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Chapter 1: The back seat

~ ~ ~

Officer Vegeta Briefs eyed the vehicles that passed by; each one seemed to slow as they saw the cop car or maybe just the lights on top. They were not flashing blue and red, just yet. He smirked to himself as he pressed his foot lightly on the gas pedal. Cars went past him in a blur of red, then white. He stared off and to the road ahead, seeing nothing but clear roads.

Without even realizing it, time had drifted to 1:00 AM.

'Dammit' he mentally yelled, he was off an hour ago. He turned the wheel to the left; the highway was now chillingly empty. He drove the car into a pullout and went to turn into the other lane when a car flew past his; he only got a glimpse of the black haze. Going 10 MPH over the speed limit, which was 60 before, but this person seemed to think it was 70. He pressed his foot on the gas pedal and hard. The back of the car fishtailed as he tried to drive it off the dirt.

He flipped on the lights, the annoying and loud siren echoing through the cold night air. The other car swerved, then slowed. The driver must have looked back for a moment. The car eventually pulled over and the engine died. Vegeta's car pulled in behind the other. The siren abruptly ended.

He cleared his throat, brushed his fingers through his hair, and got out of the vehicle, the door remained ajar as he made his way over to the black 66' mustang. Who ever it is has a good taste in cars. He smiled to himself as he neared. He clicked his flashlight on, clearing the darkness away with the ray. He went over to the car and tapped the tinted window, it was rolled down, and the cop almost gasped.

The man sitting in the drivers seat was- in one word, incredible. Vegeta's eyes trailed over soft skin and curves, full lips that were slightly parted, big black eyes that looked at his in question. His strong jaw caused him to look his age, but everything else . . . he looked 18, but he was most likely older maybe 22. Delicate brows were knitted together, and one of them slowly rose. His body and face was illuminated by gold light from the overhead light.

"Can I help you officer?" The man with pale skin spoke; Vegeta almost didn't hear the words he was too busy wondering what it would be like to have those sculptured lips on his.

"I uh . . . *ahem* may I see you drivers license and registration?"

"Yeah, hold on." The man said again, he hurried and fumbled through the glove compartment. Vegeta glanced over the contents of the vehicle; it was pretty clean, but in the back, it looked as if there were some schoolbooks. He must be in college. He turned back to the cop his ID and registration in his hand. "Here you go officer." Suddenly those words sounded so good to Vegeta. "Sir?" Vegeta shook his head, he could only hope he hadn't been staring.

He took the two things from the man and went to his car. Cold fingers pressed in the name.

Goku Son

At that moment, he wanted that name to fall from his lips while he was in pure bliss. He was getting hard just thinking about it. He frowned, remembering the pants he wore were tighter than the ones he usually had on. Damn . . .

He scanned over the man's record.

There was a warrant out for his arrest!!

His eyebrows drew together, it didn't state why, but it must have been something serious. He then looked over the registration. The car belonged to Goku. A beauty just like the driver. He got out of the car, still wondering why the cops were after him, let alone the FBI, he must be in some serious shit.

He got back to the car. Goku bit into his bottom lip. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle." A heavy sigh came from Goku and a low "dammit" as he opened the door and stepped out. Vegeta gasped. The man was a good 6 inches taller than he was. Big innocent eyes looked down at him.

"Is there a problem officer?" 'There will be a problem if he doesn't stop calling me officer!!' Pink splashed across his cheeks.

"Yes, there is a warrant for your arrest. I need you to turn around." The taller male did so. "Is there anything in these pants you'd like to tell me about?" Vegeta purred; this sent a shudder down Goku spine.

"N-not that I know of." Vegeta could tell the other male was nervous. "Why is there a warrant for my arrest?"

Vegeta smirked, "I thought you could tell me." Goku shook his head, his wild spikes mimicking his movement. "Well then, I'm going to have to search you." Vegeta patted Goku's sides, feeling the powerful muscles underneath, he let his fingers trail down a bit as he did this, he could feel light shivers under his touches. He went down to his hips and to his back pockets; he patted them and ran his hand down the curve of his nice ass.

