Authoress: This is my second pokemon fic, and I hope it turns out to be good! ^_^ First is the prologue, then the story begins. O yea, before I start…

Vaporeon: 5 years old, female

Flareon: 2 years old, female

Espeon: 7 years old, female

Umbreon: 4.5 years old, male

Jolteon: 4 years old, male

Tat: 6 years old, male

Tatta: 6 years old, female

Don't worry, the introduction is short. Hope yall enjoy it, here goes…


It was dark outside, the only thing lighting up the narrow Cyprus streets was the street lights that lined them. People sat inside their houses, cozy and warm, and at first glance you might think this was a pleasant place to live…

But it wasn't. Most residence of Cyprus City hated the very existence of pokemon, the creatures who were loved and cared for by everyone else on Earth except for this one large city. The moon is Cyprus was never its fullest phase nor its thinnest crescent, and few stars twinkled at night in the black sky. Pokemon lived in this awful city only because they had no other place to go, for Cyprus was an island by itself.

They're only source of food was from people's garbage cans, and they're groomers were each other. No one even blinked an eye at their conditions – no one cared. The only time the innocent creatures were paid any attention was when they were being yelled at for stealing some food, or being kicked out of someone's walking path. The pokemon had long given up on the humans, and their soft hearts wouldn't let themselves hurt them. Instead they tore away with tears every time a resident would severely look down on them.

Also hated in Cyprus was a small group of their own, and they called themselves PAP, aka Protection Agency of Pokemon. There were but 10-15 people in this organization – the small band of them were looked down upon as low as the pokemon were.

But, frankly, they didn't give a damn to what every thought. All they cared about was their job helping the pokemon – treating the injured, feeding the hungry, and accompanying the lonely.

This was the life in Cyprus City.


Jennifer Waters was a resident of Cyprus City, and was just like most of them – cold. Her family was rich from her dad's wealthy bars scattered around the place, and she lived with her parents and older sister in an expensive 2-story Dutch Colonial house on a large portion of the limited land available on the island.

However, she was one of the bitchiest, snobbiest 16 year-old girls ever. Nothing was ever good enough for her, she always wanted more. And to add to her already in-need-of-adjustment attitude, she found the very thought of pokemon, well, revolting.

Stephanie was her sister, a complete opposite from Jennifer. She was 18 and still living at home, but only because her job was in Cyprus. Stephanie was one of the few members of the PAP, and worked secretly at night with others so no one was stop them. There was only one other person who knew about Stephanie's whereabouts at night, and it was none other than Jennifer.


*~Stephanie's POV~*

My watch alarm vibrated silently on my wrist, telling me it was time to get up. I slipped some flare jeans and a light blue top on in the darkness of my room, being careful not to make any alarming noises. I made it to the front door without interruption and grabbed my pack full of supplies, then glanced at my watch. 1:15 a.m.

Somebody's got to make the sacrifice, I thought as I reached for the door. I froze when I heard the floor creak behind me.

"Where are you going?" I relaxed when I recognized Jennifer's voice, and she must've noticed. "I'm not going to keep your little secret for much longer, you know."

I turned towards her. "And why not?"

She in turn gave me a disgusted look. "What is it with you and those pokemon out there? They don't mean anything, they just steal and get in our way."

I narrowed my eyes dangerously at her. "Shut up, Jenn."

"Give it up. There's nothing you or any of your group can do. I'm telling mom and dad and the police in a week. I'm giving you seven days cuz you're my sister, but if you choose to still remain with them it's not my fault when you go down." With that Jennifer walked away, noticing the glint of a tear in my eyes but not caring.

"Damn it, Jennifer!" I whispered harshly to myself, and I fought back a couple of tears. I shook my head in disbelief from what had come out of my little sister's mouth, and ran quickly out the door towards PAP secret headquarters.

I reached the Burnt Tower, the nickname for the tall skyscraper that had been burned when a cluster of fire pokemon had had enough torture from the humans around them. Inside was one large maze, and only I and the rest of PAP knew how to get around it.

