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Katie was in her dorm room, preparing a bag to go to Marcus' house. Alicia and Angelina walked into the room while she was stuffing her pajamas into the already full bag.

"Where are you going, mate?" Alicia asked, munching on an apple.

"I'm going to stay with my grandparents for the weekend. Study some for the NEWTS, just to get away, ya know?" Katie lied.

Angelina nodded, "Yeah, things might start to get a bit crazy around here. Dumbledore is letting some Aurors come in to interview students. Something serious must have happened to this spy of theirs if Aurors are coming here."

Alicia laughed a little, "Slytherin house must be having conniptions down in those dungeons right about now. I wonder what they'll do to the snake that's been doing this."

Katie had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from coming to Slytherin's aid again. She merely nodded and continued to pack. She looked around the room to make sure she had everything.

"Well, I'll see you guys on Monday. Have a great weekend." She left the room while Alicia and Angelina sat down on their respective beds.

"You know what else I heard?" Angelina said.

"What?" Alicia asked, taking another bite of her apple.

"Apparently, Aurors are going to make raids on houses of known Death Eaters to search for their missing spy. A few people will probably end up in Azkaban."

"It's no less than slime like that deserve," Alicia said.

Katie appeared in the Flint Manor fire grate and was welcomed by a house elf.

"Hello Tinks," Katie said, smiling at the now familiar elf. She handed Tinks her bag, which she took happily.

"Mr. Flint is at a meeting, Ms. Bell. He'll be home tonight," Tinks informed her. Katie was slightly disappointed. She didn't want to have to be in this huge house by herself. She got some of her books out of her bag and went to the drawing room to study till Marcus got home.

She was going over her Transfiguration notes when she started to doze off. She fought to keep her eyes open, but to no avail. The boredom of Transfiguration overtook her and she put her head down on her books and fell asleep.

Katie was awoken by Marcus lifting her up. She moaned sleepily and opened one eye up at him.

"How was your meeting?" She asked conversationally as he carried her up the stairs.

"Oh, same old same old," he said smiling. Tinks ran ahead of him to open the door to the guest room.

Katie looked around the room. "This isn't the same room as I stayed in before," she said. This room had a large canopy bed made of dark wood and was decorated in dark reds and golds.

"No, no it isn't. This room is right next to mine if you need anything," he said, smiling slyly.

"And decorated in Gryffindor colors I see," she said as he placed her down. He scowled slightly.

"An unhappy coincidence, I assure you. I'll have a talk with my decorator tomorrow."

"Well, thank you, Mr. Flint. I think I'll be ok now. So I will see you in the morning," Katie said politely, nudging him out the door.

Marcus was nudged out unwillingly and pouted and his very chaste goodnight peck on the cheek. Katie closed the door, changed into her pajamas, and crawled into the very huge, and very comfortable bed to continue her sleep. Marcus went off to his room, happy that Katie was at least sleeping under his roof.

Katie was awoken again in the middle of the night. This time by a loud noise, and then the sound of a house elf yelling.

"You are not allowed here! You get out! Out!!" The house elf was yelling at some unknown person. Katie sat up in bed and listened closely. She could now hear running footsteps coming up the stairs. She got out of bed and made her way to the door and opened it slightly. House elves were running down the hall. Katie recognized Tinks at once.

"Tinks," she whispered loudly. "What's going on?"

"Bad men in Mr. Flint's house! We must be warning Mr. Flint and making sure he and his secrets are safe," Tinks said, grabbing Katie's hand. Katie followed Tinks into the next room where Marcus was still sleeping. Katie crawled onto the bed and shook Marcus' shoulder.

"Marcus, wake up!" She whispered fiercely. Marcus woke up and smiled slyly, but then saw her look of concern.

"What's wrong, Katie?" He asked, sitting up. Katie saw that all he was wearing was pajama pants, but was too worried about what was happening to be embarrassed.

"There are people in the house, Marcus. The house elves are running all over the place. What do we do, Marcus?" She was on the verge of tears. Marcus got out of bed and held his hand out to her. She took it and let him lead her out of his room. They left through a door that led into another room instead of the hallway.

