In a world where magick and powers are common occurrences, where life on other planets is indeed, inhabitable, and where the greatest strengths lie within the royal families, strangers meet for the very first time. A grand ball is held for the growing heirs to find a mate, and ties between the kingdoms are enhanced. This is where our journey begins.

Some always said that they could never get used to the fact that they were, indeed, walking on light, preferring sunsets and midnight glows to ethereal strolls. Why only walk upon beauty, where the eyes could not behold it? Why be apart of an awed elegance when one could not revere it in sight?

Well, he didn't believe in these lines of thought. Personally, he loved being a child of the moon, and he enjoyed walking upon its surface everyday of his life. He had the pleasure of walking on moonlight. He had the pleasure of wielding its awesome force. Why watch the sunset when he could watch a solar flare instead?

Yuugi sighed, kicking at the balcony railing. The next few hours he was not looking forward to.

It was a tradition that had been held for the past eight thousand years, and his family had no intention of breaking it. Especially since they were to be the ones to host it this time around. Every twenty years, the Suisho Ball was held at the resident palace of one of the planets in their solar system. Twenty years ago, he had been told, it was held at the palace of Queen Amai and King Ishtar, the planet of Venus. Yuugi's mother recalled it as 'A night of beauty and romance, Venus truly living up to her standards.'

Standards. Feh. He was required as a standard to find a bride for his upcoming rule of the Moon Throne?

At sixteen, this was not on his to-do list.

"Love, brooding upon the fact that the ball is tonight will not help your problems any." The melodic voice of his mother sounded behind him. Yuugi turned his head slightly, gazing upon her graceful form. From all of the visiting royalties he'd ever seen visit his home, he'd always thought his mother was the most gorgeous. As Queen of the moon and the protector of her people, she truly fit the role. Long, fluffy, cloud like hair a soft silvery-white, milky skin and glimmering silver-blue eyes. She always wore her opaque white dress, form fitting and wispy. Though fragile in her appearance, Yuugi knew better. All the powers of the moon and the moonlight radiated through her very blood, the tides bending to her every whim.

He snorted at her sensible logic. She was always right. "Makes me feel better at the moment."

"Cheer up," she said. "I hear two Earthen royalties are showing up tonight."

He turned his violet eyes up to her. "Two? How's that possible?"

Her eyes turned towards the burning sun, turning just a shade darker. "The Sun royalties will be here too."

"Mother," Yuugi pressed.

She was silent for a moment, her steady gaze ahead never wavering. "Do you remember what you were taught? About the Dark Side of the Moon?"

Yuugi nodded. "Of course, the Shadow Royalties."

His mother nodded. "The Earth is very big Yuugi, and very vast. It was difficult for the royal family of Earth to keep all of their people close to them. As you know, the royal family keeps their homes inhabitable for their people. Take the sun for instance."

Yuugi turned this over in his mind. "They have to protect their cities from the blazing inferno. A constant shield around themselves just inside of the sun's surface."

She nodded. "Exactly, just as our family protects from the cold of space and flying debris and keeping the light of the moon ever flowing. It's as much of a necessity as it is a defense mechanism. Earth, however, doesn't need such reinforcement from a family. Simple protection and precautions is all that is needed. A person can live completely alone and be fine there, making it harder to keep peace established. Unlike our moon, however, which is very small. Five thousand years ago, the Shadow Royalties decided to move away from their unlighted existence, making a pact with earth to take residency in one of the most remote locations on the planet, keeping order where the Earthen Royalties, the House of Gaia, could not reach."

Yuugi was silent for a moment, piecing together all that he had been taught in the past to what he had just learned. "Then why don't more of us know about them?"

The queen's eye's darkened even more, now a stormy blue. "Because. They weren't bred to keep order. They are the wielders of Shadows and Chaos. You see, we were their balance. When they moved, they lost us, thus, loosing most of their sanity. Most now try to keep their distance."

A dancing faerie called out in the distance, striding across a silver lake. "How many of them will be here tonight?" Yuugi whispered eagerly.

"No one knows how many there are." She turned and looked at her son. "Come, the ball begins soon, and we must greet our guests." Her eyes had now turned back to their normal silver-blue.

He nodded. "If you insist."

~ * ~

Yuugi stood respectfully off to the side, watching as the guests arrived. He'd forgotten just how many royalties there were.

Lesser nobles were currently striding up the moon palace's crystal steps, wearing their planet's resident colors. Many of them were either in red, blue, gold, or purple.

A trumpet sounded, calling attention for the arrival of royalties. Hmm, it appeared that Neptune had shown up first.

A tall woman with watery blue eyes stood proud, deep navy colored dress long and flowing, sparkles of sliver here and there. Her wavy black hair revealed the true depths of ocean waters. The king, meanwhile, had deep blue hair and wore a complimenting suit, bearing the same color as that of his wife's dress.

"Presenting King Nami, Queen Mizu and their son, Prince Seto," the speaker declared, everyone thus taking a respectful bow.

Yuugi had not seen the prince back there earlier. He was as tall as his parents, steel blue eyes gazing from underneath deep brown hair.

My goodness, he looks chipper. Yuugi mentally smacked himself. He really needed to work on toning down his sarcasm.

The Moon prince did his best to hold back a yawn. Goddess above, was he bored!

"Presenting King Akuma, Queen Kyori and their son, Prince Bakura."

Yuugi looked up to the people dressed in black and dark green. Pluto, keeper of the underworld. Now they were a mysterious family. People usually tried to keep their distance from them. Gods know what kind of curse they might be able to come up with. Hmm. That was odd. Their son had pure white hair, unlike the rest of the family who donned green and black. Albino, perhaps? No, he had icy blue eyes. Seemed the control of ice might have been more fitting for him.

