Title: Who Are You To Me?

Author: Angel Of Darkness 4585

Rating: PG

Summary: Harry discovers something shocking about his family through reading his mother's diaries. Set in 6th year. Slight OoTP spoilers.

Author's notes: This story is not slash. It will focus on the relationship between two males later on, but it is not slash. I welcome complimentary reviews, and constructive criticism, but please don't even bother to flame me, I have no time for flamers.

Disclaimer: I don't think I need to bother with this, everyone knows, but just in case- I don't own any characters that you recognise. I'm just borrowing them for my own stories. If you don't recognise a character from HP, it might just belong to me.

Who Are You To Me?

Chapter One

Harry Potter hated the world. That had been his attitude ever since his last encounter with Voldemort, when Sirius had........he couldn't even bring himself to think it, let alone say it. How could the world have taken his precious godfather away? Harry had cried many a tear over the events, tears for his godfather, tears for his friends, for getting them involved, and tears for himself. But he cried silently, never making a sound. He didn't want to anger the only family he had left.

When he had got into the Dursley's car at the beginning of the summer, they had quizzed him, asking him about those 'weird people' they'd had to be seen with. It was strange, they'd left him alone pretty much all summer, hadn't given him so many chores to do, and his aunt, especially, was actually being nice. Harry was a bit apprehensive because of this, were they just doing it to avoid the wrath of the Order, or did they actually mean it?

Right now, Harry was lying on his bed, doing nothing. It was his birthday in 3 hours, and he'd decided to go to bed early, and write some letters. He meant to write to Remus, and he'd had the intention of writing to Professor Snape, to apologise for what he had done. He sighed, and decided to write to Snape first.

July 30th

To Professor Snape.

I know you're probably wondering why I am writing to you, I'm kind of wondering myself. Well, the main reason I have for writing is to apologise for interfering in your private memories. What I did was uncalled for, and I can understand why you were angry with me. I guess I just have a habit of putting my nose into other people's business, but I know this does not excuse what I did. I hope you can forgive me.

I would also like you to know I have been practising my Occulumency, I still don't quite have it right, but I am getting better.

I hope you are having a good summer.

Yours truly,

Harry Potter

Harry gave the letter to Hedwig, and spoke gently to her. "I want you to take this to professor Snape, okay?" Hedwig looked at him as if to say 'Professor Snape? Are you kidding?' But she flew out of the window anyway.

Harry then sat down to write to Remus, he knew this would be a hard letter to write. Both seemed loath to write anything that may upset the other, so their letters had been rather wooden. Harry wanted to ask questions, rather than skirting around the issue. He decided that it was time to ask questions.

July 30th

Dear Remus

Hi! Hope you are well, I'm so bored here! No-one is giving me a hard time, which is great, but to be honest, sometimes when I was being argued with, it was a little more exciting. I didn't expect them to change overnight, but it seems that has happened. Maybe it was Moody's threats that did it!

Anyway, how are you? I mean really? I know I've asked about your health, but I mean about.....what happened. I'm tired of not mentioning it, I need to talk about it or I might go mad.

It still hurts so much, Remus. I loved him like a father, brother, godfather and friend all rolled into one, and now that's gone. It was taken away from me. I know how you must be feeling without even asking, he was one of your best friends.

I still don't know how to describe how I feel. All I know is that it's raw pain. I keep crying, a trait that annoyed me about someone I liked at school. It seems hypocritical. I ended up not liking her because she kept crying (she lost a loved one at the end of fourth year) and here I am doing the same thing. Is that wrong?

I hope you don't mind me asking you lots of questions, I feel you are now the only person I care about enough to ask things to. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I hope you write back before long, and maybe we will see each other soon.


Harry wasn't able to send that letter yet, obviously Hedwig had to deliver the letter to Snape and get back. He looked at the clock. 9:45. Harry decided to go to sleep, leaving his window open so that Hedwig could get in.