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Things aren't well here at all. Not well at all. The attacker-Bulma Briefs, the daughter of the owner and heir to Capsule Corp, The beautiful girl with a not-so-beautiful temper. The Victim-Yamcha. Bulma's current lay, or boyfriend as some would call him. He's not anything you would call prince charming, but he's not completely unfortunate looking. Sometimes, to make him mad, his friends would call him scarface because of the scars on his face that were disfiguring. And it looked like he would have at least 9 more scars by the time his girlfriend was through with him.
"You b*stard!" Bulma yelled at him. Her looks were being currently ruined by her red, sweaty face and pumping fists. Yamcha was backed against the wall, trembling. "I didn't mean to!" Yamcha said. "He came out of no where!" Bulma applied a thick kick to Yamcha's right shin. "Came out of NOWHERE? NOWHERE? What do you think this is the Twilight Zone? Things don't just appear!" She kicked him again.
In case you haven't figured out the scenario yet, Yamcha had run over a dog earlier in the street. He didn't see Bulma jogging on the side of the street as he did it, and didn't stop. It had been a large Siberian Husky breed. He didn't know why he should stop for a stupid dog-But Bulma did. It was HER dog.
"You're inconsiderate and insensitive! How would you like it if I ran over your stupid parrot?" Yamcha stammered around some more. "You know what? I don't care! You can just sit here against the wall and drown in self pity while I go and sit with my dog at the D*mn vet!" Bulma slapped Yamcha across the face. His head rocked back and bounced against the windowsill, bringing blood. Bulma didn't care, though. She stomped out of Yamcha's very ugly and dirty shack. It was in East District, the slum town for poor people. She lived in Capsule Corp, which was in West City, the rich people's town. She threw her capsule down with a defiant curse, got in the plane that appeared and flew off.

When Bulma got home, she was glad that her mom or dad wasn't out side to bother her. She had been really stressed out lately because they had a new houseguest. His name was Vegeta. (If you're reading this story, you already know Vegeta's history, so I'm not going to dish it out). Bulma didn't like him because he killed people, he was a big eater, and he spent all his time doing push-ups, and talked to her and her parents like trash. It was also a little off-putting that he used to have a tail. Bulma walked into the kitchen, hoping not to meet anyone. Her hopes were shattered.
Vegeta was sitting at the table with his back to her. He was eating chips and staring at the fridge, absorbed in thought about something. Bulma knew what it most likely was-becoming a Super Saiyan. As you all know, they only had 3 years to train before the androids came and Vegeta was trying to become a Super Saiyan.
Bulma hoped to get away before he saw her, but she wasn't so lucky. He turned around. His eyes were red-rimmed and hateful looking. There were chips all in his lap and his mouth was in an ugly scowl. Bulma froze in her spot, hoping not to give Vegeta any reason to talk trash to her. She was lucky, this time. He just stared, chewing like a cow, until she went up the stairs and into her room.

Vegeta finished up the potato chips, wondering deeply about something. *How come all I have to do is stare at that wench and she goes away? * Vegeta thought. *That's Strange. * He didn't even bother to close the Lay's bag back up. He just tossed it in the middle of the table and started up to his room to train. Vegeta was very depressed. He didn't like living at these humans house and having no one to talk to. Nobody here he could talk about his Saiyan customs with, nobody he could train with, and nobody who understood him. And what was worse, he had to do push-ups in his room for his only method of training. "This is hopeless." He said as he started on number one. "I'll never reach Super Saiyan training like this." He let himself flop on the floor.
"I feel so disgusted with myself." Vegeta said. "I might as well just get a razor blade and slit my wrists." A lot of times, this felt like the only answer to Vegeta. "Maybe I'll go and do push-ups outside in the fresh air." He said. He thought that maybe that would make him stop being so depressed about things. But there was one problem-he was afraid of the Wench's dog. He didn't know Bulma's name, or couldn't remember it, for that matter, so he called her wench. And he had never seen a dog before he came to earth. Only wolves, which often tried to attack him when he went outside the castle walls or Freiza's ship. So when he had first seen this huge dog bounding up to him from the wench's lap, he had been so afraid he almost killed it.
The animal hardly ever left Bulma's side. That was another thing that was weird. When the wench had gone out, the dog had been with her. When she came back, it had not. So Vegeta figured that maybe the dog wasn't here, still. So he went out of his room.

