Draco Malfoy was having the most wonderful of dreams. He knew for a fact that he was asleep because in his dreams he had never been forced to flee from England and his family's luxurious lifestyle. He had never been forced to live as a muggle slaving away in a mediocre job with low wages. Nor did Harry Potter, the famous boy-who-lived, live past his fifteenth birthday. To this day he wished he'd defied the Dark lord, accepted his wraith, and simply killed Harry instead of leaving him for the authorities to take him away.

If he'd done so the wizarding world would still be a secret, the Malfoys would still be one of the richest and most influential families, and the dark lord would be in power. Torture would have been a very small price to pay for all those things.

Draco unfortunately was not to know true contentment because just as his dream was beginning to get really good he was rudely roused from his sleep. He shot up from the bunk gasping for air only to find himself on doused in very cold ice water. His skin was covered with goose bumps and his clothes were soaked as he watched his breath escape in puffs of white fog.

He looked in front of him to see one of the banes of his existence smiling at him. "Greetings Malfoy."

Draco took in the figure before him. He was very tall, standing just over six feet, did not appear to be to skinny (so no chance of bowling past him and escaping), and the light allowed him to make out the figure's red hair.

"Weasel. What are you doing here?" Draco inquired trying to act superior.

"Harry gave me the honor of waking you up. Sort of a payback for all those comments you made about my family and I." Ron Weasley informed his old schoolmate. "Given the stench about I thought you'd appreciate a bath.

"Where am I? Where is my family?" Draco demanded to know as he looked upon his surroundings for the first time. Apparently Potter had knocked him out and taken him into custody.

"They're at Malfoy Manor. Your mother brought Pansy and your son arrived via portkey shortly after Harry deposited you here. For some reason you mother and wife were under the impression Harry might just kill you and be done with it." Ron gloated.

"As for where you are... You're in a prison located in London awaiting trial."

"So I'm to be tried am I? What's the worst they can do to me? I've lived in hell for thirteen years."

"The irony was not lost on us when Harry told us what he'd done." Another female voice interjected. "Many laughs were had amongst the Weasley family that the smug Draco Malfoy had been reduced to a non magic user were had."

"Well, well... if it isn't the mu... mu..." Draco continued to try and insult Hermione's heritage but found himself unable to say the slanderous insult. Draco ran his hands across his jaw and tried to pry his mouth open but found as he tried to utter the word mudblood his jaw would not respond.

"What's the matter Draco? Cat got your tongue?" Ron asked trying not to laugh hysterically at the irate Slytherin.

"Harry had some kind of chip implanted in your forehead while you were out. Seems you'll be unable to say anything rude while its there. I'm actually sorry he did myself." Ron stated. "I was so looking forward to trouncing you for insulting my wife again."

Giving up trying to insult Hermione, Draco returned to prodding Ron. "No matter what happens to me... my son will carry on my families legacy." Draco informed the two Weasleys. "You'll never be free of us."

"That's where you're wrong Draco." Harry informed the man as he entered the room and the conversation.

Ron and Hermione greeted Harry, took one look at the imprisoned Malfoy and said their goodbyes. They departed knowing that Harry had much to tell the former Death Eater, much of which they were sure he would not like one bit. That fact alone brought a huge grin to Ronald Bilius Weasley's Face.

"This is the second time you've seen fit to tell me how my son will carry out his life. I can assure you that there will not be a third." Draco stated adamantly.

"I can't argue that point with you Draco, but I can tell you why your son will not follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps." Harry calmly informed the (once again) blonde former Slytherin.

"Educate me oh great one." Draco smugly stated. He needed a good laugh and Potter was always good for that when he thought he held all the cards.

"Since he was born, Lucas has been brought up in a rather loving environment. Away from magic, money and his parent's superior attitude he's grown up around normal people. He himself believes he is a normal person. I'm sure he's displayed magical abilities by now... but he didn't have the pleasure of your up bringing nor your Slytherin like demeanor. No, Lucas was a normal child. I know this for a fact because every teacher that your son has had in school up to this point in time has been someone I personally picked to teach your son. I was determined to make sure one Malfoy learned what it meant to be a normal, generous, likeable human being."

Harry noticed that Draco's grin had disappeared from his face.

"I sat in on numerous teacher conferences and listened with a smile on my face as they described the kind of child that would never find himself a member of Slytherin house were he to attend Hogwarts. " Harry informed the seething Slytherin.

"During times when your son's teacher needed a substitute I was the person, using poly juice or a normal disguise, who would fill in. I also did this periodically to see for myself how your boy was doing. I must say I'm rather surprised how well he truly turned out with you being his father and all."

"Were I to have my wand Potter I'd kill you slowly for decades to come." Draco informed the gloating Potter.

"I find that highly unlikely Draco. You see... I survived several encounters with Death Eaters, the ministry of magic, demons, gargoyles, and several other uglies that you've never even contemplated, and survived. You are beneath me. That is why I let you wiggle like a worm on a hook for the past decade. I knew where you were and what you were doing so it behoved me just to let you worry when I was coming for you."

"I'll make you regret doing so." Draco spat at Harry.

"I also find that highly unlikely." Harry stated and headed for the door.

"Never underestimate me Potter."

"Never overestimate your abilities Draco. Your former friends and associates are either dead or incarcerated. Seventy Five percent of your family's fortune was turned over to the surviving families of Death Eater attacks and your family's home is still your own only by my good graces. You're finished Draco. Accept it."

"What happened to my father Potter?" Draco inquired not having the courage earlier to voice his question.

"You'll find out soon enough." Harry stated without looking at the blonde haired man and departed.

Draco watched as the thick wooden door closed behind Harry with a loud thud. He heard the locks click into place and wondered for the first time in ages what did happen that night that he fled England.

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