Chapter 7

"Welcome to the Christmas Ball, Students and teachers. We are going to have a few dances then dinner will be served. Enjoy." Dumbledore then sat and watched the students and some teachers dance.

He could see, Obi-Wan dancing with Bant, Hagrid with Sprout, and even Siri dancing with Snape who was scowling till she whispered something in his ear making him laugh and the students around stop dancing in shock of the usually horrid Potions Master laughing.

But he was worried about Padmé who hadn't moved from her spot in the corner. She had been very depressed for about a week. She had stopped wearing her really elaborate dresses but still her cloths were high above the normal Earth clothing, tonight she was wearing a dark green dress with a tight corset, it had a high neck and went out at the hips to flow around her. But this one didn't have any jewellery or decorations, it seemed a bit like she was going to a funeral rather then at a party.

He was about to go over and try to cheer her up when he saw a group of people appear out of nowhere on the lawn. "Students all of you are to stay in here. Prefects you're in charge teachers come with me." He said as he drew his wand, he ran towards the door to the great hall, followed by the teachers.

He got to the front door and watched the group approach, he looked behind him to see which teachers had followed and with had stayed to keep charge of the students. It seemed as if all the teachers had joined him except the Jedi who were still in the hall. He noticed that somehow Padmé and Sabe had shed their extravagant dress and where now in cloths more suitable for fighting.

Padmé and Sabe came up beside him. He could now see that Padmé was wearing a white bodysuit that looked as if it had seen better days. It had long pants that were tucked into white boots, but the top was ripped across the middle with one sleeve missing. Both arms had a silver ring around them and she had a white belt to match with utility pouches. He knew enough about Muggles to know that the thing on her belt was a gun holder, she had the gun in her hand. When she turned slightly away from him he could also see three slits in the back of the suit that looked like scratch marks from a very large cat. But Sabe looked as if her dress had a detachable skirt, so was now wearing the corset from her dress and matching pants.

Dumbledore returned his attention to the people ahead. There were about 15 or so, ranging from Hagrid's size to what looked like tiny children. "Who are you and what do you want?" Dumbledore yelled. "Dumbledore you must be losing your memory if you've forgotten me after only 20 years." Someone yelled. The Headmaster hesitated trying to match a face to the name. "Sorry I can't seem to place you." "Well then would you get rid of the weapons, your scaring the children." "Where not scared." Three small indignant voices said. "Well then your scaring Teal'c." "I am not scared either O'Neill." "Ohh fine just please can we come inside it's cold out here."

"How do we know you won't turn against us if we let you in." Snape asked. "Look, I'm the only wizard, 12 of us are Muggle, and 3 of those are kids. I really don't think we are going to hurt you." "What how did Muggles get passed the defences?" "What on Earth is a Muggle?" Sam said confused. "You are, Sam and I gave them a Portkey to get here. We are here to collect Padmé Skywalker is she here?" Jack said trying not to lose his temper.

"What do you want with me?" The woman in question asked. "M'lady were here to take you home." Qui-Gon said. "Master Jinn is that you?" Padmé squinted to try and make out his face. "Yes Padmé it's me." "Where are my children?" "There here too."

Padmé turned to Sabe. "Get Obi-Wan he will know if they are telling the truth." Sabe left and returned a minute later with Obi-Wan. He looked at the group, and then closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them he walked down to the group.

"Master" He bowed to his former Mentor. "Padawan," He bowed again. "They are who they say they are Headmaster." "Very well come in then."

Most of the teachers went back into the Great hall to rejoin the party and the other Jedi came in and stood off to the side of the entrance hall, while the Masters and Padawans renewed their training links that had faded slightly in the years of absence.