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Chronological Insanity: What's the point?

By ~*Starlite1*~

His mind was still whirring with the shock of what T'Pol had told him. Even as he crawled along through the Jefferies tube, her words kept replaying over and over in his mind. Pain...was overwhelming. The only problem was.. It was you. As if that hadn't been enough, The only way that I could have perceived this is if I was part of it The only thing is it's me from the future. Why couldn't anything ever be simple? Why did everything always happen to them?

He was brought out of his reverie by T'Pol's voice. "Sorry, what was that?" he asked.

She pointed one slender finger to an access ladder, "We need to go up here to get onto the bridge. I suggest that we hurry." T'Pol stated.

"I haven't got a problem with that!" Jon chuckled, climbing up the ladder behind her. For what seemed like an eternity, they climbed up the ladder. All Jon could see was the figure of T'Pol ahead of him, silhouetted in the light from her torch.

******* Phlox stared blankly at the screen in front of him. His worst suspicions had been confirmed. Gingerly, he glanced out towards his patients. The man whose DNA profile was on the screen at the moment was finally resting. The Woman, who had reminded him so much of T'Pol was resting next to him. He turned back to the figures on the screen. There was no doubt of who he was. The only problem was..

He had no chance to finish that thought. Klaxons sounded, as the entire ship was thrown to the left.


"What was that?!?" Jon called out, as T'Pol hoisted herself up onto the landing adjacent to the bridge.

She looked down at him, holding out her hand and hoisting him up, "I believe that it is most likely an attack. I suggest that we stay here, and try and listen to what unfolds."

"And why the hell would we do that?" he asked in puzzlement.

"Because they may be after you. " she simply stated, her eyebrow raising slightly.

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow.

******* "Ok, now who is it this time?!?" Malcolm called out, racing over to the tactical console.

"It's Duras's brother. And company." Hoshi said grimly.

"Just great." Travis said sarcastically, "Just what we need."

"Too right, Ensign." Malcolm replied, "I just wish that the captain was here."

Without warning, the ship was rocked, as a plasma bullet crashed into them. Hoshi was thrown from her seat, to land squarely on her shapely rear end. Hastily, she clambered back up onto her seat.

"Oh shit!!!" Malcolm swore, "Ensign, take the chair."


"Great, so now I have the entire family after me!!!" Jon complained. His hand grasped onto a railing, "I wish that I was out there. I can't stay on the sidelines like this!!!"

T'Pol looked over at him, "Well, there isn't that much choice. Who knows what may happen if they know you are actually on the ship? Will that not make it more likely for them to be more forceful in their tasks? Will it not give them the cause they need to blow this ship, as well as the entire crew, to quote a phrase, straight to hell?"

With a great sigh, he flopped up against the wall, "You know what, T'Pol, you're right. I can't put them all in danger. If even one of them gets hurt because of something I did, then I don't think that I could live with myself. And you know what else?"

"What?" She said, the outline of her head rising slightly.

"I honestly don't know what I would do without you." He said, a slight smile touching his lips.

And neither do I..


The world shook. It jarred and shuddered around them. Pain echoed, from who they would never know...

********** What's happening?! T'Pol thought to herself, as another jolt of pain hit her. As much as she tried, she could not help but grimace. It burned into her, and there was nothing that she could do to stop another wave bashing through her shields and reverberating through her body. Once it had finally passed, she looked over to Jon. On his face was an expression that mirrored what she felt. He spotted her look, and gave her a weak smile. He held her gaze, trying to put into that gaze the knowledge that everything would be all right.

The ship was blasted to the side, bringing with it a wave of pain that made even T'Pol's eyes water. Jon quickly moved to put his arm round her. The shuddering finally subsided...

******** Was it enough? He sure as hell hoped so. It certainly had taken one large piece of his strength. But there was no turning back anymore. If this hadn't worked, then they were all going to kingdom come. Still, even if it all amounted to nothing, and everything fell apart so completely and utterly that even Q and some of his associates couldn't fix it.. Well, it had been worth it. After all, isn't it the journey that counts? *********

Deep within her, she felt a well of strength. The severed muscles and scorched tissue began to heal at a rate that made her *metaphorical* eyebrows shoot up well into her * bangs *. Not that she minded that much. The feel of the re-knitting of the muscles soon drowned out the ache that had once ensured. ********* Eyes, which a moment ago had appeared to close for the final time once again opened, and locked with a pair of bottle green eyes. Understanding passed between the two. As one, they rose, and marched out of sickbay. They were on a mission.

Behind them, they left a Denobulan physician of the Inter- species medical exchange, whose face bore an expression of utter puzzlement.

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