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Chapter 3: Random numbers memorized

Goku stared at his savior. "Yamcha?" He said in disbelief. The scarred male smiled at him and held out his hand, helping his friend over the dead body. Goku hugged his best friend close. "I thought you were dead. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too." He pulled away. "What the hell are you doing here anyways? And why was that guy trying to kill you?"

Goku took a deep breath. "Well, some people are trying to kill me. The same ones that killed my dad."

Yamcha frowned. "Dammit . . . not you too?" Goku nodded and looked back to the car. "They must think you know something."

"I think that's it. But what? I don't know anything."

Yamcha shrugged. "Maybe you do know something and you don't think you do."

"I don't know Yamcha. But I need to go to my dorm and get some stuff."

"Alright. I'll get rid of the body." He moved towards the car and pulled the dead body out.

"That's so gross." Goku whined as he saw the back of the man's head. It was a mass of crushed skull, hair, skin, and crimson.

"This is nothing." He placed the body in the bushes. Hid from sight. "Frieza's going to be pissed when he finds out." Goku frowned. "He'll think you did it."

"Me? Why me? It was you!"

"He was sent to kill you. Now, he's dead. What else would he think did it?" He was right. Goku wiped a droplet of blood from his cheek.

"Come on."

~ ~ ~

"BRIEFS!" Captain Ginyu shouted. "I thought you'd have these papers done by none!" Vegeta grimaced as he heard the loud and very annoying voice.

"I got caught up in something last night. I'll get it done today."

"Fine. But you better hurry!" His captain turned away and started yelling at someone else. 'Poor guy,' Vegeta shook his head and continued to his desk. He quickly began with the files. In an hour they were finished. With a smile he handed it to his captain.

"Good work Vegeta . . . You know who Frieza is?" Vegeta nodded. "Well, he called asking about you. Any idea why?"

Vegeta shrugged but his mind screamed. 'He knows I helped Goku!' "No idea. Never met the man in my life."

"You're luck. I don't know how he runs that business of his. He's not all there upstairs." Vegeta chuckled. "Neither are a lot of his employees."

"What did he ask?"

"He asked if you knew someone named Son Goku. Do you?"

"Not that I know of." 'He's on my trail! Fuck!'

"Well, today's your lucky day." He took more files off a desk; with a smile he handed them to Vegeta. "I want Frieza in jail. And you are going to prove he's involved in these murders." Vegeta gave a small smile. 'If he's in jail he can't hurt Goku.'

~ ~ ~

Frieza looked down at a picture of Vegeta Briefs. "I recall the face and the hair, but not him. Did his father work for me?"

"Nope. Maybe he was someone you had killed off?"

"No, he's still alive. Maybe I saw him before at the station. I have been there too many damn times." The ghostly pale man clenched his teeth. "I want Goku found now! Get the cop too. He may know something also. Bring them both to me! If anyone gets in your way kill them." Frieza stood up as Zarbon and Jeice nodded. He straightened his purple suit. "Go to Goku's apartment. Your friend is dead. Maybe our other friend found him." With a smirk he turned to his men, they looked to the ground. Having a moment of silence for their lost comrade. "You want revenge. Go bring his murderer back to me."

The two males nodded and left the large board room.

~ ~ ~

Goku grabbed up his folder and a bag full of clothes. "Where will we go?" Yamcha asked.

"My friend Vegeta's house. He'll let us stay there."

"Really? I've never met him before."

"I just met him the other day."

Yamcha nodded as his eyes wandered around the room. Goku sat down his black backpack, his folder next to it. "I'll be right back I have to check my mail down stairs." Yamcha nodded as Goku went out the door. Right when the door shut Yamcha opened Goku's folder and searched through it. Looking for one thing. A set of numbers. He knew for a fact Goku had them. He just didn't know where. He snarled. There was no numbers in the whole thing! Only crap about laws.

"Damn." He muttered as he shut it and moments later the door opened. Goku walked in, shuffling through envelopes.


"Yeah?" He placed the envelopes down on the couch and faced his friend.