"Katie, they're Aurors. We were warned about possible raids. They're looking for Snape, but I doubt they'll have any qualms about throwing me into Azkaban." Katie's eyes were wide with fear and she shivered.

"I don't want you to go to Azkaban, Marcus," she said, her voice shaky. Marcus was scurrying around the room, getting papers and handing them to house elves that were waiting to hide things for him. One house elf stood at the door watching for Aurors.

"I think one is coming up the stairs, Mr. Flint," the house elf reported.

"Katie, come here," Marcus ordered. Katie obeyed immediately and hurried to his side.

"Azkaban won't be in my immediate future, Katie," Marcus said smiling. He gave her a quick kiss and grabbed her hand. "Now, I want you to hide under this desk. They don't know that you're here, so they won't think to look for anyone other than me. You'll be fine. I'll come back here for you, all right?"

Katie nodded and started to duck under the desk. Marcus turned to make his way to the door when Katie grabbed his arm. He turned to insist she hide when she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She was crying and kissing him desperately, not wanting to let him go. Ever. Marcus returned the kiss, but had to then push her back gently.

"I love you. Come back safe, please," Katie said, trying not to cry anymore. Marcus smiled confidently.

"Of course I will, Katie. I love you, too," he said, kissing her again before turning towards the door. Katie hid under the desk and waited. Marcus stood ready at the door, with his wand pointed to meet anyone who walked in.

The door opened and a young looking wizard walked in, his wand poised and ready. He was unprepared, however, for Marcus' wand to be staring him in the face.

"Avada Kedavra!" Marcus said, without a trace of guilt. Katie winced as the young faced wizard fell to the ground. She bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out. Marcus, though, only readied his wand for the next Auror. This is what he had been trained for.

A witch hesitantly approached the door, followed by an older looking wizard.

"Avada..." Marcus began. Katie shut her eyes and winced, waiting for the sound of the bodies falling. Only it didn't come.

"Stupefy!" The witch yelled. A red light came from her wand and hit Marcus' chest. Marcus fell to the floor and the Aurors stood over him.

"Mr. Flint, you are under arrest for the use of an Unforgivable Curse, for being in league with The Dark Lord, for conspiracy against the Ministry of Magic..." the wizard said, lifting Marcus into a nearby chair.

"Let's get him to Azkaban, O'Connor," the witch said. "We can finish reading him his rights when he comes to some more. I hope he goes away for a long time. This was only Smith's second raid." She looked sadly at the fallen wizard.

"Well, one out of three down isn't bad," O'Connor said. "It could have been a lot worse."

Katie's breath was short. They were getting ready to take Marcus to Azkaban if she didn't do something quick. She jumped up from under the desk without thinking.

"Stupefy!" She yelled, pointing her wand at the witch first. She slumped over as the spell hit her chest.

"Stupefy!" The wizard fell down next to his partner, caught off guard.

She rushed over to Marcus who was still groggy.

"Marcus, Marcus, come on!" She shook him, probably a little to rough, but that was not her concern at the moment. "Marcus, please!"

Marcus weakly turned his head towards her. "Katie," he said weakly. He hadn't been hit too hard with the spell, so he was coming out of it quickly. He motioned for his wand, which she placed in his hand. She helped him to his feet.

"Katie, do you have it in you to use an Unforgivable Curse?" He asked, leaning on her for support.

Katie shook her head. "I'm sorry Marcus. I can't bring myself to do it." Marcus nodded. He pointed his wand at the witch on the floor, who was starting to come to. Katie buried her head into Marcus' shoulder.

"Avada Kedavra," he said, still leaning on Katie. Then he pointed to the wizard and gave him the same curse. Katie cried as he killed them both in front of her. Marcus rubbed her back in an effort to comfort her. She turned and hugged him, still crying into his chest.

"Katie, it had to be done. I'm sorry you had to see it," he said, soothingly.

"I was so scared, Marcus. I didn't want you to go to Azkaban, but I didn't want to attack them either. It's my fault they're dead, Marcus. But I'd do it again to help you." She continued to cry, plagued with guilt and relief. Marcus only hugged her and kissed the top of her head and let her cry.