Goku's breathing hitched as he did this. His hands patted down sculptured thighs. They moved back up and to the front pockets of Goku's baggy jeans. His fingers accidentally ran over the crotch area. Accidentally . . . Heh, Vegeta smirked again as Goku drew in another quick breath. They moved upwards and across Goku's muscular chest, Vegeta could feel every crevice as he ran his hand across them. He pulled Goku against himself.

Goku looked over his shoulder and ebony eyes met Vegeta's. "You know, I'm a nice guy. If you tell me what you did and if it isn't too bad, I'll . . . let you go."

Goku stared at him; he had never met a cop like the one that stood behind him. For one, damn he was attractive and the way he touched his body sent white across his vision, not to mention a bulge in his pants, he hoped the cop hadn't seen it or felt it. Goku could sense that the other man was just toying with him.

"I'm sorry officer, but I really don't know why the police are after me. I haven't done anything to my knowledge."

"Sure you haven't, that's what they all say." Vegeta felt in his heart that Goku was telling the truth; he could see it in his eyes. Goku looked to the badge the man wore.

"Sorry to disappoint you officer Vegeta, but I have done nothing. I think you're just saying that so you could frisk me." There was a low chuckle behind him and he felt something brush him from behind, he knew what it was. He felt his face heat up, as did other things. The other man's husky and seductive voice was getting to him, and so were his touches. He leaned into the body behind him, not too much; he didn't want to crush the other man.

"Are you going to tell me what you did now?" Vegeta pressed his lips against the nape of Goku's neck, his teeth lightly scraping the pale skin. The officer didn't know why he was doing this, he didn't know why he was so attracted to this man, but he needed to touch him, to taste him, to-

"Na uh."

"I'll just have to think of a better type of interrogation won't I?" He continued to leave wet trails across Goku's skin and he turned the man to face him. His thoughts were coming at him so fast he barely had time to think.

He brought his hand up and brushed it through Goku's think hair, it was silky, like his skin. He was perfection and so was Vegeta. Goku seemed to just memorize his face for a moment then, he leaned down and captured Vegeta's lips with his, his mouth opened willingly so the other had access to the sweet heat.

Soon their tongues battled. They fought, each one gliding over one another, trying to stay on top, but in the end, Vegeta won, Goku's tongue had tired out. Goku could feel Vegeta smile. Goku finally embraced the cop and brought him closer to himself. Something pressed against his thigh, which he could only say was Vegeta's "gun."

They both found themselves moving towards the police car, Vegeta was pushed against the side of the car, his fingers groped the door for the handle and he found it, He lifted it, the door opened, and he moved inside. The dim light on the ceiling illuminated the area. He took a seat and pulled Goku on top of himself. Vegeta reached forwards and tugged at the bottom of Goku's black t-shirt, the man raised his arms and Vegeta lifted it up and over his head, leaving his upper body exposed to him. He moved forward and caught one of Goku's rosy nipples in his mouth. Vegeta's tongue swirled around it, suckled, and lightly nipped at the hard flesh. A low moan came from the man on top of him. He grinned as he moved to stimulate the other one. He then let his tongue run over the plains of his chest, he dipped it along the crevices of each muscle until he got to the top of his boxer, the jeans a little bit below it, a black belt with triangle like spikes that had been flattened were holding his pants up. The kid was a punk.

Goku suddenly reached forwards and moved Vegeta away from his pants and he made him face him. He began to unbutton the dark blue shirt; it was tight enough to see the muscles underneath. As each button was undone, more tan skin was uncovered. He slipped Vegeta out of the shirt and he tossed to the bottom of the car, his shirt was in the same spot in a crumpled heap. Goku brought his warm hands across the smooth skin; it was so like his it was astounding. It was utterly perfect. He leaned forward and kissed along Vegeta's pecks. And down their arc until there was nowhere else to go but below the belt that held a police issued Beretta.

