Yuugi collapsed against the pillow gasping for breath, sweat pouring from his brow to the pillow beneath his head. His midnight stranger draped himself across the young man's chest, his pulsing heart beating rapidly against Yuugi's.

Fonce hummed in delight into Yuugi's neck, entrapping the heat they had created between the two.

Yuugi couldn't bring himself to be ashamed of what he had just done. Father Augustus always said that devil-work and witchcraft was fun in the beginning, but god of all gods, did that feel so good. Every touch had him crying for more. Every caress was softer than he could ever have imagined pure silk to feel gliding across his skin. Every kiss contained a fire hotter and brighter than a summer sun.

Every hungry look so dark and captivating, he was falling beyond salvation.

…Salvation of what? The erotic, gorgeous, delicious thing on top of him? Of sweet, honey filled nights of sweat and blood and moans and a pleasure ripping through him so wonderful that he never wanted it to stop?

Was this what wallowing in sin felt like? Was this the heavenly retreat he was searching for?

Fonce's hand was resting peacefully on Yuugi's shoulder, and in idle thoughts the young man clasped it, feeling beneath his fingers warm metal that had been polished smooth. He fiddled with it for the moment, content to allow the hard surface to greet the pads of his finger tips. It was a broad ring from what he could tell, a small design etched onto the surface. Idle thoughts moved into harmless curiosity as Yuugi fully opened his eyes, catching a good glimpse of the object he was fiddling with.

Out of instinct his heart lodged in his throat, his earlier suspicions confirmed. "Witchcraft," he hissed, looking at the pentagram that was clearly depicted on Fonce's ring.

Yami looked up at him sleepily, his swirling ruby eyes half lidded and drowsy….and yet arousing just the same. "Iie," he whispered, giving a firmer squeeze of Yuugi's hand.

He held his left hand up, baring another ring on his middle finger, a gold Star of David visible for him to see.

Yuugi looked on confused. "I…do not understand," he stated helplessly. Fonce was turning into a larger enigma that he originally expected.

Fonce sighed, contemplating his rings. "These symbols had different meanings before King David adopted the six pointed star, and the modern Druids with the pentagram. Ancient meanings. Used by many different races and religions for ages beyond count."

Yuugi looked at him curiously. "What were they," he asked.

Fonce shook his head, reclaiming his earlier position, head lodged into the pillows and Yuugi's silk-soft tresses. "In the morning, allumons. In the morning." Before he could ask further, Fonce sat up again and silenced his next question with one last deep kiss, pushing him down into the feather-stuffed pillows, ready to claim what little sleep the night had left to offer.

~ * ~

Yuugi blinked his eyes opened when rustling noises penetrated his deep sleep. Allowing the haze of slumber to diminish, the form of Fonce moving swiftly about the room greeted him, the foreign man all ready dressed for the day ahead. He was in the middle of buckling his large boots, his cloak draped over the arm of an ornate velvet padded chair.

"Rise and shine, mio petite. It is time to leave." Yuugi sat up in the bed, the actions from the night before sticking mercilessly to his skin. Fonce looked up at his tousled form. "But not until you've had a bath. There is one waiting for you in the adjoining bathroom. I suggest you hurry, amour."

Taking one of the sheets with him, Yuugi hurried into the aforementioned room, scowling at the pink rugs all over the floor. It surely was not one of his favorite colours, but Madame Resell certainly seemed to fancy it.

"Move swiftly, bien-aime," Monsieur Tenebres called from the bedroom. "Muid aux vb cruid mhor ull teachtaireacht go freastal ar."

Yuugi looked up swiftly from the steaming water, unable to recognize the language Fonce used. "Nani," he called in question.

Fonce laughed from the bedroom, but gave no other reply.

Yuugi wrinkled his nose at the scented oils and soaps that littered the area around the claw tub, grabbing the most pleasing smells and washing away the dirt and oil that covered his skin.

His mind was abuzz with all of the questions that lay before him. Where would he go now? What had Fonce decided he should do with him? Yuugi had no money to offer, no inheritance to live off of, no talents for an occupation, and he certainly wasn't going to stay with someone in exchange for sex the rest of his life. He simply refused.

He closed his eyes in a brief remembrance, still feeling the silken electricity of Yami's touch from the night before.

Pleasant steam rose from the bath water, pulling a sleepy haze over his wandering thoughts.

"Are you finished, mon cocotte? Our coach leaves shortly."

Yuugi shivered as the sensual voice teased his ears, and he blinked back his warm haze to look into serious yet soft bright crimson. Fonce was holding up a pure white towel for him to dry with, holding it wide for him to simply step into.

Blushing in his modesty as he rose from the bath and bubbles, Yuugi allowed his midnight stranger to wrap the towel around him with grace and care, feeling lithe hands enfold his shoulders possessively. "Come," Fonce whispered. "You need to dress."

The young teen allowed the hand on his lower back to guide him forward back into the bedroom, suddenly recalling that his garments from the night before had been tossed into the garbage for being too old and too decrepit.

After placing him in front of the bed, Fonce removed his towel and helped Yuugi into a shirt, taking great pleasure in fastening the buttons himself. Yuugi would blush despite himself as every once in a while a knuckle or the pad of a finger would suddenly slide across his chest.

Fonce handed him some breaches, reaching for some stockings as Yuugi pulled the deep brown garment on.

For the most part, he and Yami weren't actually that different in size. Fonce was perhaps a couple of inches taller than he, and certainly donning an impressive amount of muscle, but other than that they were quite similar.

