Title:: Source of Hope

Author:: Lokaia

Summary:: I don't know. Felt like delving into a Rosie-personality again. Just a few of her thoughts.

Rating:: G


It doesn't always make sense-acting the way I do. I guess no one else really gets it. No one else was raised to ignore what bothered them. I don't know. Maybe no one else really feels the need to make people feel better. I always do. I can't stand when people are unhappy, and I hate it even more when it might be my fault.

I wonder if anyone understands what it feels like. I wonder if they know that I think we're going to die just as often as they do. I worry just as much, you know. Just because I don't say it doesn't mean it's not happening.

I know I can get annoying. I know they get sick of me a lot.

Well, quite honestly, I get sick of me too. But if I don't point out the good things in life, who will?

Ms. Davenport will be focusing on staying conscious.

Commander Goddard will be yelling at us all to stay on our posts.

Harlan will be complaining because we're not home yet.

Suzee will be talking about how much smarter she is than the rest of us.

Radu will be worried about not fitting in.


Well, let's just say, my biggest job is refuting all of Bova's comments.

But I hate it, too. I just.. I don't know how to stop smiling. I don't know how to immediately look for problems in a situation, rather than the solutions. I don't know how.

Not that I wish I did. It seems like everyone else on this ship is so much more stressed than I am about their lives. Or maybe they just show it more. I don't know.

I know that I can't show when I'm upset. I can't because I also know I'm basically the Christa's only source of hope.

We've got seven full years on this ship.

I've got a lot of work to do.