Harry Potter Retribution II Chapter 1: Prelude to Retribution

For ten years I languished in a prison for a crime I didn't commit. I was betrayed by all but the one who loved me most. On the anniversary of my imprisonment the one directly responsible for my incarceration, and the man who murdered my friend kidnapped my ladylove. I knew this from my connection to Lord Voldemort. My link to the dark lord had been intensified during my stay in Azkaban and I saw everything. He had hoped that by sharing this knowledge with me through our bond that it would push me further into insanity. He assumed that my not being at her side while she was tortured or worse would make me take my life. However this was not the case. During my ninth year of imprisonment I acquired a new mentor. He was a being with various psionic abilities and infinite power. Over time he used his abilities to help those in need and was now near the end of his life. He informed me that he had scoured the globe looking for someone to train to succeed him. Out of all the potentials in the world he chose me. He helped train me in the use of my, until that day, dormant psionic abilities.

Over the course of a year he taught me many things, one of the benefits of being a telepath was he didn't have to be in the same room with me to do this. My master was a precognitive (he could see the future) and on the day Ginny was abducted he bestowed the last of his power to me. Power that I used to break out of Azkaban Prison, destroy all of the Dementor's stationed there, and escaped from Albus Dumbledore, Amos Diggory, and the eight aurors' that served as his personal bodyguards. I have always been a part of magic. Since I was little, I unknowingly used it. Wands are simply a conduit that wizards and witches use to access magic; I however did not require one. Using my telepathy I found the exact spell I needed (the one Dumbledore used my fifth year to escape the Fudge and his aurors') and executed it when they least expected it. I only wish that I could have stayed long enough to see the look on their faces after I vanished.

Upon my departure I flew (without a broom) directly to Ginny, following the rapport the two of us as soul mates shared. I was so concerned with saving Ginny's life at the time that I didn't bother to use my telepathy to scan any of the Death Eaters gathered to see if they had any useful information. Had I done so I would have known that it was Draco Malfoy that set me up. I could have ended my life as a fugitive that very day, but as I look back, it's better that I didn't. If I had I might not have gone through with my plan to reveal the existence of magic to the world. As I think back to that day seven years ago, I was a lot nicer to Draco Malfoy than I would be later today.

When I broke into his hiding place the Death Eaters present couldn't believe they were seeing me. None of them thought I would be capable of doing any harm to them, shirtless, wandless, and alone. How soon found out how wrong they were. I didn't even need to use a single psionic ability. I physically thrashed them. Crabbe and Goyle suffered two broken arms, a fractured collarbone, and six busted ribs. The look on Malfoy's face was priceless when he saw that his henchmen reduced to mere puddles of moaning flesh was priceless. When the next two Death Eaters attacked I simply grabbed a nearby broomstick, broke of the end, and used it to disarm then pummel the two men. I broke their wrists, shattered their faces, and smashed their kneecaps. Malfoy now looked terrified. When it was only Malfoy and another Death Eater I watch as the unknown valiant disciple of Voldemort ran from the room like the coward I always figured the lot of them for.

To this day, as I prepare to revenge myself against Riddle and Draco, I still don't know why I just threw him through the door that led to Ginny. As I look back I must have been so eager to be with Ginny again that my better judgment lapsed and took pity on the rodent. He put up a little struggle as I hefted him up but that just made me throw him all the harder. I went into the room and looked at the injured Draco for only a moment. He was moaning and groaning from crashing through something as thick as he was. I found Ginny bound to a chair, a fact that I quickly remedied. She didn't recognize me immediately, I imagine my appearance was rather bad (remember how Sirius looked the first time I saw him in person). Once Ginny was free I used a portkey I'd made to travel to my temporary safe house in Romania. I picked a spot very few people would come looking for anyone. I picked an area near a vampire infestation. With my anti- vampire wards in place I went about cleaning myself up to look more presentable for my ladylove. I over indulged myself with a bath (I needed to get the decade of grim from Azkaban off of me). I enchanted my scissors to cut my hair exactly as I wanted it, and then shaved off my beard until I once again looked like Harry Potter (not the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Wearing new clothes that I had acquired after saving Ginny, I walked into the den and found Ginny resting on the couch. A quick wave of my hand and Gin's superficial wounds were quickly healed. The years had been incredibly kind to Ginny, if anything she was even more beautiful than the last time I'd seen her. Her curves had filled out nicely and she was no longer the girl I once loved, she was now the woman I loved (not that I ever thought of her as a little girl). Breaking away from my lustful gaze, I then went to the kitchen and made Ginny and myself something to eat. I knew if I was starving after my long day that Ginny must be famished after her ordeal. Ginny roused as I placed a plate of eggs and toast on the table.

