What if Qui-Gon had lived to Train Anakin but he still turned? What if Obi-Wan took a different Padawan after being knighted? What if Padmé was sent to Earth for her own protection? What if she was sent to Hogwarts to live? What if years later Luke, Leia and their families came to Earth to find her? What would happen?

SW/HP/SG crossover.

Disclaimer: None of these characters, places or objects belong to me.

"Why can't I stay here? I am more useful here! Here I can watch my children secretly without Vader knowing but if I leave then I will never see them again." Padmé Skywalker yelled. She had been in the council chambers at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for hours arguing her point. "Stay you can not. Go you must. For your own protection this is and your children's" Yoda reasoned. "You won't be alone. We are sending four Jedi with you and your handmaiden, Sabe." Mace Windu said.

Padmé was being sent to a less advanced planet to protect her from her husband, Anakin Skywalker, now known as Darth Vader, who had recently turned against the Jedi and was now doing everything in his power to destroy them, and with the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic helping him it wasn't proving very difficult for him. Already, after a month, Vader and his troops had killed over 70 Jedi and the numbers were rising everyday.

"Argue about this you should not. Final it is." Yoda said, banging his walking stick against the ground for emphasis.

"Don't worry Padmé it will all work out fine." Sabe assured her friend as they walked towards their quarters in the temple to collect their bags to leave. "I don't like this idea of hiding" Padmé complained. "It won't be forever." "Yes but the time difference created by the hyperspace interference around this galaxy means that if we are go for 1 year there will be ten here. If I am gone for more than 3 years my children will be older then me!" "Well we could only be gone for a month then the Jedi may sort out the problem really quickly then we can come home to your children." "But then again we could be gone for 10 years." "Why are you being so negative it isn't like you?" Sabe was starting to getting very annoyed with her friend. "I have."

"M'lady are you ready to leave?" Jedi knight Siri Tachi asked as she walked into the room. "Yes we're coming." Sabe turned and started to collect their bags. Padmé reluctantly followed her handmaiden.

They walked to the lowest levels of the temple to a large room. There were only two items in the room; one was a very large ring with strange markings around the ring. The second was a smaller consol with the same markings but also a large orange/red crystal in the middle. The Jedi council and the Jedi that were going with them, Obi-Wan Kenobi, his Padawan Denalen Sun, and Bant, where waiting.

"We have found some people that will help you to fit in as much as possible on the other side." Windu informed them. "Master Jinn sent this last message before he went in to hiding." He produced a small message recorder and pressed a button showing an image of a tall man, with shoulder length brown hair and an air of dignity.

"Obi-Wan, Denalen, Bant, Siri, Senator Padmé, Sabe, I hope that you arrive at your destination safely. I will be going into hiding to watch over Luke straight after I send this message so you won't be able to contact me. When it is time, I will be the one to contact you, if anyone else contacts you then don't believe them unless they know the reply to the message that the council will tell you before you leave. Obi-Wan make sure that whoever on the planet is in control of one of the Chappa'ai knows the saying but make sure you can trust them. I must go now but I want you all to know that I will be thinking of you everyday and I will protect Luke with all my power. May the Force be with you all always."

The transmission then ended.

After a short silence Windu spoke again. "The message that Qui-Gon was talking about is this." He told them I short message and the answer they were to expect, it was in the native language of Naboo before they started to use basic. "You will be met on the other side of the Chappa'ai, by a man named Albus Dumbledore he will take you to where you will be staying. Padawan Sun will stay close to the Chappa'ai so that if you are called you will know. May the Force be with you!"

"And with you Masters." The four Jedi replied. Then Obi-Wan walked over to the smaller device and started to press the different symbols then the crystal in the centre. The Large circle sprang to life and a surge of water like substance shot out then back in leaving a pool in the substance in the centre of the ring.

The group walked over to the Chappa'ai and Siri stepped through the ring first followed by the rest of the group. The Chappa'ai closed leaving the Jedi Council to hope that they would all make it home again soon.