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The chill made Dive-Bomb shiver as the darkness slowly but continually crept in. Soon, the sun had completely disappeared beneath the horizon. The Swellow flew gracefully overhead as Reika ran beneath him. After the Jolteon had let him in on where the human girl was being kept, the two began making their way quickly to the CPA warehouses.

"How guarded is it?" Dive-Bomb had asked before they left.

"It's guarded enough," Reika answered. "And with the Eevee gone, Razor isn't going to be taking any unnecessary chances with the girl. Apparently, he's already paid her a visit."

The Swellow gasped. "He didn't –"

"No." Reika knew what Dive-Bomb meant. "No, not this time. But I'm afraid the next time he visits, she won't be so lucky." The electric type thought for a moment. "Where is the Eevee? You did help her escape, correct?"

"Yes, I did. I made sure of it that she found her friends – an Umbreon and a Vaporeon, but I am positive there are more. They asked me to go with them, they told me they needed my help to find the human the CPA captured…"

Reika was surprised. "They're looking for her, too? For what reason?"

Dive-Bomb paused. "I was confused when they told me…something about the Eevee's sister? Perhaps I heard it all wrong. But I…I told them no. I was a coward, Reika. I would have flown straight back to Razor if Nimbus had not challenged me and you had not shown up." The Swellow hung his head. "I don't deserve this second chance."

The Jolteon understood. "We've both made our share of mistakes, Dive-Bomb. But we're here now and we can do something about it. We need to get going – once we rescue the girl, we'll have to get out of here as soon as possible. The CPA will be right on our tails."

Dive-Bomb nodded. He was ready for anything now, and there was no way he was ever going back to the CPA again. He didn't know why this human girl meant anything to Jennifer, but the fact remained that she did. He was determined to get her out of Razor's claws.

//Espeon, we're on our way.// Umbreon's voice came clearly through the psychic's telepathic connection. //I sent Ereyla off with Flareon, the Rattatas, and Jennifer – the rest are with me.//

/You don't have Jenn with you?/ she sent back, her concern evident.

//Don't worry, she'll be fine. You trust Ereyla, she won't let anything happen to her. They are going to a safe spot until this is all over.//

/If you say so,/ Espeon responded. /How close are you?/

//We're coming around the back – if anyone is back here, hopefully we can take care of it without causing too much of a racket.//

/Alright. I'm at warehouse #8050, get here as quickly as you can./

//Right. Oh, and Espeon? Do me a favor…//


//Promise you'll teleport out of there if things get rough before I can get there? I…well, you know, I…I don't want you getting hurt…or anything.//

Espeon smiled at Umbreon's rare bashfulness. /Of course./ She cut off the connection after that, still silently nestled in her hiding place by the warehouse.

The lavender pokémon glanced up at the window where she was sure Stephanie was being held, wishing she could just barge in and get her out now. Of course, that would virtually be suicide, Espeon thought idly. Stephanie probably wouldn't fare too well, either. Espeon felt increasing remorseful every time Stephanie cried – she had been going on and off ever since she first sent word to Umbreon about her whereabouts. All she could do now was wait. Hopefully, Umbreon wouldn't cause a commotion when he came in.

Thankfully, Umbreon and the rest did not encounter any stray guards on their quest around the backside of the warehouses. The silence was so thick they could hear the gentle lapping of the ocean waves just a few blocks away from where they walked.

"This way, " he whispered to Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Skull. The poor Marowak was glancing around himself nervously, half-expecting some demented CPA member to snatch him out of thin air at any moment.

"Come on, Skull, be a man," Jolteon joked.

Skull gave him the stink eye and stuck his tongue out, showing his maturity. "Easy for you to say, oh-so-experienced battler. I've battled before, but I've always known what to expect."

Vaporeon was nervous as well, staying close to Jolteon and trying not to let her anxiety show through. All had somber looks on their faces.

"We're almost there now," Umbreon announced. He was reading the numbers of the warehouses. 8046, 8047, 8048…not much farther now. All the guards must be inside the building with Stephanie.

A sudden noise to their left made everyone freeze into position; all heart beats raced into overtime. After pausing several minutes, Umbreon gave everyone the signal to move on, and the group continued.

