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The room was dark and silent, except for the heavy breathing of Nobi. He was getting nervous about the escape. The Yoshis weren't sure if they should start their plan; they couldn't see beyond the curtain. Nat listened carefully. There seemed to be nothing out there.

"OK, Let's get to work!" Nat said. He sat down, where the curtain was, to continue to listen for any strange movement. The others then began to get Nobi ready for his job. They took the blanket and ripped it in half. They wrapped a half on each of Nobi's hands.

Sashi went to the targeted area, and started pulling the curtain out of the way. She had a hard time doing it from being behind the bars, but she managed to get it away. Yoshiko and Summer took a few deep breaths. Soon the cage was brightly lit with two flames going at the bars.

"I dunno if I could do this!" Nobi shook.

"You can do it Nobi! Just have faith in yourself and your strength:" Sashi encouraged. Nat walked over to him.

"C'mon! You can do it!" Nat said. Then he thought. Nobi's strength only works when he is upset. "Hey Nobi, remember that time when your little sister stole your favorite stuffed animal, and ripped it to shreds?" Sashi shot a confused look at Nat. Nat held up a finger.

"Yeah! I was ready to strangle her!" Nobi said angrily.

"And just think, Yoshida is downstairs all alone." Nat said.

""I hate that koopa!" Nobi screamed. Sashi and Nat quickly covered his mouth.

"Shhhhh Don't you want to get out?" Nat asked.

"Of course." Nobi said. Nat thought.

"Remember that day when your mom grounded you for what your brother did?" Nat continued.

"How can I forget? It wasn't my fault the kitchen was on fire!" Nobi snorted. Nat sensed he was getting upset enough.

"Just keep thinking those bars are Sir! You wanna get him for what he did to Yoshida and us! You can do it!" Nat cheered on. Nobi cracked his knuckles and got prepared, growling.

The bars were now glowing a bright orange. Yoshiko and Summer stopped and moved out of the way for Nobi.

Nobi ran to the bars and started separating them. He was having a tough time, but he slowly made them come apart. You could hear him yelling remarks at Sir as he pulled. He got half way there when the glow started to die down.

"Wait Nobi. Let Summer and I heat them up again." Yoshiko said. Nobi didn't listen. He was to into pulling the bars and yelling comments at Sir. Sashi and Nat had to pull him away. They succeeded to pull the kicking and yelling Yoshi away. Yoshiko and Summer began heating up the bars again. They were glowing once more. Sashi and Nat let go of the raging Nobi and he was at it again. Soon the bars were wide enough for the crew to fit through.

"Way to go Nobi!" The Yoshis said. Nobi smiled.

Nat went out first, followed by the rest of them. They cautiously walked through the dark room, and found their way to the basement door. When they got there, they found two growling surprises.

"What is that?" Sashi asked.

Nat put a hand on the growling thing.

"Well, it's furry and big. Yoshiko, can you use your flame to light up the room?" Nat asked.

"Do we really wanna know what it is? Nobi asked shakily. Nobody listened to him, and Yoshiko used his flame.

Two pairs of angry eyes, and white teeth appeared, belonging to two huge rottweilers. These rottweilers were bigger than any normal rotts. Nat smiled nervously, and waved at the dogs.

"Nice puppies. Good dogs!" He said slowly backing up with the rest of the crew. The dogs growled even louder.

"Maybe we shouldn't move." Sashi said.

"But if we do that, we won't be able to get out of here. Who knows how long we will be standing here!" Nat said, still staring sat the dogs.

"They are blocking the basement! Do you think they knew we were going to go help Yoshida?" Summer asked. The dogs started barking.

"Oh dear, I think so. They must understand us!" Nat said. He turned and ran, followed by the rest. Shaw ran after them, while Kitty still guarded the door. She was barking however along with Shaw.

Shaw ran ahead of the crew and blocked the front door.

"This dog is smart!" Yoshiko said.

"Well, I guess when you are the pet of an evil koopa, you are very well trained." Sashi said a slight sarcastically. Then the dogs suddenly became silent.

"I see you met my wonderful dogs!" A voice said from the stairs. The Yoshis turned and saw Sir walking step by step down the stairs, followed by Erick who was yawning. "This is Shaw, and that is Kitty. I took them from the human world, and brought them here. I put a potion in their food to make them grow huge. Aren't they adorable?" He asked. He was now standing by Kitty, petting her head.

"Uh, Yeah." Nat said making face.

