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It was a new day in the Kimioji residence it was a perfect 78 degrees and it wasn't too humid either. Masaru and Raze were swimming outside in the pond and Mitsuko was inside making lunch for everyone. Jiro was watching from the couch in the family room and he found himself thinking more and more about the strange marriage thing Masaru had been talking to him about earlier. "I wonder..." thought Jiro "If that would make Mitsuko happy? But I still don't know much about this ritual..." Jiro decided to go outside and try to talk to Masaru about this ritual once more, Jiro had a feeling the professor wasn't the right person to ask at this time. As Masaru saw Jiro coming closer he began to wave to him. "Hey Jiro you wanna come swim with us?" "Thanks anyway Masaru but I was wondering if you could help me understand something." Masaru looked at Jiro with concern "Sure Jiro what is it?" "I was just wondering if you could tell me more about the marriage thing we were talking about earlier I still don't understand." Masaru looked surprised at this request but he began to explain it anyway. "Marriage is where two people exchange rings and pledge there love to each other in front of a priest or someone who is allowed to marry people. Then from that moment on they have to live together and love each other forever and never leave each other." This brought back memories of Masaru's mother and how she had shot herself right in front of him and Mitsuko. Although that had happened long ago the memory of it was still fresh in his mind and as he began to cry he hugged Jiro who felt strangely warm to him. Maybe it was the fact Jiro's body, being metal, absorbed heat better or maybe it was Jiro himself but whatever the reason Jiro just hugged him back. "Jiro if you marry my sister please swear never to leave her or me again I don't think we could take it again..."

That night Jiro began to wonder where to get rings and what there purpose was. Masaru explained to him that you take your money to a jewelry store and buy them. Jiro didn't really know what money was but he figured it must be something important. Jiro also began to wonder where the professor had gone. He told Jiro he was going out for a drive but Jiro wondered if that was a good idea in his condition. It was at this time that Mitsuko came into the family room where Jiro was laying on the couch obviously deep in thought. Lying there like that he looks like a perfect human. I wonder what he thinks about. What is it like for him having a human mind in a body of metal? Does he still suffer like he used to? I wish I could help... Jiro had noticed her by now and started to get up. "Oh that's ok Jiro you don't have to get up I was just wondering if you wanted to come outside with me it's so nice out and you should come and see how pretty the pond is." Jiro nodded his head. Walking with Mitsuko might help me to understand these strange feelings I'm having right now. Jiro and Mitsuko sat on the porch together the light breeze playing with Jiro's hair as Mitsuko watched. He has such a sad look in his eyes right now as if someone close to him has just died. She began to wonder what he was thinking about. Is he planning to leave again? Mitsuko threw her arms around Jiro with a force that almost made Jiro fall off the porch. Jiro look at Mitsuko surprised at what she had done and he noticed she had a few tears coming out of her eyes. "Jiro if there's something bothering you right now you can tell me. Inside I know you must be suffering I can see it in your eyes but its not like before because this time you don't have to suffer threw it alone I'm right here ready to listen." Jiro threw his arms around Mitsuko. "I know and I'm sorry for making you worry I promise I'm not going to leave if that's what you were thinking I cant leave you even if I wanted to your to important to me for me to just leave." Mitsuko felt something hit her cheek and when she opened her eyes she say a wondrous sight Jiro was crying. Mitsuko didn't know he could cry but there he was holding her tightly with his eyes closed and tears coming out of them. How is this possible he can cry? Is he could he be human somehow? Mitsuko and Jiro heard a noise behind them and Jiro quickly turned to see the Professor standing behind them. "Jiro come here a minute." Jiro got up and went into the kitchen to see what the professor had called him in for. Another romantic moment spoiled thought Jiro. "Jiro I have something for you." The professor held out his hand and in his palm was a small black box. "What is this?" asked Jiro. "Well open it and find out." Jiro took and opened the box and inside was a beautiful diamond ring it was a gold band with several square shaped diamonds fitted into the band. "Mitsuko loved to look at this ring in the window when we went shopping. This is called an engagement right Jiro I trust by now you know what it's for?" Jiro stopped to think for a minute then he remembered what Masaru had told him a few nights ago. "See Jiro an engagement ring is what the guy gives the girl he wants to marry when he asks her to marry him." Jiro looked at the professor with great surprise "Do you mean to say..." Jiro began but he was interrupted by the professor. "I mean to say that Mitsuko is not a child anymore Jiro she's old enough to make her own decisions and when it comes to you I know she will make the right decisions I have merely provided the means for you to ask the question the answer and the outcome are up to her and you and whatever happens I will not interfere." With this the professor walked off into the family room and turned on the TV to watch the news. Jiro walked out onto the porch and sat down next to Mitsuko the black box in his hand "Mitsuko there's something I need to ask you..."

"Tweet Tweet Tweet" Mitsuko awoke to the chirping of birds outside her window. As she opened her eyes she saw laying next to her Jiro her new husband. It had been a month since the wedding but she still had dreams about all the events surrounding it. Jiro was still sleeping in a silky blue pair of pajamas given as a gift to him by her father. They suit him quite nicely she thought. Mitsuko reached out and played with Jiro's creamy dark brown hair. He's so handsome when he sleeps she thought I wonder what he dreams about. Mitsuko began to remember how surprised she was when Jiro purposed to her. "Mitsuko we have been threw so much together and we still have so much to go threw together and I don't want to miss a second of it wont you please stay by me forever and be my wife?" Much had changed since then her father had even come up with a new program that made organs just like a normal persons so now Jiro could eat, sleep and get tired just like a normal person. I wonder if he can die now. Whether he can or not even if I have to wait thousands of years I will it will be worth the wait for us to be together and anyway that's not for a long long time I hope. Suddenly Jiro began to stir and open his eyes. "Good morning my love what should we do together today?"

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