8049, Umbreon thought to himself as they came up on the warehouse. Espeon should be just up here.

Out of nowhere, Jolteon suddenly went into a panic, almost becoming too loud. "Where's Skull!"

Vaporeon and Umbreon whipped around – the Marowak was nowhere to be seen.

Jennifer's POV

Ereyla continued to stay extremely close to me after we left the others, even though we had been walking for some time. I was becoming rather annoyed – with her being that close, it was going to be difficult for me to slip away. I had to think of a distraction. Hmm, I thought. Maybe this could work?

"Umm, can we stop? I have to use the bathroom," I started.

"You have to use the what?" Tat asked, clearly confused.

Oh, right. They're pokémon, they don't use bathrooms. You're retarded, Jennifer.

So, of course, I had to explain. "My bad…a bathroom is what a human uses to…umm…relieve themselves." This is so embarrassing.

All four were still looking at me like I had just grown as extra head. I suddenly wished I hadn't even brought the subject up. Since Tatta was closer, I whispered it in her ear. If I could've blushed, I'd have been four lovely shades of red.

The Rattata giggled, which made my embarrassment all the worse. "Oh honey, that's not a big deal. Just find a bush and do your thing, you don't have to ask."

"Well, could I get some privacy, at least?"

Again, everyone looked at me like I was off my rocker. Apparently, it was completely normal for pokémon to watch other pokémon pee. Fascinating.

"Look, it's just a human thing. In my world, we have separate rooms and toilets and paper and all that grand stuff. So could you all just please go over there? I will not 'do my thing' with you all standing there, it's weird."

The rest looked to Ereyla, who seemed to be studying me. I tried to look as innocent as I could. "Alright, do what you have to do. But no more than two minutes, so be fast about it."

"No problem!" I yelled as they stepped away.

Alright, I thought, satisfied. That was completely humiliating and I'm sure I'll hear about it later, but it was worth it. Hang in there Stephanie – here I come. And with that I shot off like a bat out of hell.

"Skull!" the three Eeveelutions whispered desperately, straining to hear some sort of response. "Skull, where are you?" Nothing. Vaporeon was almost on the verge of tears.

"You two again, eh?" a familiar voice spoke through the shadows. "And there's more of you…how nice." Devos the Absol stepped silently out of the darkness, an all-too-familiar white bone lodged in his mouth. He spat Skull's bone to the ground, making a soft thud as the bone hit the dirt.

A sob escaped Vaporeon's mouth and Jolteon and Umbreon were enraged. "Where is the Marowak, you sick bastard," Jolteon growled, fighting to keep his voice low.

"Like I'd tell you," spat the Absol, obviously not caring to keep his vocals down. "You are all trespassing on our turf. No reason you should be here."

"You don't know the half of it," Umbreon sneered, crouched in an offensive position. "Give the Marowak back, and we promise we won't hurt you…too bad."

"The last pokémon that took one of our own didn't live to see his next morning," Jolteon added.

Vaporeon kept her mouth shut. Why do they have to exaggerate? They're just going to make him mad, he might do something to Skull!

"Oh yea!?" Devos made a terrible noise, somewhere between a bark and a roar, causing all the fur on everyone's backs to bristle. He threw a Shadow Ball in Jolteon's direction, which the electric fox barely dodged.

Oh no he did not, Vaporeon thought, finding some of her courage. She promptly responded with a fierce Water Pulse – so much for coming in quietly.

So much for coming in quietly, Espeon thought, leaving her hiding spot. The roar that rang out from just a warehouse away worried her – whoever it was had probably alerted every CPA member with a mile radius. Fanstastic, she thought sourly. They're going to need help, I can feel it. Hopefully, mine will be enough. Espeon was on the scene in a flash. And of course, as she predicted, other high-level and highly dangerous CPA members came to join the fight. Umbreon shot her an apologetic look, but Espeon wasn't smiled. Umbreon has started a lot of fights in his day, but she knew this was not one of them. "Alright," the psychic spoke loudly. "It's now or never." The rest nodded in agreement. The battle was on.


There were eight enemy pokémon in total: Devos, the Absol, a Gengar, two Murkrows, a Machoke, a Linoone, a Cacturne, and a particular large Ursaring. Umbreon vaguely wondered in the back of his mind where they hid that thing during the day before having to dodge one of the giant bear's massive claws.

