Chapter the tenth

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Vegeta just stared at Bulma with a blank look on his handsome face. He looked literally dumbfounded. *Love . . . In love with ME? * His mind questioned. *ME? An Earth woman is in love with ME? * He was so startled that he couldn't push any sounds out of his throat. *How did this happen? How? I mean, I acted so mean to her to prevent this from happening but I was just too late. * He was finally able to make a few words come out of his throat. "I-I-Why?" He stuttered.

Bulma shrugged. "To tell you the truth, I don't know how my heart could betray me so much as to make me fall in love with someone like you, but, it happened, and I don't think I can make it stop." Bulma said. "I'm crazy about you. You're the only thing I really think about! I actually even drew a picture of us inside a heart!" She giggled a little bit after saying this.

Vegeta's face grew into a scowl. "This is the reason I wanted you to leave me alone. I could sense it coming off of you, that you were attracted to me, and it scared me. It scared me because I don't have the time to screw around with an Earth woman like you. I only have the time to train up for the androids. No time for love."

Bulma leaned in closer to him. "Everybody has time for love." She said.

Vegeta burst into helpless laughter. "Everybody has time for love?! That's the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard!" He roared. "Love is stupid and pointless! Why fall in love when it'll always end badly, or in sadness? Love is for weaklings." He then scoffed and turned over on his side so he wouldn't have to listen to her. He felt Bulma's tiny hand on his shoulder.

"How come you think that way? Someone who thinks that way HAS to be lonely and sad." She explained. "But if you had love, then maybe you wouldn't be so sad all of the time. Maybe you'd actually stop being so miserable. Could you just think about that for a minute? Please?"

Vegeta was silent for a second. He then squirmed away from her hand, sighed, and rolled on his stomach with his head turned the opposite direction from Bulma. "I'm hungry," He stated in a bored voice, trying to get off the subject of love. "So go and get me something to eat. Now."

Bulma sighed and growled to the heavens. "You're such a beeyotch." She mumbled. "Why can't you ever just talk to me about anything but food!? You can't possibly be hungry right now. I just fed you. Now let's talk."

Vegeta growled. "Shut up, woman! I don't want to talk about love! I just want you to get me something to eat!" He rolled over on his back just in case he might have to hit her with a powerball. Bulma stayed in her chair.

"You have a crush on me, don't you?" She asked him.

Vegeta's smirk turned into a frown. "I-NO!" He exclaimed. "No WAY! I don't give a damn about you!" He crossed his arms tightly across his chest. "Now I suggest you get me some food unless you want to have a hole through your chest." He made the small powerball in his hand.

Bulma grabbed his wrist and squeezed it, making him lose control of the powerball. It dissipated.

"Hey!" Vegeta shouted. "What are you doing?"

Bulma kissed his hand, making him wrench his hand away. "You really don't want to shoot me, now do you? Because you KNOW that it would hurt me, and you don't want to hurt me." Bulma saw that stupid look grow across his face again.

"Shut up, woman!" He shouted.

"No!" Bulma said. "I'm not going to get you any food until you admit that you have a crush on me, because I know that you do!" She crossed her arms as she sat in the chair.

Vegeta stared at her. His stomach growled. "I-I-I-" He stuttered. "I-even if I DID have a crush on you, I could not admit it. It'd be against my pride." He turned his head away from her. *How can I ever admit what is true? It'd ruin me! If anyone found out than I'd be up shit creek without a paddle! * He growled. *How I hate life at this moment, how I wish that I wasn't stuck in this bed, how I wish that I-" Just as he was thinking, he felt Bulma grab his hand. His eyes widened. In the heat of the moment, it just spilled out, he didn't mean to say it, he meant to say 'Bulma, let go of me!' but instead, the truth came bursting out. "Bulma, I have a crush on you!"

Bulma froze for a second, then smiled.

"Wait wait wait! I didn't mean to say that, I-" Vegeta started trying to say.

