Blessed Be

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            Phoebe tosses and turns as the nightmare progresses. She has dreaded this dream would come for five years. In her dreams she sees a young man with jet-black hair and a body builder figure. The man is standing and laughing a sadistic laugh. Chaos, fire, death, destruction and torture are seen going on all around him. He smiles approvingly, knowing that he has caused this.

            Her vision begins to pull out. The chaos keeps going on for miles, all of it circling this one young man. Her vision pulls out further and faster and she sees planet earth. It is almost completely black with patches of fire and smoke visible from space. Then her vision comes back to earth. She then sees four gravestones all with the Halliwell sisters' names on it.

            Phoebe sits up in a cold sweat. She badly wishes all of that was a bad dream, but she knows it is a premonition. Phoebe knows what she has to do next, but she doesn't want to. Not today a day before Wyatt's second birthday. Phoebe runs down to the basement and covers herself with an old blanket. She tries to hide her self in a corner amongst a pile of clothes. She begins to cry hard and hug herself, but stops when she hears a noise. Phoebe breathes as quietly as she can praying he won't find her. A second later the blanket is pulled off of her. She has been found.

"No, no," she cries over and over again.

"Shhhh," Leo soothes her, holding her firmly against him.

"Please Leo not today," she begs.

"You know I have no control over this," he says.

"Please," she sobs, "not today."

Her sobs are so powerful her body is shaking.

"Come on Phoebe you know why we have to do this."

Phoebe's sobs die down and then stops all together.

"I can't," she whispers.

"You're the only one who can," Leo tells her.

"I know," Phoebe says.

"You go get Wyatt I'll get the spell," Leo says.

            Leo orbs Phoebe to Wyatt's bedroom before Phoebe can read too much into it again. Phoebe picks Wyatt up gently so she wouldn't wake him. Phoebe waits a minute for Leo to orb back from the attic.

"You ready?" he asks her.

Phoebe weakly shakes her head 'no'. Leo puts his hands on both her shoulders and orbs them to Seattle Washington.

            Paige stares in bewilderment with her hand over her mouth. 'What just happened?' she asks herself. Whatever it was she has to tell Piper and she has to tell her now.

"Piper, Piper wake up," Paige says, shaking her sleeping sister.

"What is so terribly wrong that you have to wake me up at," Piper looks at the clock, "three in the morning?" she says in shock.

"Leo just took off with Phoebe and your son," Paige says.

"What?" Piper sits up and demands. "Where did they go?"

"I don't know that's why I woke you up."

"Fine lets go track them," Piper whines.

            Piper takes Paige's arm and leads them to the attic.

            It is raining in Seattle. That is no surprise to Phoebe. If it weren't for Wyatt still in her arms she may have just stayed in the rain. The rain fits her mood perfectly: dark and sorrowful. Leo knocks on the red door to the house in front of them. Two middle-aged people open the door. They look as depressed as Leo and Phoebe. Only Phoebe can now feel their sorrow and it is tearing her up from the inside out.

"Get out of the rain," The man says gently.

Phoebe's feet became stuck to the floor. She knows what she will find when she crosses the threshold so she is too afraid to do so. The middle-aged woman can see the fear and sorrow in Phoebe's eyes. She comes out and puts her arm around Phoebe's shoulders. The woman escorts Phoebe inside and takes the sleeping bundle from her arms. Phoebe's shaking hands takes the blanket off of Wyatt's face.

"Is this him?" the woman asks in a shaky voice.

Phoebe nods her head.

"He's the one who's going to take our baby from us," The woman says and then begins to sob.

Phoebe comes and hugs her and so does her husband.

"It's okay Mira," he says.

"Where is she?" Leo asks gently, wiping the tears off of Mira's face.

"She's in her room," the husband answers, "she was asking when you would come."

Leo pries Phoebe off of Mira and escorts her down the hall; leaving Mira to cry with Wyatt in her arms and her husband hugging her. Leo opens the door at the end of the hall and has to practically push Phoebe in. Phoebe enters a room completely painted pink. It is the most cliché little girl's room she has ever seen. Plush, pastel stuffed animals are in the corner of the room. There are Barbies and toy horses scattered about. In the middle of the room is a lacey canopy bed with a pink frilly quilt. In the bed is a little girl. She looks so amazingly fragile and vulnerable. The girl is skinny, too skinny. Her flesh is pale as a sheet. Her eyes are sunken in with dark circles around them. The girl can't be any more than eight. Phoebe forgets about her past fears and walks over to the young girl. Phoebe brushes the little girl's straight brown hair out of her face. The girl opens her chocolate eyes and weakly smiles.

"What took you so long?" she asks breathlessly.

"Got stuck in traffic," Phoebe jokes.

The girl smiles and she has a soft twinkling in her eyes. Phoebe picks up the little girl and carries her to a rocking chair.

"How do you feel?" Phoebe asks.

"Not so good," she says, "I've been throwing up all day and I still feel sick."

Phoebe looks at Leo and Leo takes the hint. Leo puts a glowing hand over the little girl's body.

"Better?" he asks.

"Much," the little girl says smiling.

"Phoebe?" the little girl looks up at her.

"What is it?" Phoebe asks.

"Who are they?" the little girl points to the far corner of her room.

            Phoebe looks up and finds herself staring at Piper and Paige straight in the eye. Piper and Paige are standing there like a deer in headlights. Piper's hand is gripping Paige's arm.

"Remember how you always wanted to meet my two sisters," Phoebe says, "well that is Piper and that is Paige," she says pointing at each one.

Phoebe swallows hard, her heart begins to beat fast and her cold hands begin trembling.

"Piper…Paige…This is Persia…She's Prue's daughter."

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