When Vegeta padded down the stairs, he tried not to make much noise. If the dog was here, he didn't want it to hear him. Or the wench, who enjoyed bothering Vegeta for the last week he had been staying here. He managed to get down the stairs fairly quiet, but Bulma was in between him and the door. She was sitting in the dining room, with her chin in her hands. Vegeta peeked past the archway.
"The dog, Wench." Vegeta said. Bulma turned around, startled. Vegeta observed the scared look on her face. Vegeta got the impression she was afraid of him. "I said, where is your dog, wench? I don't want to have to kill the animal and get blood on my clothes." Bulma's brow furrowed. "He's not here. He's at the vet because Yamcha ran over him." Vegeta remembered the name Yamcha from a young man who came to the house a lot. Him and Bulma always did a lot of funny things, like touching their lips together. He thought that maybe it had something to do with human courtship things, but he wasn't sure.
"And my name is not, wench! My name is Bulma. And don't you forget it." Vegeta stood there in the doorway. She had just spoken crossly to him! He crossed the room very fast, so that he was only 2 inches away from the wench whose name was Bulma. "Don't ever talk to me like that again, lousy wench!" Vegeta said. "And I'm going outside to train, where I don't have to listen to your whining!" He put his hand on the doorknob.
"I wouldn't go out there." Bulma said quietly. "There's an exterminator out there. I wouldn't want you to get poisoned!" She said, hatefully. Vegeta turned around and let go of the doorknob.
"Maybe, if you would make me a decent place to train, than I would have something to do other than trash-talk you, wench!" Vegeta said. She stared at him, blinking. "What's the matter, wench? Are you going to do it or is your brain as rotten as your face?" Bulma stared at Vegeta some more. "No. I will not do it. You keep insulting me, so I won't. My name is Bulma, not wench." Then she got up and began to run to her room. Vegeta ran after her. "Get over here, wench! I'm not through with you yet!" Bulma got to her room just in time and slammed the door in Vegeta's face. "Go away!" She yelled through the door.
Vegeta drew back an arm to fire a ki blast, but stopped. If he ki blasted to door down, the Wench's quacking tongue would never shut up. And if he killed her, he wouldn't have any place to stay. So he just put his arm back to his side and walked back to his room.

Bulma was walking through the living room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. "D*mn!" She exclaimed. "My stupid mom can't even wash my clothes!" She began digging through the baskets looking for something suitable to wear while she washed some clothes. "Lucky dad's not home." Bulma grumbled. "He hates it when I run around in nothing but a towel all the time." She dug through basket after basket, feeling safe as long as she didn't hear her dad's truck in the driveway. But she had forgotten about the one extra male in the house-Vegeta.
Bulma pulled out an oversized black sweatshirt out of the laundry basket and looked at it. Not normal Bulma attire, but hey, it would do for now. She remembered her dad wasn't home, and she didn't want to go all the way up the stairs just to put on a sweatshirt, so she just decided to do it right in the living room. She gave one more look around, and dropped the towel.

