Chapter One: Caught

Sneaking into the kitchen from the back door, a darkened figure quietly closed the door, inching his way toward the refrigerator. Opening the refrigerator door, the man's eyes gazed hungrily upon the object of his desire. Reaching his arm into the very back of the shelf, he felt the rough texture he recognized as the top of the foot long hoagie he had constructed the night before leaving for the hospital.

Now that those twins finally gave birth…I can pounce on my snack. And the good thing is, Clair's still at the office, working with a client. This is my chance.

Carefully pulling it out, the sandwich still wrapped in its fresh, clear plastic, Heathcliff Huxtable set it in the middle of the table, splitting it in half.

And now for the coup de grace…

Walking over to the top cabinet, a sly smile engraved on his face, Cliff squeezed the bag of potato chips in his hand, shaking the package in a state of bliss.

After 10 hours at the hospital, I should at least deserve THIS.


Shutting the front doors, Clair Huxtable slammed her briefcase onto her desk next to the bookshelf, sighing angrily.

I can't believe the judge wants to wait another WEEK to decide the verdict of this case!

Taking off her brown, thick coat, she brushed a few flakes of snow from her brown sweater underneath, some of them bouncing off her black skirt onto the ground below.

"I can't believe he actually had the nerve to do this!"


"That slamming sound meant one thing: Clair!" Cliff whispered sharply to himself, looking around for something to hide his favorite snack under. In a hurry, he grasped a red, silk cloth lying on the table, smothering it on top of the plate. Sticking his arm out in front of him, he pushed the kitchen door open, noticing the lawyer sitting on the sofa with her arms folded.

"Hey dear," Sitting down next to his wife of over 20 years, he kissed her on the cheek. Startled by his grin shining on his face, she raised her eyebrow.

"And what's made you so happy?"

"You. I love it when you come home from the office all upset like that."

Sighing once again, she closed her eyes for a moment, recollecting her thoughts. "I thought for sure I was going to win that case, I could feel it but at the last minute, the judge decides to review the case for one more week and hear more evidence from the defendant!"

"That exciting, huh?"

"Yeah…but, I haven't had much to eat, so…" Standing up, she began her walk to the kitchen. "…I think I'm going to fix myself something."

Suddenly remembering what was waiting for her on the table, Cliff jumped up, quickly following her inside the kitchen. Still seeing the hoagie covered with the cloth, he wiped his forehead, sitting at the table.

"I see you already fixed yourself a snack, Cliff."

"Oh yeah…some wheat bread, a healthy snack for a healthy man."

"Yeah, I'm sure a healthy man eats his wheat bread with…turkey, cheese, extra mustard, and potato chips inserted between the bread for that extra "crisp"."

"…I have no idea what you're saying."

"Cliff, my love, you are LYING. Once a-gain. And let the record show…"

"Oh boy, not the showing of the record again…"

"…that since you haven't had one of those sandwiches in a while, you can have it this time. Just don't go overboard like you usually do."

"I promise, with Scout's Honor."

To be continued...