Do Not Disturb, 1/1, [WC] [D][G]

Title: Do Not Disturb


Series: Wild Card

Rating: G

Part: 1/1 NEW

Date: October 2003

Summary: Missing scene from the "No Bull..." ep.

Disclaimer: Lifetime, etc., owns all the characters, etc. I'm just using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.


Do Not Disturb

Oct. 2003

'Damn,' Dan thought as he walked through the rain behind the owner of the motel. 'If only the old man hadn't come knocking on the door...well at least not for another hour or so.'

"Hope this room'll be alright," the man drawled. He unlocked the door, pushed it open, and turned on the light which flickered and threatened to go out before it finally decided to illuminate the room.

Dan walked past the man and looking inside, noted the room was a carbon copy of the room he'd just left. It possessed the same outdated decor, faded bedspread, and probably the same threadbare towels in the bathroom. If he looked, he was sure it also contained one phone book and a copy of the Gideon Bible. He absently nodded to the man and threw his suitcase on the bed. The man left and shut the door behind him. Out of habit born of too many nights alone (though he'd never admit to it publicly), he turned on the television. Just like the other room, there was no reception -- just the choice of either a static display or a blue screen. Disgruntled, he clicked the TV off and tossed the remote control onto the dresser. Not bothering to even kick off his shoes fell onto the bed.

As if sensing the occupant's mood, the light chose that moment to wink out.

Dan groaned and stared up from the bed into the now darkened room. The only light was the proverbial neon blinking glow from the motel's sign.

'Everything was just like the other room,' he thought. 'Except this room seemed much colder. How can one woman bring such light and warmth into a room -- and also drive me completely crazy?'

'Damn,' Dan thought again. 'If only the old man hadn't come knocking on the door...well at least not for another hour or so.'

He then reminded himself for what seemed like the hundreth time that day that Zoe Busiek, who was already looking after her deceased sisters three children, didn't need an ex-convict messing up her life. Maybe he thought, Mr. Pocket-Protector, was just the kinda of guy she needed.

A small voice inside him laughed.