"Whoever it might be, I'll find him one day." With that, Elizabeth closed her worn out diary and shoved it under her pillow. With a quick flick of her wrist, she snapped off her bedroom light and crawled in between the cool, crisp sheets of her bed.
Elizabeth shut her eyes and tried to prepare herself for a well- rested night. However, she suddenly sat up in her bed and her eyes focused on the empty twin bed next to her own. This was the first night she was sleeping alone in her room. Her sister, Jane, had gone off to college yesterday. Oh, how she missed those long talks both of them had had!
Jane and Elizabeth Bennet Rawlings were two remarkable girls so they were told. Their mother, a great lover of literature had given both her girls Bennet as their middle names, hoping they would, too, turn out to be like the characters, Jane and Elizabeth Bennet in the novel Pride and Prejudice. Bennet.what a silly name! Elizabeth had often scoffed at her mother for believing in such ridiculous superstition. "I would have preferred something nicer, something like Juliette or Margaret. Anything but Bennet!
Anyway, Jane might have lived up to the 'Bennet' expectations. Her mother had called her the 'epitome of perfection' and had badly wanted Elizabeth to turn out the same. Jane was a dreamer, a lover of poetry and in Elizabeth's opinion, a wish-washy sort-of sister with no opinion of her own! Elizabeth, however, was the exact opposite. Despite their differences, both of them always got along together well and were almost inseparable.
Elizabeth sighed and lay back down on her bed. She had never shared this secret with anybody but her diary. Although she was known to be a logical and straight person, she believed in dreams and imaginations. This led her to believe that somewhere out there, a Mr. Darcy was waiting for her. As for Jane, she might have found her Mr.Bingley. Maxwell Small was his name and he suited Jane well. Both of them were hopelessly in love with each other and had spent every waking moment together last week before Jane left for college.
When it came to boys, Elizabeth was very picky. Now at the age of seventeen, she had never had a sweetheart in her whole entire life. Boys in her school had often fell at her feet and tried to woo her with flowers and gifts but that wasn't what she wanted! Half the boys that wooed her had brains as big as a pea while the other half wanted her only for her looks. Elizabeth longed to find a person she can confide in. Someone smart and intellectual and cared deeply about the matters of her heart. She wouldn't mind if he weren't very handsome or rich. Just someone caring enough to be there for her.
Is that too much to ask? She wondered silently as she lay back down on her bed and turned to face the window. Stars were sparkling in the velvety sky. Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, where can you be? She asked the star- sprinkled sky and listen closely for an answer. Silence greeted her. Fine, she though as she yawned. If the skies weren't going to tell her, she will find out sooner or later. After all, she believed in fate despite her straight and logical personality. Soon, she was off to slumber land, leaving the thoughts of her hidden Mr. Darcy behind.