(I don't own Yoshis or Koopas. I did however make up some of my own Yoshi characters ( ex. Yoshida) and Koopa (or Bowser-like) characters (Sir, Erick, and Julian). This is a redone story like my previous story about Yoshida. I changed a lot, but the story is the same almost. If you read the one before, discard what happened there. This is my new story, taking over the other one. Hope you enjoy and please review Thanks!!!^_^)

The sun rose over a village of destruction. Small flames lingered behind on burnt down houses. Trees were knocked down, and clutter was on the paths, the lawns, everywhere. The little village looked a mess.

The villagers were stuck in a cold, damp dungeon in the basement of their arch enemy. Sir finally caught the family whose ancestors tried to kill him a while ago, and he was ready to get rid of them. The Green Yoshi family shivered, not only from the cold, but with fear, for Sir was pacing back and forth in front of the cage door. The newly hatched babies were surprisingly quiet.

Sir eyed a non-hatched egg. The egg was small, and the parents, Suri and Kenji, thought it as a dud, and put it to the side. They were sad it didn't hatch, but happy it wasn't going to face what they would suffer. Sir took the egg in exchange for their freedom, but destroyed the family anyway.

"I granted you freedom; you got freedom, just not the kind you thought you would," Sir said with a chuckle after he killed them all. He looked at his prize. "And here is my trophy of triumph." He took the egg and brought it to a shelf. As he went to put it up there, he felt movement. He stared at it blankly.

"What?! How could this be? It was supposed to be a dud!" Sir said angrily. Then his face brightened. "This may actually be a good thing! I can hatch this Yoshi and it will be devoted to me, do what I say, and help me in my evil plots! What a wonderful trophy of triumph that'll be!" He ran to an incubator and placed the egg inside. He kept a careful eye on it for two days.


Meanwhile, Erick, Sir's youngest, was sitting in the den watching TV with his brother, Julian. Julian was Sir's favorite child since he was almost as evil as himself. Erick, on the other hand, was evil, but was a little kind hearted. Julian always picked on Erick, but things calmed down ever since he left for his own island.

"So, squirt. What is dad doing downstairs so much?" Julian asked, trying to snatch the remote from Erick.

"How should I know? Go downstairs and find out!" Erick said, pushing buttons on the remote as he kept it away from Julian.

"Give me the controller! I bet you I will find something better than this dumb Yoshi junk! Why do they even have Yoshi shows when most Yoshi's don't have a TV!" Julian snorted. He grabbed Erick's arm and tried to steal the remote with his other hand. Erick roared and bit Julian's hand holding his arm. Julian yelled in pain, and before he went to slap Erick, they both froze to the sound of a baby's cry. They both went shuffling down the stairs to know what was going on. Sir stared at them angrily.

"Dad! What is that?" Erick asked.

"If you look hard enough, you would see it's a baby Yoshi, one who was perfectly fine till you clowns started fighting again upstairs!" Sir said sarcastically.

"Oh my gosh dad! Didn't you destroy that family? Please don't tell me you are becoming a softy!" Julian asked in shock to see that his dad left one Yoshi alive.

"Well, it was an egg a few minutes ago. I was going to keep it as a trophy since it wasn't hatching, but turns out the egg was perfectly fine, but needed extra time since it was so little. Now I am going to teach her the way of the Koopa. She will be the meanest Yoshi on Yatisha, and be able to sneak into places unnoticed we can't, and do our dirty work for us. She will be the best trophy I ever had! Just you wait." Sir said excitedly. Julian became just as excited.

"That's wonderful dad! You're a genius!" He said.

"Thanks. Now go upstairs and get some food ready for her! She'll be hungry soon." Sir ordered.

The boys rushed up the stairs, pushing and shoving into the kitchen. Behind them ran the dogs, Shaw and Kitty, hoping to receive food.

Sir shook his head at the boys, then took a long metal pole with a diamond-like shaped symbol on the end, and heated it up.

"This will hurt just a bit, but I have to do it just incase I lose you, you will be returned to me." He said. He took the heated pole and put it on the baby's upper right arm and branded his symbol on her. She screamed. He took it off and placed a cold cloth on the burn and calmed the crying baby down.

"All over. It's ok." He said soothingly. He walked her up the stairs and brought her to the kitchen. She calmed down.

"So what did you name her?" Julian asked with his head in the fridge.

"Yoshida." Sir responded. Julian made a face.

The boys found some food and mashed it up. Sir put Yoshida on his lap, and Julian tried feeding her. He was being too harsh when she wouldn't eat, and Erick took control.

Soon she was fed, and Sir took her up to get a bath. She was still a little slippery from the egg even after Sir wiped her off.