Vegeta was unfortunate enough right now to walk in the living room-on a naked Bulma. "What the?" Vegeta said. At first all he could do was stare. Then he rubbed his eyes, looked away and cussed. "Don't you go around In clothes, woman?" Vegeta roared, turning and running into the kitchen. Bulma was squealing, and she ran and hid behind a curtain. As she pulled on the clothes, she watched for Vegeta to come out of the kitchen.
"Are you dressed, now?" A raspy voice called from the kitchen. "Yes.?" Bulma said, stepping out from behind the curtain. "Good GOD, woman!" Vegeta screamed. "Why the hell did you do that? Were you trying to melt my eyes out with your disgusting features? Why do you go around naked? Even Saiyans don't do that!" Bulma growled. "Why were you roaming around my house? Don't you have any respect for your hostess?" Before she realized that she was doing it, Bulma picked up an umbrella and hurled it across the room at Vegeta. His face distorted into alarm before he ducked, his Saiyan reflexes activated.
"What do you think you're doing?" Vegeta asked coldly, as he raised up. He grabbed the umbrella Bulma had thrown at him, and squeezed it. It cracked in half with a metallic sound. "Who do you think you are?" Vegeta asked. "And who do you think I am?" He threw the two halves behind him. Bulma was scared now. *What did I do that for? * She asked herself. *He's a Saiyan! *She gulped. "Don't hurt me." She squeaked. Half of Vegeta's instinct told him to look around, that her savage dog was coming. But then he remembered that it wasn't here. "Why not?" Vegeta asked. His voice was a lot flatter than usual. "Because I didn't mean to." Bulma said. Vegeta grabbed her wrists and squeezed. It hurt her really bad. "Stop it!" Bulma hissed, wrenching away from him. "You're hurting me!" Vegeta took one of his hands off the left one of Bulma's wrist and lit up a ki blast. "I'll do more than hurt you, wench!" He spat. Bulma shielded her face with her free wrist. "If you stop it, then I'll build you somewhere to train!" She yelled, without even realizing she was doing it.
Vegeta's ki blast dissipated, and his grip on her wrist loosened. "What?" He asked, in almost a whisper." Bulma spun out of his grip, panting. "I said I'll build you somewhere to train. My dad has blueprints for a GR." Vegeta cocked his head kind of, and raised an eyebrow. It was a rather cute gesture, Bulma thought. "What is a GR?" He asked, pronouncing the words carefully.
"It's a room where you can adjust the gravity. Doing push-ups in there would be more effective, I'll tell you that." When Bulma talked to Vegeta, she stood at least 3 yards away from him. She didn't want him to grab her again. Her wrists were already swollen and bruising.
Vegeta stood there for a while, and then he said, 'When do you suppose it will be finished?" Bulma thought on her hands. "Um.maybe a month." She said. "Yeah, a month. Maybe more." Vegeta growled. "That is a long time." He said. "What about something that will shoot at me? Make me faster?" Bulma thought. "Yeah, I think I could do something like that. But Vegeta, it would take me longer to make."
"How much longer?"
"About 7 months, maybe." Vegeta growled. "7 months will be a total waste of training time!" Bulma shrugged. "Look, Pal! You can either have it in 7 months or not at all!" Vegeta snorted. "Don't call me 'Pal', woman!" Bulma just rolled her eyes. Vegeta wasn't familiar with the gesture, so he didn't know it meant she wasn't listening to him.
Vegeta looked down at Bulma's wrists. Where he had grabbed her was purple, puffy and bruised. He laughed. "Maybe having those bruised wrists will teach you not to throw things at the prince of all Saiyans." Vegeta said. Bulma snorted. "Yeah, and that was jerky what you did!" Vegeta roared and stepped closer. "How about I break them this time?" he asked. . "I don't even know why I'm here." Bulma said. "It's time to go pick my dog up from the vet. I don't even know why I'm talking to you." Vegeta stepped closer again. "Because you will start building on this.GR tomorrow. You will work until sundown, understood?" Bulma shook her head and scoffed. "I'm not going to listen to you, Vegeta! I'll work on it when I feel like it! And the only reason I'm doing it is so that you will have something to do other than bother me!"
Vegeta smirked at her. It was familiar to Bulma, and the face made her so frustrated she wanted to rip her hair out. "You." He started, but then he stopped. "Go ahead and pick up your animal. But if he comes near me, I'll kill him! Understood?" Bulma narrowed her eyes. "You're a jack*ss, Vegeta." Bulma said. "I don't know how you live with yourself." She spun around on her heels and went to the door, not believing that he had seen her naked.

Bulma got home later, with her large dog walking at her side. He had been in the pet hospital for 2 weeks. 2 lonely weeks in which she hadn't talked to Yamcha. Was him hitting her dog enough for them to break it off? Yes, she loved her beloved dog. But also yes, she loved Yamcha. "I wonder where mom and dad are?" She asked her limping dog. But he didn't listen. He just limped into the living room and lay down.
Bulma snickered. Vegeta bothered her a lot less with her dog around. He was afraid of it, although he would never admit it. She didn't blame him, though, because Rover was a big old doggy. "I guess I'd better go take a look at the GR blueprints." She said. "It's been a long time since I've looked at them, and the faster I start the GR, the faster I can get Vegeta out of my hair." She began to walk towards her lab, but the phone caught her eye. Should she call Yamcha or not?
"I guess I should." Bulma said. "He didn't see Rover when he ran over him. But then again, he could have stopped to help Rover." She growled and turned away from the phone. "Maybe whenever I get a chance to blow off some steam." She said. "Come on, Rover!" She called. "I'm going to the lab!" Rover looked at her lazily then closed his blue eye. "Fine, Fine. I'll go by myself." That's when she realized how lonely she was. She thought, picked up the phone, and took it out to the lab with her.

Bulma shuffled through all the blueprints. There were hundreds of them, maybe thousands of them, but she still managed to find the one she needed. It was nestled about halfway between the pile. "Here we are." She said. Then she decided to start gathering the parts she would need. "But then there's the matter of where to build it." Bulma said. She thought and thought. "That big empty spot in the courtyard would be good." She began gathering many of the thousand parts she would need to make it.
Bulma was absorbed in getting all the parts, and she didn't hear the door creak. Vegeta walked so silently across the lab floor that she didn't hear him. She was humming the tune 'Yankee Doodle' and not paying attention.
Vegeta lashed out and grabbed her shoulder.
"What are you doing, woman?" He asked her. She furrowed her brow. "Don't scare me like that! And I was starting on your stupid gravity machine!" She poked him in the chest as she said it. Vegeta roared and grabbed her finger. "I'm going to crush your finger, wench!" he said. He began to wrench her finger painfully to the side.
"Hiya!" Bulma said, and she kicked him in the balls. She could tell he had something BIG down there from the feel of it against her foot. It made her giggle. "It's not funny, Wench!" Vegeta said in a whisper. He was on his knees. "I'm going to kill you for that, woman!" Vegeta grabbed the edge of the table and used it to help him get to his feet. "I mean it!" He said. "You will pay!" He grabbed her by the back of the shirt and lit up a ki blast. Bulma didn't know what to do. . She sucked in a breath of air, hoping this would work. "ROVER!" She wailed.