The battle was fierce and draining, mentally and physically. The Machoke had been doing a good job at evading Espeon's attacks, but as the battle dragged on his movements became more sluggish. As the muscular pokémon paused to lay a Karate Chop on an already preoccupied Vaporeon, Espeon shot a powerful Psychic attack straight at his chest. The Machoke fell, knocked unconscious before he even hit the ground. "Thanks Espeon!" Vaporeon yelled, extremely grateful.

One down…seven more to go. Espeon sighed. And we're getting tired.

Devos' ferocious roar echoed past the warehouses, reaching the sensitive ears of a certain Jolteon and Swellow. "Devos!" both exclaimed at once, knowing all too well what that sound meant.

"We need to hurry!" Reika urged. "Someone beat us there!"

She didn't have to tell Dive-Bomb twice – both shot off like rockets, making their quick pace even quicker. In the back of Dive-Bomb's mind, all he could think about was Jennifer and her friends. Did they find the place without my help? he wondered vaguely. Then a terrible thought crossed his mind – did he save Jennifer's life, only to have her put in a greater danger?

The four pokémon were dodging attacks left and right, without so much as time to take a breath. A surprise Quick Attack from the Linoone sent Jolteon flying into in the wall of warehouse #8049. Startled more than hurt, Jolteon was quick to get back on his feet and fire several Pin Missles at the the Linoone, piecing the mongoose pokémon in the side as it let out an painful yelp. Umbreon, Vaporeon, and Espeon were taking similar hits, and the offense showed no signs of fatigue. With this many pokémon against them, Umbreon began to wonder if they'd be able to make it after all.

A Faint Attack successfully got Umbreon away from the Ursaring's Rock Smash and directly behind the giant bear, where the dark type mustered all he could to use a destructive Crunch attack on the Ursaring's unprotected back. The massive pokémon roared in pain, swiping a large paw behind him and catching Umbreon right in the face. Umbreon jumped backwards immediately, feeling the warmth of his own blood run down his face. The Ursaring was enraged now, and wanted no one but Umbreon.

Espeon was aware of her friend's situation, and sent the strongest Hypnosis wave she could conjure towards the towering Ursaring. If we can get this one down, we'll have a much better chance, the psychic reasoned, her full attention on protecting Umbreon. Suddenly, a sharp pain ran down the length of Espeon's back, and she cried out in agony. Her Hypnosis attack sailed off into the sky, her accuracy shattered when her attacker got her from behind.

Jolteon found his opportunity to take Devos down, at least for a little while, when delivered Espeon a damaging Bite attack. He shot a Thunder Wave in Devos' direction, hitting the Absol square in the face when he looked up from his attack. The dark pokémon was immobilized on the ground, at least for a few minutes. The Gengar quickly responded with a Psywave, rendering Jolteon momentarily confused as he wandered away from the battle in a daze. Vaporeon shot a cold Water Gun at him, shaking him out of his revere.

Espeon lay down, the venom of the Absol slowly and painfully coursing it's way through her body. /Umbreon…/ she sent out weakly before collapsing from the excruciating pain.

"Espeon!" Umbreon yelled, rushing to the psychic's side in an attempt to protect her from further harm. He rapidly shot Shadow Balls at oncoming attackers, careful to miss Jolteon and Vaporeon. The dark type gave Espeon just enough protection so that she could use Recover – she was back on her feet by Umbreon's side.

"You didn't think I'd go down that easily, did you?" Espeon joked, lightening the mood.

Umbreon smirked. "Of course not." But the joke was over. All four pokémon were becoming tired, their movements more sluggish. Even though Espeon used Recover, she had not gained back her full strength. "We need to end this quickly and we've only taken down two of them," the dark type stated. "I don't know how much longer we can last."

Jennifer's POV

I waited just inside an overturned trashcan until I heard the distinct hoof beats of my overseer running past, desperately trying to find me. I knew I was no match for the fire horse in running, but I thought that maybe I could outsmart her – and I was right. I scampered out of the can as fast as I could when Ereyla was safely passed. It was a good thing I had paid attention to where we were going, or else I wouldn't have been doing any saving that day.