"Well, you seemed to be doing very well in your escape plan. Go ahead and leave if you want." Sir said , motioning for Shaw to leave the door. "But you leave without Yoshida."

Nat stared at him for a few seconds then motioned the rest to leave.

"But.." Nobi began to say, but Nat silenced him.

"Let's go." They all walked out the door.


"I can't believe you made us leave without Yoshida!" Nobi said angrily at Nat.

"We will get her back! Don't worry! He won't kill her like he would have us, if he was planning to. We will help her. I just wanted to make sure we were safe to come up with a plan. Understand?" Nat said.

"No, but whatever." Nobi responded, crossing his arms.


The sun rose and Yoshida woke up. She was now in her bed instead of the basement. Sir was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room waiting for her to wake up.

"Well good morning, sleepy head." Sir said with a smile. Yoshida gave him a dirty look. "You were sleeping ever since we found you on the island."

"Huh? Wait! What am I doing back here?" Yoshida asked. "I was doing great at the island!"

"I know, That's why I came and got you. I got worried that I would lose you if you were doing great, or doing horrible. I was afraid someone would hurt, or even kill, my baby." Sir said with a chuckle. Yoshida cringed.

"Well, I am going back! You can't keep me here forever!" Yoshida yelled.

"You wanna bet?" Sir asked.


"Not your decision. Let's just put it this way. If you try to leave this house, I will find you and kill you, just like I did with your family. But I won't be as merciful to you as I was to them. They died instantly; they felt nothing. Do you catch my drift?" Sir asked. A big grin filled his face. "It will be quite enjoyable to me." Yoshida cringed again. She didn't care anymore. She wanted out one way or another, whether escaping, or dieing from the escape, no matter how painful it would be. Then again, she was tired of being hurt. If she stayed she might be spared more than if she left.

"Yes, Sir." She said putting her head down. She then looked up and out the window at the island that she now loved. Sir jumped with joy and walked out her room, leaving the door unlocked. He knew he had Yoshida back in his grips again, and he had no need to lock the door.

"I wish I was back with Nat and them. I want to feel love again." Yoshida whimpered. She got up and walked out of her room, and back downstairs.

"Yoshida, go get me something to eat!" Erick ordered. He was sitting in front of the TV again. He was happy Yoshida was back, and he didn't need to do things on his own anymore. Two days was a long time for him. Yoshida looked at him, and then down at the floor.

"No. Go get it yourself!" Yoshida said to her surprise. Erick turned towards her and stared at her, just as surprised.


"You heard me! Go get it yourself, lazy bum!" Erick began laughing.

"If you don't get me something, I will make sure you never talk to me like that again! First I'll punish you, and then have dad punish you." Erick said. Yoshida shrugged.

"I know. That's nothing new." Yoshida said. She was wondering what was happening to her. Was she actually saying this? She knew she was going to get it now.

"DAD!" Erick called. Yoshida began to get scared. Sir walked in from his office down the hall.

"What Erick? I am busy!" Sir said.

"Yoshida won't get me something to eat. She has been talking back to me, and calling me names." Erick said. "She won't listen to me."

"Yoshida, Yoshida, Yoshida. What are we to do with you?" Sir sighed. He picked up the bat again, and tapped his hand with it. "You know better to talk back to Erick, not to mention not listen. You'll never learn." Sir said. "You know you get a beating when you do that." He went to swing. Yoshida sprouted her wings and dodged the bat by flying. "Hey you! Get back down here!" Sir roared.

"No, Sir. I am going to defend myself. I have a right to! I am tired of being your slave, your guinea pig and your joy in tormenting! It's over! I don't care what you said upstairs. I am leaving! If I have to die cuz I want love and to be free, so be it! At least I'll experience love before I die! I am not afraid of you anymore! I have friends now, and I know there is someone out there who does love me! You think you can stop me, but you're wrong! You used to have power over me, but I have grown and matured and realized that I can be free. I don't need to stay here anymore if I really don't have to, no matter what the cost is. See that door? In a few seconds, you are going to see me walk out of it!" Yoshida said. She was yet again surprised in what she was saying. She was actually standing up for herself! She looked at both Sir and Erick. They were speechless. Yoshida flew to the door, opened it, looked back at the now furious koopas, gave the peace sign, and gave a friendly wave good-bye, smiling. "See ya!" She walked out.

"That's it! She is a dead Yoshi! She will NOT get away with this!" Sir yelled.