Vegeta stopped. The woman had just yelled 'ROVER'. *OH NO* Vegeta thought. "Rover is the dog!" He said out loud. "D*mn right it is!" Bulma said. Tears were running down her face, most likely by fear. Vegeta's ki blast grew bigger, because for some reason her tears made him angry.
"ROVER ROVER ROVER ROVER!" Bulma yelled again. It wasn't long before they heard claws click on the floor and all the sudden, the huge dog was in the lab. It was growling at Vegeta with its teeth bared. "Let me go!" Bulma said, wiggling and crying. Vegeta didn't until the dog Leaped off the ground. It was fast and quick. Vegeta's Saiyan reflexes got the better of him, and in a flash of quick light-Rover was dead.

"Rover!" Bulma sobbed into her dog's soft fur. "Rover.." She hiccuped and rubbed her face on Rover, who she'd had since she was little. She looked up from Rover's corpse to Vegeta. "Vegeta, you B*stard." She said. "You dirty b*stard." There were tears streaming down her face. Vegeta made no moves to hit or hurt her after those words. Very strange things were running through his mind. Part of him felt that it was wrong that she should call him that, and part of him thought he deserved it. But those feelings passed fast.
"I told you to restrain your animal." Vegeta said in a calm voice. "You chose to sic it on me instead. Your lucky that your not dead, woman." Said Vegeta. Bulma looked up at him with hatred again. "Go away." She said. "Go away or I'll kill you!" Vegeta laughed. It was a terrible sound. "I'd like to see you try." He said. "Now get to work on my GR." Then he walked out of the lab without a sideward glance. Bulma thought about Vegeta's words. "'Your lucky you're not dead?'" Bulma asked herself. "Was he trying to comfort me?" She looked at her dog and shook her head. "No." She said. "Not Vegeta." Then she got up to call Yamcha about Rover. Him running Rover over was the least of her worries.

Vegeta reached his room and began to do push-ups. He thought about the dog leaping up at him, and how now the savage creature wasn't around to scare him anymore. He was very happy about that. Then he thought about Bulma's reaction to her dog dying. She was fun to pick on, even if sometimes she kicked Vegeta in the balls painfully. "Why would someone be sad over someone else dying?" Vegeta wondered. "Especially a dog? On planet Vegeta they thought it was happy when people died." He just thought this whole world was upside down and topsy-turvy. He wondered how the earthlings could be happy on this small, pitiful planet. They had to resort to bombs to be safe. How strange.
"They don't even have a king over the whole world." He said. "Only one country has a king." Vegeta had learned some things about the human world by watching the TV. He loved the device, because it brought great entertainment. The only channel he didn't understand was the playboy channel. Why would people want to watch naked people? It was a total mystery to him.

Bulma walked past Vegeta's room. She pretended to be wailing to Yamcha on the phone, even though she wasn't. Because Vegeta killed Rover, she was going to not give him a second of peace. "BRRAAHHHHHHHHH!" She brayed. It was an earsplitting sound to Vegeta. "What the hell?" He asked. He didn't think it was Bulma at first. He thought it was one of the cats. But then he heard,'YOU KILLLLLLEED MY DOOOOGGY! BRRWWAAAHHHHH!" Vegeta growled. "Oh suck it up, wench!" He said. "Before I go out there and put a ki blast in your mouth!" Bulma didn't even make a pause. "Vegeta's an awful man and I hate him! He killed my doggy!" She brayed some more. "Oh god." Vegeta said. "Will you go and work on the GR to take your mind off Rova or Rovie or whatever that mutt's name was?" Bulma sobbed loudly. "It's Rover! And I can't go out there because his body is still there!"
Vegeta rolled his eyes and sighed. "Very well, woman. I'll remove the corpse for you so you can GET TO WORK on my training machine." He threw open his door and began walking down the hall without a word.
"I may work on your GR, Vegeta," Bulma said, "But I won't give you one wink of sleep at night until I get revenge for what you've done!" She stomped down the hall after Vegeta. "If you didn't cook my food and provide me shelter and weren't building me a GR, I would have killed you by now." Vegeta said. "Stupid Earth. Making me soft. Back on planet Vegeta I would have blew her away a long time ago, to finally quiet her miserable quacking tongue." He went into the garage to remove the corpse so Bulma could work on his GR.

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