Earth orbit, 2002

Harper looked down at the body before him, "Whoa! What did you use?"

O'Neill winced, "Automatic-shotgun, close range. I didn't want to, but I thought she was going for Daniel…"

Harper shrugged, "Well, as far as I can tell, this should be straight forward to fix. Rommie, can you pass me my nano-welder."

Rommie lifted the requested tool from a nearby table and handed it over, "This is exciting. Just think: we may be dealing with the first ever sentient-AI known to exist!"

O'Neill shrugged, "It's just a machine…" Too late he realised what he had said, and saw the look in Rommie's eye, "I don't mean it like that: I mean, you're a WarShip and all. Reese is just, well, Reese."

Rommie's eyes narrowed, "Colonel O'Neill, are you say that you treat me as an individual person simply because I am this ship's Avatar? I assure you, individual androids were sentient long before Starship AI's."

O'Neill nodded, "I'll go wait in the corridor shall I? Just be careful: she can be dangerous if she feels threatened."

Harper watched him go, "Bit hard on him weren't you? He's not used to being around AI's like the rest of us are. You have to remember, it's only in the last 3,000-years or so that AI's have been afforded full rights and citizenship."

Rommie glared at her engineer, "That's don't mean I have to like him."

Dylan looked at the flexi he held in his hand, "Ok, doesn't look like the slip-route to this P4X-639 is that well travelled, which means it'll be a bumpy ride. Beka you better run a diagnostic on the controls: I don't want to exit slipstream and find ourselves in the middle of a planet."

Beka nodded, "Ok, I'll get right on…"

Her words where cut of when a very confused looking Colonel O'Neill, "This isn't my quarter. Rommie gave me wrong directions. I think I've upset her. That's a bad thing, right?"

Dylan raised an eyebrow, "Andromeda, care to explain?"

The main AI looked down from the central view screen, "I gave Colonel O'Neill the correct directions, and he simply didn't follow them correctly. I said: Left, left, second right, right, down two decks, left, left, right and to the end of the corridor. He went Left, left, first right, right, down two decks, left, left, right and to the end of the corridor. I could furnish him with a map if he wishes: I know how easily you organics get lost. Hold."

She seemed distant for a moment, "The SGC reports that the last batch of equipment and personal are ready for transport from the surface. General Carter has returned, along with a second Tok'ra named Freya and a Dr. McKay. I'll have one of the Maria's escort them here."

"Dad!" Carter called after her farther as she saw him walking along the corridor, "I'm glad you made it back in time: we're set to leave within the hour."

Jacob smiled, "I wouldn't miss it for the world: the Tok'ra council suggested that I bring Anise with me, as she has been doing some research on the time machine."

"Whoa, look at this!" Dr. McKay was trying to walk backwards so he could get a better look at the utility android that was guiding them, "This is simply amazing! I'd love to have a look at the schematics for the computer core that controls all of this!"

The Maria-bot turned to look at him, "Why thank you Dr. McKay: it's nice to know that someone appreciates me." Andromeda's voice came from the small speaker grill that made up the android's 'mouth'.

Carter pulled him to the side, "You go sightseeing later. Word of advice, and I recommend you take it: No dumb-blond jokes while onboard. Captain Valentine doesn't strike me as the forgiving kind, and she carry's a gun."

"She's alive! ALIVE!" Harper can running out of his machine shop, "Behold: I have brought life to the dead!"

Rommie looked down at Reese, "It's ok, no-one's going to hurt you. What is the last thing you remember?"

Reese looked up, eyes wide with fright, "I was talking to Daniel. He asked me to stop my toys from hearting people. I was going to, but then something happened! Where am I?"

Rommie smiled, "its ok, you're safe. You're on a spaceship called the Andromeda Ascendant. I'm Andromeda, the ship's AI, but you can call me Rommie, everyone else dose. Well, nearly everyone."

Reese sat up, "What happened to me?"

Rommie sat down next to her, "You where badly damaged, beyond your body ability to repair it's self. The SGC asked us to see if we could bring you back on-line."

Reese looked around the room, "Where is Daniel?"

Rommie tentatively put her arm around the other AI's shoulder, "I'm afraid that Dr Jackson was killed not long after you where injured. But don't worry: I'm going to take care of you. No one's going to hurt you."

To Be Continued…