This was a challenge for Sir. Yoshida got into everything! She swung the soap all over. He was getting fed up with her, but couldn't let go because she would drown. He tried telling himself that he has to be patient and gentile when she is a baby. Then his fun will begin. He couldn't wait to start her on her training. He thought intensely on her future. What an awesome trophy he did receive!

Night fell, and Julian left. Erick worked on Yoshida's room, making it as comfortable as he could. Sir was in the den watching TV rubbing Yoshida's back while she slept. Erick came down the stairs after he accomplished his task with a yawn.

"It's finished." He announced.

"Good, good." Sir said. He brought the sleeping baby up to her room.


A few years passed and Yoshida was now four years old. She was able to move herself around, and had a limited vocabulary. This morning was Erick's turn to feed her.

"C'mon Yoshida! Take a bite" He said as he tried to aim the spoon at her mouth.

"No! Yucky!" Yoshida shouted. Erick cringed.

"But you like this! You ate it before!" He whined.

"No! No! No!" Yoshida yelled banging the table with her fists. Sir came into the kitchen angrily.

"What is going on?!" He yelled.

"Yoshida won't eat!" Erick complained. Sir smiled at Yoshida's temper. Having a short temper was a good thing to him, however, he wanted Yoshida to be obedient to him and Erick.

"Yoshida! You know better than to disobey your brother!" Sir said sternly. Yoshida quieted. She sure DID know not to disobey from past experiences. She stole the spoon from Erick and took a bite of food.

"That's a good girl!"

"But I not hungry anymore! I ate this much!" Yoshida whined, spreading her arms wide. Sir smiled and patted her on the head.

"Alright. Come with me. I need your help with something, anyway."

Yoshida slid off the chair, stuck her tongue out at Erick and walked out with Sir.

"Sometimes I wish dad would have killed her too, while he had the chance." Erick snarled to himself.


Sir led Yoshida to the basement, where she stopped at the top of the stairs. Sir continued down, then realized Yoshida wasn't behind him. He looked up at her. She had fear in her eyes, and he was loving it.

"Yoshida! Come down here!" He ordered. She looked at him and shook her head slowly. "Yoshida, NOW!" he yelled, pointing to the stair above him. She slowly climbed down the stairs. She hated the basement. She had so many bad memories down there.

She finally made it down, and Sir picked her up on the table. He pulled out a bottle of a concoction he was working on all morning. Yoshida looked at it in freight, sensing what was coming next. She shifted away from Sir. Sure enough, he pulled out a needle. Sir could hear a faint 'no' come from the scared Yoshi. He danced with excitement inside. He loved to see her squirm with fear.

"Don't worry, Yashi. This one will benefit you, unlike the others." He said taking a hold of Yoshida's arm, before she got away.

"No, No, Daddy, No!" She shouted as she attempted to pull from his grip, but with no luck. He gave her the shot .

"Look! Now you can fly and blow a flame." He said to her. "See, this one is good!" He picked the little Yoshi up and carried her up the stairs.


Yoshida went outside to play as the sun was setting. Across the bay, a group of Yoshis got set up for their annul festival. Yoshida paid no mind to them, and continued to run around with the dogs.

The sun disappeared. The moon was now showing brightly, and a little fire was built on the Yoshi's island. A rainbow of Yoshis were now there, and the festival was about to begin. A band began to play their instruments, and the music attracted Yoshida to the edge of her island. She sat down on the shore and watched the festival taking place. She moved to the music a little bit herself. A group of little Yoshis saw Yoshida on the other island and stared. Yoshida felt a little uncomfortable. She waved shyly; they did the same. Some of them showed their parents the lone Yoshi on the other side. Some glanced every now and then, but continued partying.. She wanted to join them so bad, but the water stopped her.

Meanwhile, Sir was getting ready to walk into the kitchen when he heard the music. It didn't faze him, but soon he realized Yoshida was out there. He rushed out the house, and to Yoshida, who looked up at him, smiling.

It became quiet on the other side when the Yoshis saw Sir. Everyone was frozen with freight and confusion. Sir stared back at them, then down to Yoshida.

"C'mon Yoshida. It's your bed time." He said as he glanced back up at the other side. He picked Yoshida up, and she leaned against his shoulder, sucking her thumb. She waved back at the Yoshis, but received no response. Some parents pulled their children closer too them. Questions ran through their minds. What was happening? Why did the little Yoshi not struggle as the beast picked her up? Was it possible Sir became a caring koopa? Who was this little Yoshi? So many questions and no answers.

Yoshida watched the others as they stood there, and a thought came to her mind.

"Who were those creatures?" She inquired.

"Those were your enemies. They are no friends of ours." Sir said.

"But they were having fun. They looked so nice."

"Looks aren't everything."

They got into the house, and Sir put Yoshida down. Yoshida turned her head towards a mirror and noticed something.

"Daddy! I look just like them!"