Spread More….or 'em. Or it. @_@

Summary: Ugh…can't say or I'll give it away. Yes, it's one of those annoying innuendo joke-type things. You read it and go, "Oh my gosh!" and when you think you know what it is, it isn't. I think the rating should tell you, and this is a bit much. Too much hints!!

Warning: Do you like HaruxKyou? Give it a shot anyway. I love you.

Dedicated to more people who find this entertaining.

G ½


"No!" Kyou yelled.

"Just a little more…" Haru pouted.

"No more for you! You've had enough," the redhead hissed.

Haru rolled his eyes. "Kyou, you don't give enough. I'll need more to be satisfied."

"Shut up!"

Haru leaned in closer. "Just spread them," he whispered seductively. "I must have more."

Kyou made a noise and jumped back from the younger boy in surprise, blushing. "Never! You're addicted." He scoffed.

"Not as much as you if you won't just spread some more for me," the impatient male muttered.

"It's my property! I can do whatever I want with it!" He started to close it…

"I wonder if Yuki would spread it for me," whispered Haru. Kyou's eyes bugged out of their sockets. "Tohru would definitely say yes." The white-haired companion smirked confidently. The redhead jumped on him.

"Don't you dare!" he snarled.

"Then give it to me," Black Haru's husky voice echoed in Kyou's ears.

"N-no. I…can't" The cat shuddered against the warm body of his cousin. He let out an involuntary moan and Black Haru sneered.

"You're too sensitive, kitty-cat." The tip of Black Haru's tongue flicked across the other boy's nose briefly.

"You pervert!" He pushed Black Haru away forcefully. "Just leave me alone! I'm too tired."

"If you spread it for me, I swear we'll go to sleep after this. Promise."

Kyou glared at him with all he had, then sighed in defeat. He handed Haru the marmalade jar.

Haru smiled. "Kyou, you're a bit obsessive over this marmalade, aren't you?"

Kyou scoffed. "Tohru gave it to me."

"I see," he stated and turned silent. He spread more of the marmalade on his toast and ate it hungrily.

"No need to be a pig," Kyou muttered in disgust.

"I'm getting a midnight snack because I'm damn hungry, so I'll eat how I want," snarled Black Haru. Kyou sweat dropped.

"I think I'll go back to…uh...bed. Later!" He turned to run away when Black Haru grabbed his night shirt roughly.

"Not without me," he sneered.

"You won't get lost," Kyou said exasperated.

"Kitty-cat," Black Haru sang. He cupped Kyou's face and brought it close to his. "Let's have some fun tonight." He dragged a screeching Kyou away with him to the bedroom.


I can't believe I wrote it, but there's the next chapter~