Goku almost reached for it, seeing as the cop was occupied. But he didn't want the police to think he was guilty, because if he pulled a stunt like that, they would arrest him right then and there.

Goku had paused and completely halted his kissing. He heard the cop clear his throat. It snapped him back into reality. He licked his lips with anticipation. "Well, are you going to continue today?"

He nodded and brought his hands to the heavy belt and undid it, next went the top button to the pants, then the zipper was pulled down. Goku could see black cotton boxers.

He tugged down the pants and Vegeta lifted himself up enough for them to be slid down to his ankles.

He had never done such a thing before and it almost seemed wrong, but he knew exactly what to do. Black boxers were soon to follow the navy pants.

Vegeta watched the younger man, he didn't seem sure of what to do for a moment then . .

Vegeta's head fell back his mouth open in a silent cry as Goku's warm tongue slid across the shaft of his dick, he trailed over each vein and incline until he got to the base, he did the same over the whole organ until it was coated with his saliva, he then swallowed the whole thing. Vegeta growled in the back of his throat as Goku did this.

If he hadn't known any better, he would have said the boy was a pro at this.

His tongue flicked the cop's jewels and his teeth nipped at them gently. Vegeta's breathing became labored as he felt his breaking point coming along and fast. His reached his hand down, tangled it into Goku's hair, and moved it up and down, causing the younger man to choke. He gasped for a moment as he pulled back from Vegeta. The cop frowned he hadn't meant to do that to the younger man. He extended his hand and raked his fingers through Goku's hair, "I'm sorry." He said softly, almost angry that he had actually said those words and someone had heard them. Goku was silent, but Vegeta knew he was forgiven.

His chest heaved as he undid the belt Goku was wearing then the rest followed. Goku's style was very different than his, the younger male had red silky boxers, apparently the man liked silk, he was almost silk. He pushed Goku's skating shoes off his feet with his own so he could remove the rest of his clothes. He eased off Goku's jeans and his red silk boxers were next to go. His eyes roamed the body that was on top of his, both of their bare groins rubbing against each other unconsciously.

The man wasn't beautiful; he was magnificent. No other was like him. No female and no male. And Goku was thinking the exact same thing as he let his eyes wander Vegeta's body, once again.

Goku smiled warmly at Vegeta and he did the same back. He brought a finger forward and to Goku's mouth asking for entrance. He obliged and opened his mouth. His tongue drenched the finger until Vegeta carefully removed it, he wanted to keep as much saliva on it as possible, he didn't want to hurt Goku anymore than he knew he would. He reached down and felt for the puckered hole he wanted and he inserted his finger in slowly.

Goku gasped at the intrusion. "It's alright." Vegeta said soothingly as he drew his digit out of the heat, and back again. The man on top of him had his eyebrows drawn together and every time he inserted his finger in again his breathing would hitch.

Vegeta added another finger inside Goku's taut opening. They withdrew and continued until three were added; Goku's warmth was tight around his finger. He could only imagine how tight it would be around his dick. After he was satisfied the man was stretched enough, he told Goku to "sit up a little" so that he was hovering over Vegeta. Vegeta held his rather large organ in place. "Now slowly lower yourself down. Go as slow as you'd like or as quick." Vegeta was hoping it was quick. Vegeta slowly filled Goku's body, until the young man had fully impaled himself on it.

"This feels very . . . weird." His eyes stared into Vegeta's dark pools.

Vegeta smiled, "it will until you're used to it. Then I promise you will like it." Goku rested his head on Vegeta's shoulder. "Are you ready?" He felt Goku nod. His hands went to Goku's side and lifted his body up, Goku grunted softly as Vegeta left his body, and only the tip remained inside. Then it was back again, with such force it tore his insides.

A cry of pain was ripped from his throat, his eyes clenched shut, and he bit into his bottom lip; his powerful thighs then hooked behind Vegeta's back. Vegeta slowly hoisted him from his body again then he pushed him back down on himself. Vegeta moaned as pained cries still came from his lover. With every thrust up and into Goku the pleasure built.