I ran as fast as my short and stubby Eevee legs could carry me – which wasn't all that fast, to be honest. Why couldn't I have gotten turned into a pokémon like Ereyla? Or at least one that could move faster. I need a car… My thoughts wandered randomly as I became more and more nervous for the big sister that I loved.

After I had been running for what felt like hours, I saw the warehouses coming up on the horizon. I scanned my surroundings for Ereyla and the other three, but they were nowhere within eyesight. Whew. I sighed heavily in relief. Ereyla must've backtracked when she didn't find me here, and I decided I'd better move before she came back.

That's when I heard the most terrible snarl I think I'd ever heard in my life, even worse than that God-awful wolf, followed my more loud noises. A battle? I thought, beginning to panic. Vaporeon, Umbreon, and the others are down there…do they need help? I gulped at the thought of what could've made that awful noise, and how many of them there were. I immediately shook off the thought. Those pokémon had become my friends, whether I had wanted them to at first or not. And I was not going to leave them to fend for themselves if there was anything I could do about. I took off into the warehouses, half courageous, half scared out of my freaking mind.

Espeon shot a decent Shadow Ball towards the Gengar, who nearly took Umbreon out with a poorly-aimed Hypnosis attack. The dark pokémon's confidence, which had been sky-high when the battle began, was reaching a new low at that point. What the hell do they feed these pokémon? he thought sourly. Everyone was growing even more tired by the minute – Umbreon had already had to use a Moonlight technique to give Vaporeon some extra strength after she had been blindsided by several Fury Swipes from the Linoone. The Linoone was incredibly quick, and it dodged the Eeveelutions attack with relative ease.

Jolteon was preoccupied with one of the Murkrow, who was shouting various profanities and tiring the poor pokémon out with Gusts and Whirlwinds. The number of loose items strewn around the abandoned warehouses made the Murkrow's attack extremely effective, and every electric attack he shot at the bird was effectively dodged. Suddenly, the Murkrow shot up into the sky – Jolteon soon lost sight of the bird as it continued to rise higher and higher. His attention was taken elsewhere when Murkrow #2 began harassing him. Jolteon began to get angry, which wasn't helping with his accuracy. Try as he might, none of his attacks found his target. Murkrow #2 continued to Taunt him – Jolteon's power was continually falling as he became dizzy from his attempts to bring down the dark bird pokémon.

Unbeknowst to Jolteon, or the others for that matter, Murkrow #1 was coming back down to earth – and incredibly fast. The pokémon was making a path straight for the unsuspecting Jolteon! As he neared the electric fox, the air around him began to glow an eerie orange.

Espeon took in a sharp intake of air. "Jolteon!" she yelled desperately.

Jolteon looked up, but it was far too late. The Murkrow's intense Sky Attack collided with Jolteon – the severe cry of pain that escaped the electric type's mouth made battlers on both sides pause. The other three Eeveelutions' hearts wrenched as they watched their friend fall, knowing there was little that they could do about it.

Jolteon was unable to get up from the ground, gradually succumbing to the excruciating pain. The Murkrow flew up into the air in celebration. But his joy didn't last long at all – out of nowhere, a monstrous Thunder attack pierced the sky and came down directly on the celebrating Murkrow. Umbreon, Espeon, and Vaporeon looked on in pure astonishment; even the CPA battlers paused as the intensity of the attack. Murkrow #1 didn't even see the attack coming. He was fried instantly in the air, and dropped to the earth like a falling rock. Everyone had a feeling that the bird was more than just unconscious, and the remaining CPA members began to show signs of nervousness. Everyone whipped around, looking for the mystery pokémon.

Jolteon glimpsed a familiar pokémon before finally succumbing to the pain. Mom… And then he was unconscious.

Reika and Dive-Bomb immediately jumped into the battle, completely taking the offensive CPA members off-guard. Vaporeon was beside herself with joy. "You came!" she exclaimed, referring to Dive-Bomb. The Swellow gave them all a quick wink before pummeling a shell-shocked Linoone with an Aerial Ace, sending the pokémon flying. Reika dragged Jolteon safety, tucking him in a corner away from further harm.

"You're alright now, sweetie," she cooed, knowing that Jolteon unconscious and couldn't hear her. "This will all be over soon."

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