"You're late," said Bob, founder of the organization and my superior.

"I'm sorry," I apologized. "Jennifer caught me again, but this time it's much worse – she's giving me a week before she tells authorities."

At this Bob stood abruptly up from his old desk. "What!? Stephanie, that's not good, you'll be arrested if word gets out."

"I know."

"She knows about the tower?"

"No sir."

Bob seemed to think things over. "I think the safest place for you to be is hidden here until this passes over. Tomorrow bring everything you need, we can't take any chances." I nodded. "Now go take care of your rounds. I'll take care of everything here." I agreed and left.


*~General POV~*

A small Rattata sat crouched in the crack of a charred wall as he watched Stephanie leave – he had listened to the whole conversation. The others should know about this, he thought, and slipped away unnoticed.

The Rattata ran through the dark streets, being careful not to use sidewalks where people might still be. Down a long alleyway on the more desolate side of town, he stopped when the alley opened up into a slightly larger space where pokemon slept side-by-side.

"Wake up," he voiced calmly, and every pokemon did and ran quietly to circle around him. In the circle was one other Rattata, a Vaporeon, a Jolteon, and Flareon, an Espeon, and finally an Umbreon.

"What's wrong?" squeaked Flareon shakily, the more skittish one of the bunch. She ran up to Vaporeon's legs and snuggled up against them since she was the only one she wouldn't burn.

"It's nothing that can hurt us, Flareon," Tat replied. "But something might happen to one of the PAP. From what I overheard it seems as if Stephanie's little brat of a sister is going to expose her in one week."

This send gasps throughout the circle. "Maybe we should just give up on the humans here," Tatta said sadly. "It's hopeless." A single tear dropped from her eyes, and Tat went over and comforted her.

"No." Espeon stood up. "We can't give up on the humans yet. If we do, this place will become even more desolate for pokemon than it already is."

"She's right," Umbreon stepped in. "We have to continue."

"And how do you suggest we do that?" Jolteon snapped, his temper getting the better of him.

Umbreon glared back. "I don't know!"

"Stop!" Vaporeon shouted, giving pleading eyes to both of them. She hated confrontation. "We shouldn't fight." Both Umbreon and Jolteon agreed and nodded.

"What are we going to then?" Jolteon asked.

"I have an idea." This came from Espeon, and she turned and walked to the far end of the enclosure. Suddenly an eerie purple light surrounded her, and she began chanting a spell.

"What are you doing?" questioned Vaporeon, but Espeon gave no answer.

After a few, Espeon stopping chanting and opened her eyes to look at the rest. The light faded. "I didn't want to do this, but it seems we have no other choice."

Umbreon's eyes widened. "You mean -"

"Yes, the last resort on our list. Let's all hope this knocks some sense into Jennifer's high and mighty head."

"I hope she doesn't get hurt," Jolteon spoke, a softy despite his short temper.


The Next Morning…

*~Jennifer's POV~*

The sun had drifted over my eyes that morning and I woke up feeling refreshed. I had had a disgusting dream last night about some fox-like creature claiming its name to be Espeon, and I wanted to get that out of my mind.

I sat up and looked around my room, but for some reason I felt much smaller than normal. I looked down, and I screamed in horror. In place of my hands were two brown paws, and I realized I had whiskers. I snapped my head behind me to find a light brown, bushy tail with a white tip.

I immediately jumped off my bed. I tried to stand but I found I couldn't, and I staggered my way towards my wall mirror, tripping over my now four legs. I fell twice in my rush before I reached the mirror.

There I stood in complete shock, I couldn't even move let alone scream. I was disgusted at what I saw, seeing I had big, shiny black eyes and large brown ears. I sadly had remembered one thing Steph had told me about her sorry job, one stupid pokemon. And I was staring at the tiny creature she had described to me.

I, Jennifer Waters, richest 16 year-old in Cyprus, was a pokemon.


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