"Sorry love, we only have breakfast makings right now but I don't intend on staying here very long." I explained.

Ginny didn't care she just stood, walked over to me and kissed me. It was the first kiss we shared since I was taken to Azkaban all those years ago. I had refused to let her touch me before I was clean, I couldn't stand myself and while I know she wouldn't have cared, I did. Now, the only thing that mattered was that we were together again, finally.

Breaking the kiss we sat and ate (I was right, she was famished). Ginny ate two more eggs before she was full. I had one more myself, then just sat watching her while she ate. She knew what I was doing but didn't mind, she was just ecstatic that I was here with her. When we finished our meal we adjourned to the couch for some serious snogging. The ten years apart had been extremely difficult for both of us, and I intended to make up for lost time (so did Ginny). From the couch we adjourned to the bedroom where we consummated our relationship for the first time. It was the most amazing experience as we pledged our hearts to each other for all time.

I more than anything wanted to freeze time (if I could I would have) and just hold my lover in my arms for the rest of time. Unfortunately I knew her family would be worried about her and told her that she must return. Ginny begged me to come away with her, to start over some place far from Europe and forget the troubles of the wizarding world. I was tempted. I wanted nothing more than to marry Ginny and have a family. It was the thought of children that made me decline her offer. She asked me why I didn't want to marry her and I told her simply, "I do want to marry you. I want to marry you more than anything in the world. I just can't doom you and our children to a life on the run."

Ginny was upset by my decision but was very understanding. However I did have something for her. It was the one thing I managed to keep with me the entire time I was in Azkaban, a reminder of what was waiting for me should I ever get out. I pulled out a box with a silver chain. Attached to the chain was the ring I had gotten for Ginny. I told her one day... one day soon I would place this on her finger, and we would be together forever. Ginny kissed me one last time before I handed her the portkey that would return her to her family.

~~**~~ ~~**~~ ~~**~~

After Ginny left I spent a considerable amount of time planning my next move. It wasn't enough that I vindicate myself, no I had to ensure that what happened to me never happened to another. Twice in three decades a wizard has been incarcerated at Azkaban that was innocent. The first, my godfather, Sirius Black was framed (go figure) and sentenced without a trial. Of course, I was the second. While I was given a trial, it was a farce. Everyone present would have realized it if they weren't so busy condemning me. It was the combination of my trial and the rough treatment I received in transit to Azkaban that made me realize the wizarding world needed to change, and I was going to be the one to force this change. What was it that Mr. Olivander said to me when I got my wand.. Oh yes, "we can expect great things from you."

Well, I was determined to live up to that, just not in the way he ever expected. I spent a month drawing up plans on how to go about this project. The first thing I needed was allies. Researching old wizarding case files that I "acquired", I drew up a list of the best, brightest and most disgruntle wizards and witches and approached them with my plan. To say that these individuals were enthusiastic to stick to the Ministry of Magic, even if they had no qualms with the current Minister, was beside the point. They all readily agreed to aid me and we began working on prototypes to present before the heads of state.

The next part of my plan was to begin approaching government leaders and winning their support. The major governments were all fully aware of the existence of magic, they simply had deals with the Ministries in their various countries to stay out of their affairs providing that they maintained order over the people and none of the other citizens were harmed by magical attacks. Swaying the governments to my side was simply with the Intel I provided about a certain Dark Lord and what he, on two separate occasions, accomplished. I have never seen people cringe at photographs like the President of the United States and his cabinet did when I explained that a group of five Death Eaters wiped out a small town in less than an hour using only one spell. The numbers didn't scare the people in the room, it was the fact that two words, and the flick of a wand was all that was needed to kill a person. No explosion, no noise, just a flash of light and they were dead.

When I promised the President new weapons, inventions, and medical break throughs if they gave their support he didn't' need to consult his advisors, he readily agreed. Over the course of two years I worked out of the United States of America with my associates designing the equipment I promised. The main reason we chose America was that the magical community here was not as extensive as it was in Europe and Asia. Once my team and I developed the prototype body armors to protect a normal person from magic it was up to me to procure the necessary materials to build them.

After ascertaining whom had the quantity of the material needed to build our suits I peacefully approached the Vampire Lord Balthazor and attempted to persuade him to relinquish his entire supply to us. The governments I represented were prepared to be most generous with our offer. Given the tone the vampire lord had when I made my proposal convinced me that negotiations were pointless. While the vampires were laughing in my face I instituted my backup plan. Upon my signal a horde of vampire hunters and began the extermination of the vampire race.