"Oh, yes you did! You wouldn't have said it unless you meant it!" She argued.

"I do NOT have a crush on you! I couldn't! Saiyans can't have crushes on humans." Vegeta explained. He crossed his arms. "At least . . . I don't think that they can . . . I really don't know, though, it's just so hard to remember-"

He felt Bulma's gentle hand under his chin, and turn his head towards her. "It doesn't matter, Vegeta, because if you know that you have a crush on me, than your question is answered." She said softly, before leaning forwards and kissing him with parted lips. (A/N: The lemon will not be here, just to tell you! It'll be later! No lemon here!) Even though it caused him a lot of pain, he still bent forward and kissed her back. It was his body telling him to do so, not himself! He wrapped his injured and sore arms around her tiny body and hugged her up in his arms. When they broke free, Bulma pounced on top of him, causing him to fall back on his bed. "What are you-" He began rudely, but his sentence was interrupted with sheer bliss as she started to nibble on and kiss his neck. *How come I'm letting her do this? * He thought. *I don't want her to do this! I don't like her! I should make her get off of me, right now! * He thought. He was about to push her off when he realized just how much he was really enjoying it. *She's slobbering all over my neck, but it feels so good . . . * He thought. He closed his eyes and groaned.

Bulma noticed at once that Vegeta wasn't making her get off of him. *Why isn't he making me get off of him? * She asked herself. She wrapped her arms around him as she kissed him on the neck and gave him hickeys. She moved her lips down to his chest, where she kissed him just above where the bandages were. She felt Vegeta shiver under her lips. *Of course. He's never felt someone do this to him before. * She thought. He had died a virgin that time at age thirty, so he'd never felt someone kiss him before. It was like he was mute and didn't know what the stuff even WAS. (Sarah loves Clay Aiken!) Vegeta started to try and push her head up.

"Get off of me!" He finally growled, throwing a short temperamental fit in which he thrashed his arms. But she continued to kiss him all over his chest. Vegeta averted his pupils down to her head. "Oh, will you ever get off?" He mumbled. He lightly pushed at her body once more to try and get her off of him. She moved her lips down and started to kiss his torso and stomach. *Right now, I could just fire a ki blast and shoot her brains out. That'd be a good idea. * He thought. He was about to do just this, but he realized that he couldn't. This kissing treatment, or torture, however you wanted to put it, was like heaven to him. He wanted to enjoy it. But his heaven was interrupted when he started to come to his senses. He arched his back. "Get off of me!" He shouted.

Bulma shot her head up. "What?" She asked, before leaning her head back down and giving his abs one sloppy kiss.

Vegeta couldn't help smiling as her tongue darted across his stomach. But he quickly gained control of himself. "I-I said get off of me!" He screamed. "I don't want you to kiss me any more, and I don't know why I'm even letting you kiss all over me!"

Bulma obeyed, but she just laid her head on his stomach and hugged him. "I can still huggle your brains out though, can't I?" She asked, snuggling her head into his stomach. "Oh, I've waited so long to do this to you, so long to just get you down and kiss you, and for you to LIKE it-"

"I don't like it, and I don't want it, and that's why I want YOU to get off of me." Vegeta argued, trying to push her off. But Bulma clung on as tight as she could.

"No!" She protested.

"I could kill you! Do you not realize how easily I could do that?"

"I realize, but you wouldn't kill me, because you care about me."

Vegeta froze in his actions. Yes, he did care about her. Maybe even a lot. He cared about her as much as to never ever kill her, if that even counted. He felt her hand run down his side in one smooth gesture, making his body jerk with longing for this woman. He knew Bulma felt this longing when she continued to kiss him. "I said-GET OFF!" He yelled.

Bulma finally sat up. "Vegeta . . . I understand that you think you can't love anybody, and that you think that what we're doing is wrong, but let me tell you something. If your body is telling you to kiss me, than do it. If you want to screw me, by all means TRY. You should listen to your body's language, Veggie." She purred. (Sarah loves Clay Aiken! Sarah is Bulma noticed a bulge sort of grow in the sheets between Vegeta's legs as she talked to him. Bulma dove on him, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She started to kiss it and slobber all over it. "You've got a boner!" She chanted.

