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"Charles! What are you doing here? What do you want?" I asked as I back away.

Charles smiled an evil smile and walked toward me. I kept walking backwards until I felt something behind me. I looked behind me to see Robert. I stopped and looked to my left. There was Antony standing with an evil smile. Robert grabbed my arms and Charles closed the door. Antony walked toward me and when he got to where I was, he put his finger on my cheek.

"Such innocence you have. Just like a child you seem so innocent." He said.

"Let me go." I said and moved away.

Robert's grasp on me tightened and Antony grabbed my face staring into it. He had the smell of alcohol in his breath. I didn't know what he was going to do. I had never known Antony but if he was like Charles then I was in deep trouble. Antony got out a knife and put it to my neck. If there was a way an immortal could die, it's a beheading. A slit of the throat, I wasn't so sure of but I wasn't exactly begging to find out either. He lowered the knife to my chest right where my bias was tied. My eyes widened as I figured out what his plan was. He wanted to ruin me… Since he can't kill me, he'll kill my pride. This I would not allow so I struggled in Robert's grasp. Antony, tired of me struggling, grabbed me by the neck and thrust the knife into my side and ripped open my dress. I screamed in pain as the blood slowly came out over the silver cloth. Just because I was immortal didn't mean being stabbed didn't hurt. I closed my eyes tightly and felt a hand between my breasts. I shot my eyes open and felt different. I felt like a surge was going through my body and I noticed that Antony removed his hand. Robert screamed in pain and fell backwards out of the window. Charles and Antony backed away and I looked at my hands. Something was coming out of them and that wasn't exactly normal… I grinned and looked at the men before me. I clenched my hands into fists and opened them back up. A white like ball was in my hand and it made me smile. I threw it at Charles and saw him burn. The white ball acted as a white flame as it burned his body leaving only a black, rotten looking corpse within seconds. I looked at Antony and threw a ball at him and it missed. I aimed again and threw the ball. This time, the ball hit his head which was very disturbing at how his death was. His head started burning then started rotting. He shrieked so loud that I covered my ears as I watched the horrors that bestowed this…man. I know it's wrong, but inside I was smiling at how he gave me one last look before his eyes were burned and fell from the sockets. After what seemed like an hour, the body was done burning. I looked around to see if I could find anything to cover me. Unfortunately, I found nothing so I tried and did what I could to cover myself up. I walked over the ashes of what once were men and twisted my foot as if I was killing a cockroach. When I felt satisfied with myself, I finally walked out of the building and passed Robert's corpse. I stepped on it and made my way home. As I walked, I looked at my hands. What was that that I did? Never had I done that… Maybe fire-throwing but not that… I stopped in my tracks and put my hand in my pocket. I pulled out the paper and unfolded it. Who was that man and why did he want me to give this to Dorian? I started walking again and let my eyes read over the paper. I stopped in my tracks when I read something the man wrote.

"Have you gotten to her yet? The girl is needed. We must hurry to finish what needs to be done. Come visit me when you are back…"

I folded up the paper again. What the bloody hell was I needed for? The bloody bastard actually gave me the letter too… I put the letter back in my pocket and quickened my pace to the house. Dorian and I were going to have a long talk once he got home…

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