Over the course of a year the hunters and I eliminated all but a few vampires, and they lived simply because I allowed them to. One in particular was the forger. He was the vampire who, for a millennia, designed and crafted the vampire's wizard cuffs. Now he is a loyal follower of the new order and in exchange for services rendered he is handsomely compensated. Delilah, a young female vampire, was spared because I knew one day Dumbledore would come to Romania to investigate how I acquired the anti- magic metal and crystals. I left the vampire girl in an emotional wreak and with wards in place a captive in her families castle. The only way she could leave was in the presence of certain wizards. They didn't disappoint me in the least. It took the old man longer to arrive than I had thought, but once he and his entourage arrived we had a minor confrontation. Once again I avoided capture (easily) and showed off yet another of my abilities. To this day I wonder if Dumbledore ever figured out how I was accomplishing everything before I explained it. Something tells me he didn't, but then I could care less if he did.

~~**~~ ~~**~~ ~~**~~

As I dressed for tonight's operation that I had planned and prepared for over the past three years I couldn't help but think back to everything that had happened to me. Six years ago the operation planed for tonight was only on a list of things that needed to be done. Changing the world was the most important thing that needed to be accomplished. It was part one of my two part plan. First change the world, then make it a safe place for my children. I've known since I was eleven years old, and found out the true fate of my parents, that any world with Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters in it would never truly be safe to raise a family in.

Family, god how I want to be with my family. The thought of being away from them is torturous. I'm reminded of New Years Eve when I proposed to Ginny. During my travels to acquire the necessary materials for our enchanted equipment I was also working on clearing my name. True I made it seem like clearing my name was the foremost important thing in the world to me but that was simply to keep the Ministry guessing on what I was up to. December 31st, 2009 was the day I had decided that I could no longer be without Ginny. We had planned to rendezvous for a romantic liaison and I decided that now was the time to bind our love and commit ourselves to each other, once and for all. I needn't have worried about Ginny rejecting my proposal, she always had that look on her face as if she was awaiting me to ask her (I later found out she was in fact hoping every time we were together that I would ask).

I had made arrangements with friends and a minister to have everything ready for Ginny. One of my female associates volunteered to pick a dress that would compliment Ginny's appearance and when I finally saw her in it I couldn't agree more. Ginny was equally surprised at how much she loved the witch's taste in dresses. We had a small private ceremony and afterwards we returned to my apartment (we were in America so I use their terms). When we arrived I once again managed to completely surprise the woman I loved. The room was filled with candles and flowers and it set the mood just right (although I'm sure the fact that we were married would have been more than enough). As I look back it's no wonder Ginny became pregnant that night, we made love into the early morning hours, and after we rested we continued when we awoke. I was so happy when Ginny sent word that she was going to have a baby. I managed to set up a method of communications with my wife during our separation that was ministry proof. She need only go to London to an associate of mine that was stationed there in case of emergencies and she would use her telephone. It was so simple and the Ministry never even considered it. I laugh at that still.

~~**~~ ~~**~~ ~~**~~

That brings me to the infiltration of Hogwarts when I sought out Peter Pettigrew. For two weeks straight I looked for him among various groups of Death Eaters and found nothing. While interrogating Rita Skeeter I managed to rattle her enough to give me information I needed to find Peter. With the promise of an exclusive interview she told me he was in the possession of the Ministry of Magic at Hogwarts. I was very anxious to confront Peter so I went (my instincts telling me it was a trap) and broke into my former school. It was really quite easy. There are a series of secret passages that lead from Hogsmeade to the castle, a few are blocked off with debris, but I easily rectified that, one of the benefits of being telekinetic. I simply lifted all the debris up, and fused it back into place.

The ministry threw pretty much everything they had at me, as did the Hogwarts staff. The only thing they accomplished was figuring out that my magic dampening crystals had a limit, this mattered not to me because I knew that the body armors negated magic completely. I played the part of the rabbit avoiding capture, dodging obstacles, and just generally testing the metal of the ministries best and brightest. In my humble opinion they were neither good nor very bright. I fled the school, without the necessary information because I had not counted on one thing. I had not allowed myself enough time to physically prepare for such a taxing raid. I had over exerted myself over the two weeks, so when I made my sojourn into Hogwarts I was at about thirty percent of my true power.

