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Chapter 19

Hermione was pacing the room. She had to find him, someone had to find him. She was lost without him, she couldn't go on without him. They had to find him.

"Where is he?!" she almost shouted in frustration.

"Calm down, Hermione," said Dumbledore, as he leaned over books with Snape. "We are looking for him."

"How can staring at books help you look for Draco?" she asked, her eyes flashing.

"They are not books," said Snape smoothly, "they are maps."

"Well, whatever they are, just find him!" Hermione went back to pacing and biting her fingernails. Why oh why had she said those things to him earlier? He probably thought she hated him. But then, it hadn't seemed like it then. She have to ask him if, no when, they found him.

"He's here," said Severus.

"Where?" Hermione came to lean over the map with the two men.

"Turkey," Snape said.

"Let me pack some panties and I'll be ready to go," Hermione said, heading to her room.

"One moment, Hermione," said Dumbledore. "I do not want you leaving this castle. If Draco has been kidnapped, you are most likely a target as well. I want you to stay here, for your own safety."

"The hell I'm going to stay here!" she shouted. "I'm going to find the man I love and there's nothing either one of you can do about it!" Hermione went into her room and slammed the door.

Dumbledore sighed. "Don't let her leave, Severus. I'm worried about her, about all of you. Find Draco and bring him back."

"Yes, Headmaster," said Severus, nodding his head slightly.

"Thank you, Severus," Dumbledore said wearily. "Good night."

Severus remained in his spot until several seconds after Dumbledore had disappeared out the door. Then he knocked on Hermione's door.

"What is it?!" Hermione yelled.

"I would like to speak with you," Snape said in a low voice.

"What?" asked Hermione, flinging open the door.

"Remember to pack some extra socks with your panties. And a blanket, it might get chilly at night," Snape said.

Hermione's eyes widened. "You're letting me come?"

"Yes," said Severus. "But only if no one knows that I let you."

"Done," said Hermione.

"We leave immediately, take only what you need," Severus said. "Meet me just outside the Hogwarts gate in half an hour. Do not be late."

Draco Malfoy sat in a cold, dark room, bound and gagged. He didn't know where he was, only the crack of light coming in under what he assumed to be a door told him that there was light still somewhere in the world. He had no idea what time it was. Suddenly, the shuffle of boots was heard beyond the door and shadows disrupted the small crack of light.

"Well, well, well," said Lucius as he flung open the creaky door and stepped inside. "How are you Draco my boy?"

Draco glared at his father.

"Good," said Lucius. "Enjoying the view? Ah, what am I saying, you don't want to discuss you little trip, do you? You want to know why you're here. Well, I'm not going to tell you. I am, however, going to remove your gag. I love to hear the sweet voice of my progeny damning me to hell."

Lucius removed the gag from Draco's mouth. "Better?"

"Fuck you," said Draco.


"Why did you bring me here?" Draco demanded.

"Now, didn't I just tell you that I wasn't going to tell you that? Someone should teach you to pay more attention." Lucius took out his wand and pointed it at Draco. "Cruico!"

Draco felt every nerve in his body explode with pain. Every sinew convulsed and every muscle spasmed as the curse drew every breath from his body. He saw white lights in the darkness of his eyelids just before his world became black again and the pain blissfully subsided.

"That is what you get for betraying me, son," said Lucius. "I am going to keep you here until the flesh rots from your bones and I can pick my teeth with them."

"They'll come find me," Draco murmured.

"They can try."

"They won't give up."

"You'd be surprised how easily friends can desert you when you need them most."

"And you'd be surprised how resilient my friends can be."

Lucius turned on his heel. "I grow tired of this game, Draco," he said.

"You're the one making the rules."

Lucius ignored him. "The Dark Lord wishes to meet with you again. Apparently, he feels the two of you have some unfinished business to conduct."

"Is that why I'm here?" Draco asked. "You're still a lackey for that pompous fool?" Draco reeled back as Lucius slapped him in the face.

"Never speak of the Dark Lord so insolently!" he shrieked.

"I only speak of what I know," Draco said.

"And I only speak what I know," Lucius' eyes gleamed with a possessed light. "On the blood of my ancestors you will die before you leave this place." With that, Lucius left Draco alone once again in the dark.

"Are you ready to go Miss – Hermione?" Snape asked.

"Yes," said Hermione. "But how are we getting there?"

"I'm apparating us," Severus said. He put his arms around her in an almost-hug. Hermione could feel the warmth of his chest and his breathing and could hear it hitch a little bit in his chest when she put her arms around him. "Hold on tight," he said before their world suddenly changed from the familiar land outside Hogwarts to an unfamiliar city.