Vegeta felt his face go hot as he blushed. He was quite glad that she was too busy kissing his neck to see how hard he was blushing. "Stop that!" He said, almost to the point of giggling in humor of her.

Bulma nuzzled his neck as she kissed it. "Nope, sweetie." She said. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this to you!"

Vegeta growled. "Get off of me! Don't call me sweetie! Quit necking me!" He protested. He finally got irritated and powered up the powerball. "If you don't get off of me RIGHT NOW . . . Well, then . . . I'll kill you." He growled. "So get off NOW. NOW!"

Bulma didn't believe him.

Vegeta shot the powerball, and it hit her on the shoulder. He heard her shriek. "OUUCH!" He heard, making him have to cover his ears.

"You hit me with a powerball!" She said, as if it were something new. Vegeta smirked.

"Yes." He said. He rolled on his side and faced away from Bulma. "And I'll be glad to hit you again if you don't go out. Now."

Bulma got up off of his bed. "K, fine. But I thought you were changing, and that you LIKED me. I thought you wanted me to do that to you. You're just as fickle as Yamcha was . . ."

For some reason, this comment cut Vegeta deep. He reached his hand up to his neck and started to rub at the hickeys she'd given him. "Uh . . . Get out." He said. When he heard her close the door behind her, he slowly tried to pull himself to his feet. When he was successful, he was JUST well enough to stumble like a rabid animal across the room and into the bathroom, where he leaned against the wall to breathe like it was some big effort. (Sarah loves Clay Aiken!) He then looked in the mirror and saw the distinctive purplish marks on his neck and collarbone. *My God . . . I let her do that to me? * He asked himself. * I let her NECK me. I let her give me hickeys! * He wetted a rag -putting a hand on the wall to support himself-and he wetted the hickeys to make them go away. But they wouldn't. His breathing soon grew labored as he harshly tried to scrub the hickeys from his skin. He ended up on his knees. *Oh no . . . * He thought. He fell on the floor. "MRS. BREIFS! . . ." He flatly yelled. He had distinctly called for Mrs. Breifs so that Bulma wouldn't be up here to bother him.

Soon, Mrs. Breifs had come up to see Vegeta. "Oh, honey, what are you doing on the floor?" She asked, tousling his hair.

Vegeta smacked her hand away. "I'm lying here because I'm stupid and now I can't get up! What's it look like?" He asked.

Mrs. Briefs made a face of pity, then grabbed his arm and helped him up. "You shouldn't get up, darling. Look how hurt it made you!"

It hadn't hurt Vegeta near as bad as standing up had before because he was healing pretty fast, but it still wasn't pleasant. "Great. At this rate I'll have to take therapy after I'm out of this bed." Vegeta mumbled as she helped him lay back down in the bed. "Now, you can exit the way you entered."

Mrs. Breifs was about to leave, but then she saw the hickeys on Vegeta's neck.

"What are you staring at?" He asked.

Mrs. Breifs smiled. "Oh . . . Vegeta, I see you've got a little momento there from my daughter." She said.

Vegeta's face broke into a stupid glare. "What do you mean, by momento?" He asked.

Mrs. Breifs smile broke into a laugh. "On you neck there." She said, pointing to her neck.

Vegeta tried to act stupid, like he didn't know what she was talking about. "I don't know what you're talking about. When I was in the bathroom I didn't see any hickeys on my neck. You must be CRAZY." He leaned back, satisfied with his work.

Mrs. Breifs giggled into her hand. "Are you blind, sugar? See, right there, and right there-" She bent down and tickled his neck with her finger. "And there, and there, and a HUGE one right there-"

Vegeta smiled. "Stop it!" He giggled, clapping a hand on hers and throwing it off.