I kick myself to this day because by doing so I placed Ginny at risk. When I escaped the castle I ran into Ron. At some point he must have figured out the spot where Ginny and I would meet during school for some alone time. I knew the moment I felt his presence that he wanted a fight. One look at him and you didn't need to be a telepath to know he intended to kill me. Unfortunately for him I was a better fighter. He managed to score a few good hits, mostly due to Gin's unexpected arrival, but in the end I was the victor. That is until the ministry showed up and decided to try and take me. In my physically weakened state I was forced to leave Ginny (only because she insisted). Against my better judgment I left my pregnant wife in the clutches of the Ministry as I flew to my secondary exit point (that was as far as I could physically fly). Once there I used the portkey I had stashed there to transport myself back to the United States. Arriving at the cabin I'd rented I laid down on the couch and passed out for several hours.

During that time I dreamt. I dreamt of my love being interrogated by Percy Weasley and Amos Diggory about my location and my plans. I never for a moment worried about her divulging my secrets. Even if they administered their most powerful truth serum she would never talk. I had placed, with her consent, mental blocks around Ginny's memories pertaining to everything I was planning and the locations of my safe-houses. When I awoke six hours later I ate quickly and transported myself to the ministry using one of the teleporters that the newly established "techno-wizards" and I designed (the crews had just finished getting the bugs out of the system the previous night) to retrieve my wife.

Dispatching more aurors and Ron in my now rested form was a cake walk (as my American friends would say). I also ran into the two guards that roughed me up during my transfer to Azkaban so long ago. I pummeled them, not because of their treatment of me, but because they dared lay their filthy hands on Ginny. Had they harmed my daughter (I knew it was a girl already) I would have made it my purpose in life to hunt them down and visit upon them tortures the likes of which would make a Death Eater squeamish. Normally I wouldn't even think it but this was my wife and unborn child, I dare any parent in my place, with my power to say they wouldn't have done the same, but I digress.

Using my telepathy I made it appear to anyone around us that Ginny and I simply faded from view. In actuality we stood their invisible for a few moments then teleported out. Once we were safe Ginny and I settled in America under the protection of the US Government. She fell in love with the cabin I had rented in Michigan and eventually we made the owner an offer he couldn't refuse (actually the stupefied look on his face when I offered him double what the cabin and the land was worth was priceless. However it was only money and I had a lot of it).

Jasmine Katerina Potter was born to us on the 30th of September and we couldn't have been happier. Ginny had a relatively quick deliver, THANK GOD! I thought she was going to kill me for a while there. The language my love used. I didn't know she had such an extensive vocabulary. Still the moment she held that beautiful little girl in her arms I knew that it was worth every word, every painful hand squeeze. Ginny said the same things (not like she could lie to me, I'm a telepath for crying out loud. There is that American influence again, when did I ever learn all these slang phrases again).

A month after the baby was born, the anniversary of my parent's death, I traveled to meet with the assistant to the British Prime Minister. I presented my offer, the same offer all the other world leaders had been presented, and accepted, and awaited his response. During our verbal exchange I spent quite a bit of time keeping his pet telepath out of my head. The person was in no danger of getting through my mental defenses but I decided that a flying beer mug would be the quickest way of taking care of the telepath before they really started to annoy me. When he was finished with the file the PM's stupid git of an assistant tried to make me conform to his (not the PM's) schedule.

Having come this far I was not about to let this scum ruin my time table. With no recourse left I was forced to blackmail him into submission. Blackmail was something I normally didn't like to do but when push comes to shove I push back harder than most. It's a character flaw I developed after being sentenced to Azkaban Prison. My meeting with the Prime Minister went considerably better than with his lackey. After hashing out a few details he delivered the proposal to parliament and the royals and with that my plan was now in motion.

The tricky thing was how to go about it so everyone had the same opportunity to view the change in policy so that the Ministry of Magic couldn't cry foul. The answer came to me later that day. We posted the information in the newspaper. True, the department heads were informed they should read the paper by the PM but then a resourceful, well informed person, such as the Minister of Magic, should do this (or at least have people in your organization that do it for you). To their credit, if anyone in the wizarding world read about they change in police (I knew Dumbledore read muggle newspapers), they simply thought that they (the wizarding world) were not affected by this change. Ohhhh how wrong they were.

~~**~~ ~~**~~ ~~**~~

"Sir. it's time." A man said as Harry finished his thoughts. Sure there was more to the story, but in reality, the only thing that mattered right now was ensuring that his children grew up in a world that didn't have Tom Riddle, Lucius and Draco Malfoy in it.

"Alright then, have everyone take their positions and stand bye. We go on my signal. Stick to the plan, and leave the primary targets to me. I want this one played out by the numbers as we trained for it." I order.

My lieutenant knows his job and carries out his orders. The word is passed and I activate my teleporter (god I love these things), and take my position on the outskirts of Malfoy Manor.

~*~The End of Chapter 1~*~