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Piper's mouth opens and closes three times before she manages to form the word 'what?'

Piper continues to cling to Paige's arm as Phoebe looks helplessly from Persia to Leo and back to

her sisters. Piper shakes her head 'no' very slowly.

"No," she whispers, "No!" she says even louder. Piper yanks Paige and heads for the door.

"Piper wait," Leo calls after her.

Piper opens the door with Paige still in tow. "Where's my son?" Where's Wyatt?" she

calls to the hallway.

"It's okay Piper he's right here," a middle aged man in the living room says.

"Who are you?" Piper asks him heading inside the living.

"My name is Ryland. I am Persia's father. This is my wife Mira."

Piper takes a good look at Ryland. He is a tall bulky man with red hair and green eyes. He

has a well groomed beard and mustache sitting atop his face. Ryland is not holding Wyatt, Mira

is. Mira is sitting on a brown leather sofa in the living room with Wyatt in her arms. Mira is

slightly overweight with long brown hair and hazel eyes. Mira was gently rocking Wyatt, but her

eyes looked so far away.

A thousand questions run through Piper's head so fast she can hardly comprehend

anything. Piper clings tighter to Paige's arm. She needs some sense of security, but most of all

needs to keep her balance. Piper looks at Paige for a second. Paige's eyes seem to be as lost as


Piper hardly noticed as Leo materialized in front of them. Piper looks past Leo and at


"You and Prue...?" is the only thing Piper can manage to get out.

"Me and her lived together in New York three months before she got pregnant. We stayed

together through her whole pregnancy. I asked her why she wouldn't tell you or Phoebe about

Persia. All she said was that it was a strong feeling that she had. Prue and I began having

problems when Persia was about six months old. Prue told me she was going to move back to

San Fransico to be with you guys until she found a stable job and a place to live. After that she

would come and take Persia back, but then she found out about being a witch and the power of

three thing. She told me she would like me to keep Persia, but have me move closer so she could

visit her," Ryland stops abruptly when he notices Piper's composure changing drastically.

Piper had gone from looking light headed to being unsteady on her feet. Piper grabs

Paige's arm with her other hand and rests her head on Paige's shoulder. Piper falls to her knees,

but Paige and Leo are there to support her fall. Ryland motions Mira to stay put and heads over

for Piper.

Piper feels as if her heart is stopping. Every heartbeat takes five seconds to come. Piper's

breathing becomes slow and laborious. She has to concentrate to take in every breath.

"Piper? Piper?" she hears Leo's voice, but it sounds very far away.

"She's having a panic attack," Ryland says.

Phoebe grabs her chest and takes in one long slow breath.

"Are you okay?" Persia asks from on to of Phoebe's lap.

"Piper," Phoebe manages to say.

"Come on let's go to her," Persia says putting her arms around Phoebe's neck.

Phoebe picks her up and heads toward the living room. Three bodies are circled around


"Piper what's wrong?" Phoebe cries.

"She's having a panic attack," Paige informs her.

"Take her," Phoebe says, handing Persia to Paige.

Phoebe kneels down so she can be at Piper's level. Phoebe moves Piper's hair so that it is

on Piper's left shoulder. Phoebe is about to give reassuring thoughts to Piper to help calm her

down, but Persia does something unexpected. Without any warning Persia leans out of Paige's

arms and puts her hand on Piper's shoulders. Persia's hands emit a glowing orange light. Piper

instantly becomes calm. Paige reclaims Persia in her arms while Piper gasps in her much needed


"Why did you do that?" Ryland demands to Persia.

Persia only smiles and snuggles in closer to Paige.

"What did she do?" Leo asks, helping Piper up.

"She has the gift of calming people with her touch," Ryland says.

Piper gets up and holds on to Leo for support. She turns around to gather in her

surroundings. When she does so she sees Paige holding Persia. Anger and resentment fill Piper's

heart. Piper grabs Phoebe by her shirt and pulls her out the door. Leo is about to chase after them,

but Ryland stops him.

"They need to work this out for themselves," Ryland tells him.

Before Phoebe can grasp the concept of what happened to her a sharp pain is felt on her

right eye. Phoebe is knocked to the cold muddy ground. A few seconds after she hits the floor it

dawns on her that Piper punched her. Phoebe can feel Piper's emotions and she knows it is not

over yet. Before Phoebe can react she feels another sharp pain. It is Piper's barefoot kicking her

ribs. Piper stands over Phoebe and looks at her. Piper sits down so that her thighs are on both

sides of Phoebe's ribs. She leans over and puts most of her body weight on Phoebe's torso and

shoulders. Phoebe feels the cold mud creep up around her. The rain pounds hard on Phoebe's

face making Piper's angry features hard to see.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Piper screams at Phoebe. "I'm an aunt and you couldn't tell me?"

Piper's voice is a mixture of anger and hurt.

"Me and Leo were the only ones who knew," Phoebe reasons. "Prue begged and begged me not

to tell you."

"Why?" Piper went back to screaming.

"Because when I first saw Persia it was after we found out we were witches. Prue told me that

she had a secret and I needed to know, but I couldn't tell you. When I saw Persia for the first time

I touched her and I had a premonition. I saw Wyatt he was evil. He was destroying the world."

"NO!" Piper shouts right to Phoebe's face.

"Piper Grams was right; boys are nothing but trouble. You were supposed to have a girl it was in

your fate. When Prue had a girl it somehow messed the whole system up. Prue knew her days

were numbered. She told me there was a way to set everything right and I would know how to do

when I saw the same premonition again."

Piper shakes her head the anger is running through her worse than ever. Piper lifts her

hand and balls it into a fist. She is ready to hit Phoebe once more. Phoebe closes her eyes and

waits for the impact, but feels none. When she opens her eyes again she sees Chris pinning Piper

against himself. Piper wants more than anything to blow him up, but she knows she wont.

"Piper she has to do this. The fate of the world depends on it."

"Do what?" Piper asks struggling against Chris' restraint.

"I have to put Persia's soul into Wyatt," Phoebe says, doing her best to wipe mud off herself.

"You can't," Piper yells, trying another valiant attempt to escape Chris only to fail, "If you do

that it'll kill Persia."

"Piper haven't you taken a good look at her," Chris says in her ear, "Persia is dying of leukemia.

She doesn't have more than two hours to live. That's when Phoebe is going to do her magic."

Piper goes limp in Chris' arms. Chris cradles Piper's neck in his arm. Piper shuts her eyes

to the pouring rain. The cool rain feels refreshing to the hot tears pouring down her face. 'Of

course it's raining,' Piper thinks to herself. 'The angels are crying over Persia.' Piper feels her

arm being pulled around Chris' neck. Chris' arm wraps around her waist and she is escorted back

inside. It has been a terrible day for Piper. The same day she finds out she has a niece is the same

day she is going to lose her.

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