"You're so CUUTE!" Mrs. Breifs gushed.

Vegeta crossed his arms. "I didn't ask for those . . . hickeys anyway. She sort of gave them to me without me asking her to." He protested.

Mrs. Breifs sat down next to him. "What do you mean?" She asked. "She just . . . JUMPED on top of you and started to Mack you? That's just not right. Maybe I should talk to her about that, you think?"

Vegeta nodded. "Yes, I think SO. And I also think maybe that YOU should get out of here. You have no use being in here anymore." He turned his head away from her. "Now, leave me. But not without bringing me something to eat."

This gave Mrs. Breifs an idea for her daughter. She knew that Bulma had a crush on Vegeta, and that she had fallen in love with him. And, the way to a Saiyan's heart was through his stomach, so, maybe, she could ask BULMA to cook Vegeta's food and bring it up to him. Then Vegeta would be so impressed with Bulma's cooking that he'd ask her to cook for him every day, and he'd eventually grow affection for her! She smirked. "Okay, sweetheart. I'll have Bulma bring in something for you to eat."

She saw Vegeta's eyes considerably widen. "Buh-hulma?"

"Yes. Is there a problem hon?"

"Uh . . . No. There's no problem. Just be sure that she um . . . has it up in fifteen minutes at the least. I'm very hungry, you know. I think I just might puke." Of course, he wasn't really hungry, but he just wanted her to leave, and why expand on the lie anymore? And what problem was there with BULMA bringing his food to him? She was just a woman!

Mrs. Breifs sighed. "Okay, hon. I'll have it up here in a minute. Anything else that you need?" She asked, rubbing Vegeta's stomach.

Vegeta growled and slapped her hand off. "No, Nothing else. Now GET OUT!" He then kicked at her. "Now GO!"

Mrs. Breifs obediently ran out the door.

"Finally." Vegeta said, rubbing at the hickeys on his neck one more time. He had known was Mrs. Breifs was talking about but just didn't want to admit it. *I don't have to worry about anything. Bulma will be just as shy of seeing me, too. * He thought. But he was WAAY wrong.

Vegeta was just on the brink of sleep when an EXCELLENT smell hit his nose. It was a heavenly smell, and to his sensitive saiyan nose it was even better! He sat up in his bed. The smell was getting closer and closer to his room. It was making his mouth water so much that drool was running down and dripping off of his chin. He eagerly looked at the door. *I wonder what smells that good . . . * He thought. * Whatever it is, it smells ethereal! *

He knew what it was when Bulma came in with a tray of food. "Hi, there! I brought you some turkey, some mashed potatoes, some okra, some Jell-O and a coke! I made the food all by myself!" Bulma exclaimed with delight. She smirked at the look on his face.

Vegeta outstretched both his arms towards the tray like he wanted Bulma to pick him up or something. "Give it to me! Now!" He ordered Bulma. He made an extremely unattractive frown at the look Bulma gave him. "What?" He asked. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Bulma walked over to him, setting the tray on a dresser just out of his reach. She saw Vegeta take a whiff of the food and then go crazy. Bulma giggled, and crawled in his lap. She slipped her hands under his outstretched arms.

Vegeta averted his pupils down at Bulma. "Get off of me! I want my food!" He shouted, reaching towards it. He strained, making the cords on his neck stand out. He eventually gave up, collapsing his arms at his sides on top of Bulma's hands. Vegeta lit up a powerball. "Get off of me! You already sucked on me, and your mom saw it!"

Bulma's face broke into a pretty smile. "She did? What did she say about them?" She asked.

"She laughed at me, not that I care. But what I do care about is that she now thinks that we're in a love affair or something when we're not! So from now on, there's no touching me." He groaned when she cuddled her head into his chest. "At all." He then pushed her off and onto the bed.

Bulma was NOT happy. "You're such a jerk! Why can't you just respect me?"

