurt smiled and waved a three fingered hand, "Rogue, Piotr Rasputin and Kitty Pryde." Kitty flinched as she heard a snort at her name.

"Wisdom," Moira growled, "behave." Kitty put her hands on her hip and glared at Pete, shaking loose of Kurt's tail. Rogue looked surprised over at the brunette; she couldn't remember the last time when she had seen Kitty look so mad. Piotr, completely oblivious, spoke up again.

"Dr. MacTaggert, where is my sister? It has been too long since I have since her, and I am worried." Moira nodded and headed off to the building, motioning for the others to follow.

"Illyana is in the med lab," she said over her shoulder. Turning, she saw the look on Piotr's face. "Och, dinnae worry Rasputin. She's fine. The lass is just vistin' with Jono."

Following Moira, Kurt looked up to Hank. "Jono?"

"Jonothan Starsmore," Hank replied, holding the door to the research center open for Betsy and Brian who trailed after him. "He's the young British man who we have come to help."

Kurt frowned slightly as he watched Kitty gravitate towards Piotr as they walked down the halls. "So Piotr, err- what's your sister like?"

He smiled at her, and Kitty instantly blushed. "Illyana is my little snowflake. She is turning six next month." A hand was placed around Kitty's shoulders affectionately. "You will love her."

Meanwhile, at the end of the line, Rogue walked and watched Kitty's awkward attraction, Kurt's wariness and the timid curiosity of Meggan. Betsy and Brian were doing their best to appear indifferent, but Rogue noticed them peering inquisitively at Kurt. She caught bits of their whispered conversations as they speculated who had what kind of power. The strong pungent smell of smoke assaulted Rogue suddenly and she scrunched up her nose. She turned around to look at Pete and prepared to turn on the old Southern charm.

"Excuse me Mr. Wisdom," she smiled, "could ya please put tha' out?"

He gave her a large fake smile that abruptly stopped. "Sod off," he growled.

And Pete stormed off, exhaling a large breath of smoke behind at the shocked Rogue. Betsy smiled and shrugged at the younger girl. "He's just a bastard," Betsy said in a precise upper class British accent. "Don't take it personally."

The sound of imploding air and the smell of sulfur heralded Kurt's arrival. Rogue sighed happily to see her foster brother. "Please tell me vhen it is time to get back to school," Kurt muttered to her. Rogue gave him the largest smile she could manage. "Amen."


I suck at accents. Ah well. R/R and let me know you wanna see more! In my head, I have the story lines for the Evo version of the "Soulsword", "Dream Nails" and other plotlines as well. Lemme know if you like!