Yuugi fought back a yawn. What was with his parents and all of this formality? People could find their way well enough on their own, couldn't they?

"Presenting King Ishtar, Queen Amai and their daughter, Princess Mai."

Well, on the other hand, they probably couldn't. Yuugi was surprised to hear that Mai had not taken over the throne yet.

Oh, that's right, Mai had insulted Saturn's royal family twenty years ago. He remembered hearing about that. Heh, the queen, who, by lucky chance, just so happens to control time, sent her back in age till she was nearly a newborn again. She was told to relearn her manners.

Poor Venus. They couldn't do a thing about it. Except maybe curse the appearance of the family's next generation. They controlled beauty and grace.

Thank goodness a bitter family rivalry didn't occur because of the whole ordeal.


~ * ~

It was hot. And it was crowded. And it was music that he had heard since he was born.

Yuugi dodged yet another couple dancing as he tried to maneuver to the other end of the hall. So far, everyone had been enthralled with the fact that the moon palace was constructed entirely out of crystal. The walls, the ceilings, the floors, everything, all crystal. Granted, they did have comfortable furnishings inside, but the outside still looked like a towering pillar of light and reflection.

Still, even with its impressive size, it was crowded, and Yuugi desperately wanted to get some air. Of course, being only five-foot one didn't make it any easier for him to move. In fact, he kept getting stepped on. Multiple times.

Growling at the female in front of him who was flipping her golden hair back flirtatiously, fluttering her eyes at the male she was dancing with, Yuugi slipped past them and found himself….

In an empty hallway. He turned around. The dance hall was behind him. Surrounding it, colonnades separated the dark hallways leading to the rest of the palace, no one daring to slip past them.

It was dark immediately on the other side. There were no people. And with a palace this size, they were bound to get lost.

Yuugi could see his mother scolding him afterwards for not finding anyone that held his interest, but he could truly care less at the moment.

The princess of what, Uranus was it? Had asked him to dance. She had short brown hair and crystal blue eyes. The element of air was well befitting to her. But still. Yuugi had not been interested.

Breathing in a deep breath of precious, clean air, Yuugi headed further into the depths of his home.

"I see you prefer darker places."

The young prince froze, rooted as if by a spell to his spot on the floor. The voice he had just heard, it had been so deep. Untamed fires begging to be unleashed, mischief and power and barely contained chaos glowing within the sound.

"Who's there," Yuugi questioned. "Show yourself."

The voice chuckled, rumbling and smooth and tantalizing. "I'm afraid that's quite impossible. For you see, I would need a light to illuminate myself. I have no such force."

Yuugi turned to his left, where he could have sworn the person, it was a person, right? seemed to be standing.

"Then let me help you." Instantly, Yuugi held out his hand and summoned a small glowing ball, levitating the object easily in front of him. Moonlight made such a lovely orb.

There, leaning against a column with their arms lazily held across their chest, a duplicate of the moon prince stood idly by, watching.

This twin was different, though. He had deep dusky skin, gold and bronze and weathered. Hard crimson eyes, glowing and bright and hard shimmered with… with… Yuugi couldn't place it. Lust? Excitement? Untold secrets and sacred darkness?

"Who are you," Yuugi asked.

The figure looked at him, a sly smirk playing at his dark lips. His black leather almost sparkled in the young prince's conjured moonlight. "You don't know?"

Yuugi shivered slightly, but it wasn't from the cold, and it wasn't in fear. "Shadow Royalty."

The person's grin broadened. "Very good, young prince."

Yuugi's expression went from bewilderment and awe to indignation. "I'm not that young. If you're here, I suspect you're about the same age as me."

The figure looked at his nails, contemplating on cleaning them. "Perhaps."

"So what are you doing out here, away from the dancing? Isn't your family pushing you to marry as well?"

The unknown male shrugged. "Not my idea of a good time." He turned a sly look over to Yuugi. "What about you, moon prince? The host family, and not even out there to swoon the hearts of all the lovely young maidens?"

Yuugi snorted quite loudly. "Not my idea of a good time." He looked back to the still-moving crowd. "And besides, I doubt anyone would miss me if I were gone all night."

The Shadow Royalty raised a delicate eyebrow. "You seem so sure." He turned his gaze towards the ornate thrones perched upon higher ground, overlooking the activities. "Take a look."

The prince moved his eyes too, looking to where his parents where proudly sitting. Indeed, a small group of babbling princesses and lower noble females were there, and his parents seemed to be trying their best to answer all of their questions.

"They're asking for you, you realize."

The dark figure's voice cut into his thoughts. Yuugi's heart sunk a little. He didn't like to be rude, but her certainly wasn't going back out there.

"Tell me your name," Yuugi ventured.

"Yami, Darkness, Kekeweh, which do you prefer?"

Yuugi frowned. "That's it, just…darkness?"

The Shadow Royalty looked over at him, frowning as well. "Isn't it enough?"

"Well then, Yami, I am Yuugi, Prince of the Moon, heir to the Luna house. As such, it is my duty as part of the host family for the Suisho Ball to keep all of our guests entertained and make sure they enjoy their stay here at our home." He smiled, extending his free hand. "Come with me, and we'll find something else to do a little more exciting than just attending a crowded dancing hall."

The Shadow Royalty looked at that milky white hand for a moment, contemplating his options. Taking that hand could lead him to more places than he had ever dreamed of that evening, instead of simply going back to his golden home come sunrise.

With a sly smirk, he took the hand in his own and eased closer. "And so, pretty light, what did you have in mind for the long hours ahead?"

~ * ~

One shot. Nya! Nya! I might continue, but who knows? S'all for now. Hope you enjoyed, and there will be another setting for a meeting, probably with more characters involved, in future stories. Ja Ne!