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Bitter Person

I cupped my chin on my palm. I was looking out the window of my classroom, but I wasn't really staring at the view outside.

My mind took me to the scene happened this morning at the school gate.


I was entering the school gate when I heard some students yelled out, "Hey! Watched where you were going!!"  

Those seemed angry boys were yelling at a figure that was cycling carelessly.

Rukawa Kaede.

I blushed as that figure passed me on his bike.

But suddenly…BANG!!

The bike hit the school gate and Rukawa-kun thrown away from his bike.

"Rukawa-kun!! Are you alright!?" I got near him and knelt down to see if he was alright.

Rukawa-kun scratched his head. Oh dear, he looked sleepy. Was he sleeping?

Ignoring me, Rukawa-kun stood up and got on his bike again.

"Rukawa-kun..." I was still worried if he was hurt.

Rukawa-kun gave me a cold stare from the corner of his beautiful eyes.

"A-Are you okay?"


Then he paddled his bike away.

I was relieved that he wasn't hurt, but I was also very sad about the way he acted to me.

He was a cold person, very silent. I supposed I shouldn't expect him to be friendly in answering my late question.

But it really hurts me that he ignored me since I like him so much.

Rukawa-kun…I really wish I could be a close person to you…