He brought Goku upon himself again but this time Goku didn't cry out in pain, it was sometime else.

Pure bliss.

His head fell back, his neck exposed to Vegeta. He had found it. He smirked, as he shoved himself back in, hitting the spot again.

"Oh . . . g-god . . ." Goku groaned breathlessly as Vegeta rammed into the spot repeatedly, sending white flaring across his vision. Sweat clung to their bodies as he continued his onslaught; he pounded deeper into his warmth, each second, he grew closer to completion. As did Goku. He sped up his pace, causing the pain to reemerge in the younger male, but not as bad as it was before.

"Ve . . . Vege- VE-GETAAHH!" The younger male screamed as he finally released himself onto their bellies. He slumped forward onto Vegeta's chest, his breath stolen.

He was still pounded into as Vegeta plunged himself into him again, still receiving low grunts from the man. He was drawing near then . . .

He howled Goku's name as he released his seed into the younger man who had already collapsed against him. He too felt his body go weak. They both panted heavily.

"T-that was- incred . . .able" Vegeta breathed. Goku nodded, his eyes were shut, and Vegeta could tell the man was tired. "Do you . . . want me to bring you home . . .? You can stay . . . at my place, I don't live very far from here." He didn't receive an answer. He looked down at the mop of hair, lifted Goku's face, and saw his eyes were closed.

He appeared so peaceful. He cursed under his breath as he slowly lifted Goku off himself. The young man grimaced as he did so but the lines disappeared after a moment. Vegeta pulled up his boxers and pants and slipped Goku's clothes on too. He buttoned up his shirt and set Goku in the back, making sure he was as comfortable as possible, Vegeta had rested him on his jacket, a makeshift pillow sorta.

Vegeta got into the drivers side and started up the vehicle. He frowned. The door to the Mustang was still open. He scowled and got out of the car and moved over to it, he took out the keys and locked all of the doors.

There was the sound of squealing tires. He turned towards the sound, it was moving fast and towards them. 'Oh shit' he got into his cop car and started the engine. It came to life with the turn of his wrist. And he pressed on the gas. Hard. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he drove down the highway. He could still hear the vehicle, but it came to a stopped. He looked behind him and he saw people at Goku's car; they seemed to look at Vegeta's car. They piled inside their truck and were racing after them.

"Fuck!" He tried to keep his voice lowered as he sped up. Whoever they are, they want Goku for some reason. The vehicle was closing in.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!'

That truck must have NOS in it! He saw the West City sign, one mile. 'I have to loose them in one fucking mile!' His mind shouted as the truck moved up next to his car. The man in the passenger side smiled at him and pointed to the back of the police car.


The gun the man held was pointing directly at him!

Vegeta swerved as the man shot, the bullet hit the side of the vehicle, leaving a smoking hole; Vegeta glanced back at Goku to see if he was alright and he was, and he was still very asleep. The truck was next to him again. That was it!! He clenched is teeth and hit the truck and shoved it into a sidewall. Leaving it in a clutter of metal, smoke, and dust.

He continued until he saw the sign to West City. He turned into it and drove to his home. His thoughts now occupied why those men were after such an innocent man? He pulled into the driveway of his home. With a deep sigh, he got out, opened the back door, and pulled Goku into his arms. He was a lot lighter than he appeared.

He went to the front door of his home and cursed under his breath as he put Goku over one shoulder and unlocked the door with his free hand. He walked into the dark living room and flipped up the light switch. The light came from a lamp on a table by the far wall of the big living room. He carried Goku up the stairs and to his bedroom and set Goku on the end of the plush bed.

Vegeta pulled down the heavy blankets and sheets. Removed Goku's shoes and socks, his own were soon to follow. Vegeta took off his uniform and tossed it into the dirty clothesbasket, leaving himself only in his boxers. He placed Goku on the bed next to where he slept; flicked off the lights, laid down next to the sleeping man, and pulled up the blankets, covering them both. His lids closed over his eyes and soon let the black and dreams consume him.



Continued . . .

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