Dear Padme, (You said I could still call you that)

I'm getting *used* to Coruscant but I can't say I
*like* it here. All these building! and the people!
and the sky always clogged with ships and fliers!!

I sure never thought I'd miss Tatooine but I do, I
miss the open desert and the open sky, and of course I
still miss Mom.

You know the funny thing is I'm not sure she wanted
to come with us even if she could've. She told me she
belonged on Tatooine and maybe she was right. She'd
*hate* it here, even more than I do, and they wouldn't
have let her be with me anyway while I'm training so
she'd have been all alone. I *hate* that she's
still a slave but maybe she is better off at home with
all our friends than here with nobody.

I miss my friends too, Kitster, Wald and the rest,
I miss having other kids to play with. There are some
here in the Temple but I'm not supposed to have
anything to do with them since I'm a Padawan instead
of a regular Acolyte.

Obi-Wan's become my best friend here. He's a Knight
now but he remembers being a Padawan real well and had
a lot of the same problems I'm having. Yesterday he
showed me his old hidey hole where he'd go to be
alone. It's a sort of window blister off a gallery on
the 132nd level, you'd never find it if you weren't
looking for it. Not even Master Qui-Gon knows about
it, just me, Obi-Wan and now you. Oh, and Artoo!

Thanks a *lot* for Artoo Detoo. He's got to be the
best astro-droid ever! I think he can fix anything.
I'm even begining to understand his beeps and
whistles, I *think*. Artoo's about the only other
friend I've got except for Chancellor Palpatine, he's
been real nice, and you too of course!

But you're all the way off on Naboo. I miss you
a *lot*. I know Queens are very busy but maybe
you could make a state visit or something? Someday?
Lots of planetary leaders do, just this week we've had
the Prince-Viceroy of Alderaan and the President of
Quom, (wherever *that* is).

Oh! I guess the Chancellor's told you the Trade
Federation's lost their Senate seat? Serves 'em right!
Master Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and I all had to testify at
the hearing. Boy was I nervous! I can't even imagine
what it'd be like to address the full Senate like you
did, I guess I'd just die of stage fright or
something! There were *only* about a hundred delegates
at the hearing, sitting in this sort of balcony
running all around the room. When you testified you
had to stand on a dais right in the middle with a
truthlight on you. It was even worse than facing the
Jedi Council!

They still don't like me, even if they are letting
Qui-Gon train me, especially Yoda. Well I don't like
him either! It's just not fair, I haven't done
*anything* wrong, (except be too old and that's not
*my* fault!) why won't they at least give me a chance
to *show* them I can be a good Jedi?

I think they're afraid of me becoming a Sith or
something, like I would after one nearly killed
Qui-Gon! It just makes me so mad! But I've got to
watch that, anger leads to the Dark Side.

Obi-Wan says *he* got mad when the Sith wounded
Qui-Gon and that nearly got them both killed because
Darkness can't defeat Darkness only Light can.

Qui-Gon says it's okay to *feel* angry, even *he*
does sometimes, but I must never let Anger or Fear
rule me. Being a Jedi is *much* harder than I thought
it would be.

We still don't know who the Sith Master is or
anything about him. All we've got is the name he gave the
Trade Federation guys, Darth Sidious. It's creepy to
think he's out there somewhere plotting, and training
up a new apprentice. It could be *years* before he
shows his hand again but until he does there's nothing
we can do but wait. I *hate* that.

At least Naboo's safe, he won't be going back there
in a hurry!

Something I didn't know came out at the hearings,
there were Neimoidians on the Control Ship I blew. I
guess I'm dumb but I thought they were all on the
planet and it was just droids on the ship, (all I saw
were droids). I know they were bad people - but I've
never killed *anybody* before and there were sixty of
them! it makes me feel real weird.

I'm not sorry really, I mean I *did* save the
Gungan army, General Ceel told me so, but I'm not
*glad* I did it the way I used to be. I'm almost mad
at the Neimoidians for *making* me kill them. Why
couldn't they just stay home where they belonged? Then
*nobody'd* be dead!

Funny thing is Qui-Gon says this is just how a Jedi
*should* feel about killing; 'Never lightly or without
grief.' so at least I'm doing *something* right

Ambassador Jar Jar! Wow, do I know some important
people; the Supreme Chancellor, the Queen of Naboo and
now the Gungan Ambassador to the Court of Theed! Tell
him I said hello, and watch out for your royal china!
Has he broken much yet? I can sorta see Boss Nass'
point, I mean Jar Jar's klutziness is just funny to us
but it could be *real* dangerous in an underwater
city. Be sure to bring Jar Jar with you when you make
that state visit.

Gotta go now, Meditation period, *groan*.
With Love,
Your Friend,

Anakin Skywalker