"Because there's no respect involved with annoying, weak and bitchy little women who like to suck on me. I'll NEVER respect you. EVER. And once I'm out of this bed, I owe you a punch in the face and a powerball in the stomach, and I just might add a couple of ripped out wads of hair along with that. I just might even kill you. I told you not to think you could get away with kissing all over me and stuff, but, well. . . You didn't listen." Vegeta lectured. He made himself quite comfortable by lying back down. "Now, you can just set my tray on my stomach so I can eat."

Bulma smiled at him. "Uh . . . no. Not until you tell me these exact words, 'Bulma, I respect you, and I like it when you touch me. It makes me horny.' Not until you say that."

Vegeta's eyes widened. "I will NOT bend myself to your will as to say those things that aren't true! A saiyan always tries to speak the truth, woman!"

"Please, call me Bulma."

"Never! And for that matter, if you tell me what to do one more time girly, then I'll whack your head off where you stand!" He crossed his arms and turned his head. "Now, my food, please?" He was expecting to feel the heat of the food on his body, but instead he felt Bulma's fingers on his neck. He flinched away. "What are you doing, woman?" He demanded.

"I'm looking at the hickeys I gave you." She said plainly. "Don't get all mad or anything, though . . . I think I might know how to make them go away." She rushed into the attached bathroom to get a rag, where she wetted it with hot water and brought it in. She put it on one of the hickeys. "This won't make it go away . . . but it'll make it fade considerably." She sat on his stomach as she pressed the hot rag on his neck. "Just tell me if my big fat self starts to make you have trouble breathing. I know you're healing but your breathing still seems to be a little bit sluggish." She was surprised when she heard Vegeta say one of the only nice things she'd ever heard him say," You're not fat, woman."

Bulma whipped her head to look at his face. "Are you sick?" She inquired, placing a hand on his head.

"No, I'm not sick, woman! I simply stated facts to you, sheesh! And are you done yet?" He asked impatiently, reaching his hands up and grabbing the rag.

"Stop it, I'm not done yet, and if you want them to fade I suggest you stop. This takes time." She said. *I know it doesn't take this long. I'm just enjoying sitting on top of Vegeta and feeling him breath, and looking at his handsome face . . . * She thought. She almost couldn't control her hand from wondering up and touching his face, in which he'd shaved the stubble off of with a little bit of help from her.

Vegeta grew bored. "Please, just hurry! Wait, I don't care anymore. Get off." He ordered.

Bulma sighed and climbed off of him. "Okay, Vegeta. Are you ready for your food yet?" She asked, not really waiting for any answers before she plopped the wonderful smelling stuff on Vegeta's stomach.

Vegeta propped his head up on the headboard and began to eat. As he ate he noticed that Bulma kept on staring at him. "What are you staring at, woman?" He asked.

Bulma just sighed. "Oh, I'm waiting for you to get done so I can take the tray back." She plainly said. "And watching how cute you are."

Vegeta glared at her once before continuing to eat his food. It tasted so good that he could have cried. "This, woman, is . . . one of the exceptable things you make." He said. When he was done he gave it back to her. "Here. Nice day, goodbye."

Bulma sat on the bed. "But you didn't finish your Jell-O!" She protested. "How can I take this back when you didn't finish your Jell-O, hm?"

"Who CARES if I didn't finish my Jell-O? Just take it back, and get out." Vegeta growled. He was putting up the same familiar argument.

Bulma stroked him at the base of his chin. "Why do you want me to get out? I could . . . feed you the rest." She said, noticing a bulge grow in Vegeta's underwear, and a large one. It was obvious that her touch made him horny.

Vegeta was too wrapped up in the moment to say no. "Uh . . . yes . . ." He breathed, disappointed when she stopped stroking his chin to grab the tray. *I'm actually lucky, because I was about to wet my pants. * He thought. *And maybe more. * He gave an insane giggle at that thought and opened his mouth for the first bite. He found Bulma kind of sexy as she fed him her Jell-O, REALLY sexy. So sexy that it was hard to tame the bulge in his pants.

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