However, that did not make the breaches fit perfectly on him, causing Yuugi to wade in the material rather that fit in it comfortably.

Fonce laughed as he helped Yuugi into the stockings. "We'll have to remedy that, won't we kawaii hito?"

Yuugi raised one delicate eyebrow as he contemplated his newest pet name. Darling?

Fonce swung a warm cloak over his shoulders, once again gently ushering him to the door. "Will we be able to get me out of here," he asked softly.

"Have no fear, mry. I am here, and not even Yahweh could tear you away from me." Fonce stopped and looked at Yuugi pointedly. His voice was so much lower for a moment, and the first taste of fear for any who might cross this man's path lingered on Yuugi's tongue. "Anata ga zoku suru ni wayashi o ni."

You belong to me… Wasn't that a slightly unsettling thought indeed?

…And yet why was a small part of him acting as if it had now only begun to awake, screaming at him to submit to Fonce's every word? His every touch? His every hungry glance cast his way?

Yuugi swallowed hard, but only found himself nodding, hugging himself into Yami's side.

By now, they had reached the bottom of the steps, and were making swift timing to the front door when a shrill screech drifted their way.

"Monsieur," Madame Resell demanded. "Where do you think you are taking him?" Her French accent was becoming particularly harsh with her anger as it rose.

Fonce turned and looked at her harshly, hissing slightly with his reply. "I am taking what belongs to me, Madame. Had you not stolen a glance into my room last night, you would be none the wiser, and would sooner have mio petite gone before the day could even break. I bid you good day." Fonce's pentagram ring glinted in the early morning light, and Madame Resell found herself slowly backing against a wall. "Devil worship," she gasped in fear. "I had a feeling!"

Yami laughed heartily. "Believe whatever you will, Madame. So long as it keeps you out of my hair." She could swear that she saw slightly enlarged canines when he grinned.

"God speed, little one," she whispered, watching with horrified eyes as the small male was whisked up by Fonce and carried out the front door. It was muddy out in the spring time, and she knew that he bore no shoes or boots to wear to protect his feet.

After all, didn't most people take good care of their possessions?

~ * ~

Yuugi watched curiously as Fonce stopped in front of an expensive looking carriage, the coachman getting down from the bench and bowing respectfully, and opening the carriage door. "AntUasal Dorchadas," he greeted.

Yuugi looked up at Fonce curiously, again not understanding the language. "Fuist," Fonce soothed. "It is Gaelic." He looked back up at the coachman. "Imigh to an cead buatais siopamor to feic," he spoke, "Leabhar maith a on," he continued as an after thought.

"Sea a mhaistir!" The man stated promptly.

Fonce stepped up into the carriage, keeping Yuugi on his lap as he seated himself on the leather covered bench inside.

"What did you say," Yuugi asked.

"I told him to go to a boot store, a good one," Yami stated calmly.

"He didn't greet you as Monsieur Kurayami," Yuugi pointed out.

"Iie, he did not."

Yuugi was silent as he thought this over. "What did he call you?"

"My name, of course."

"I thought you said it was Fonce."

"It is."

Yuugi was beginning to get confused. "How, exactly, did he state your name?"

"Just as he should have," Yami stated again.

Yuugi grit his teeth, feeling like he was beating his head against a brick wall. "Which is…"

"AntUasal Dorchadas."

"And what does that mean," Yuugi asked yet again.

"Monsieur Kurayami."

Sir. Mister.

Sir Darkness?


Yuugi thought back to the only other bits of language that his grandfather taught him, the elder man himself being fascinated with Egypt.

"kkwy," Yuugi hazarded.

"Yes," Fonce asked him, thinking nothing of the new title.

"You…translate your name of darkness into other languages, don't you?" Yuugi asked bewildered.

Fonce smiled at him keenly. "It makes transitions in travel so much easier, mio petite. Don't you agree, Game Origin?"

Yuugi's eyes became very wide. Game Origin. Yuugi Motou. The very literal translation of his entire name.

His voice lost power as he contemplated this revelation when suddenly he had to know something. "What is the name of your coachman?"

"Who, Trean? I suppose that a simpler translation for the weak at heart could be Tristan, but I do know that he prefers Trean."

The weak at heart…



The meanings were flying to his head faster than he could control them. His head was spinning. Oh yes, this Darkness was an enigma indeed.

Fonce clutched at Yuugi's chin with his thumb and forefinger, gazing at him intently. A feral grin ghosted across his face, and Yuugi realized what was coming.

Another bruising kiss made it his way, claiming his mouth as the property of another and emitting from him sounds and gasps of pleasure.

The rocking of the horse-drawn carriage ceased as they came to a stop, the wooden sign of an authentic boot store swinging slightly in the cool rainy breeze.

Fonce broke their heated contact. "I think," he started dazedly, "that it is time to find you some appropriate boots and some warm winter cloaks along with good clothes. After a short stop at my villa just outside of town, we will have a long ride ahead of us due north into St. Petersburg, Russia. Afterwards, we will have to make a stop in Prague, Italy for some paintings, and then off to Crete."

Wide eyes looked up at him as he carried the shoeless young man out of the coach and into the boot shop to begin fitting him for some strong leather boots.

So many places they were going. "Why," Yuugi asked curiously.

"Because of my profound love of art," Fonce stated simply, nodding as Trean opened the front door for them without so much as being asked.

~ * ~

Hmm…I'm not sure how much longer this story will be. Most likely only one more chapter. After that, the next story will take place. Get ready…