"Did your dad tell you some numbers. Random numbers that he told you to memorize?" Goku's eyebrow drew together.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

Yamcha stepped closer. "I need you to tell me these numbers."

"He said not to tell anyo-"

"I'm your friend. You can tell me." He put on a fake smile.

"I donno about that. I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone." He took a step away from his friend.

"Do you have them written do-"

"You-you work for Frieza!" Goku gasped.

Yamcha smiled cruelly. "Of course, And so did your father. I need those numbers. I'll be nicer and let you live. Tell me the damn numbers."

Goku looked between Yamcha and the door. "Why? Why are those numbers so important?"

"It's not important."

"Tell me why or I won't tell you the numbers!"

Yamcha clenched his fist. "Fine! It's a code to open a door."

"A door?"

"Not just any door. Behind that door are riches beyond imagination!"

"That's what this is all about? Money?"

Yamcha nodded. "Of course it is! I will be a very rich man. You know if you tell me the number, I'll let you live with me in the mansion I'm going to get with my money." He stepped closer to Goku, who grew uneasy. "You know, I've always had a thing for you. It could be a lot of fun." His grin broadened. "What do you say?"

"Hell no! I'd never live with you let alone do anything with you! I'm never going to tell you those numbers!" He shouted and shoved Yamcha out of the way. He sprinted to the door and he heard the gun go off. He cried out in agony and his right leg gave out. He hit the wall and rolled onto his back. His eyes clenched shut.

Yamcha stepped over him and aimed his gun at his forehead. "Tell me the code now!"


"Fine." He cocked his gun. "Tell me now or I'll fucking kill you! I swear I will!"

"Don't you dare!" A voice said from behind him. "Frieza wants him alive you idiot!"

"He knows the code!"

"Frieza can get it out of him without killing him."

Goku looked up weakly. "Pick him up!" Zarbon ordered Jeice.

"I don't ant to get blood all over me! This is a new suit"

"Do it now! You'll have enough money to buy a million suits once Frieza gets the code from him." Yamcha shouted.

Jeice smiled and picked up Goku, he was barely conscious. "He said that he wanted the cop too." Goku's blood ran cold. 'No . . . not Vegeta . . .'

"I'll get him." Yamcha smiled at Goku. And flicked Goku's hair from his face. "I'll tell him I'm Goku's friend."

"He's at the police station right now. Tell him Goku needs his help. Then get him!" Zarbon chuckled. "This was all so simple. Come on Jeice."

~ ~ ~

Vegeta finished looking through the files and found nothing. "Dammit." He slammed the papers and folder on the desk.

"Hey, Officer Briefs. Someone is here to see you."

'Maybe it's Goku.' He thought as he moved towards the man that called for him. He stopped in front of his bald superior Tien. "He's right over there." He pointed to a man, with black hair and scars on his face. Vegeta frowned but it turned to a smile as the taller male smiled.

"I'm Yamcha." He recalled the name. "I'm Goku's friend." Why would he be here unless . . . "I have bad news. I was helping Goku gather his belongings-he said that you would let us stay with you-so we were going to come over here and some guys showed up and they . . . they shot him in the leg. Goku told me to find you."

Vegeta gasped. "Fuck . . . do you know where they brought him?"

"Yes. I recall hearing the guys say to bring him to the docks."

Vegeta nodded. "I think I can leave. Hold on." He quickly went to Captain Ginyu. "My good friend visited and told me that his sister is in the hospital. Can I get the rest of the day off?" He lied, but the captain believed him.

"Alright, but you better be here tomorrow."

Vegeta gave a small smile and hurried back to Yamcha and the two of them went to the car Yamcha brought.

"This is Goku's car, why do you have it?" Vegeta watched the other male. He had a bad feeling about him. 'Didn't Goku say something about him disappearing?'

"I took his keys and went to find you."

Vegeta was still suspicious. He had to keep his guard up. They both got into the car.

~ ~ ~

Goku's eyes slowly cracked open. He had blacked out on the trip to the docks. He moved his arms but found they were restrained to a chair that he sat upon as were his legs. He groaned as he desperately tried to free himself. "Trying to escape is futile. I have guards everywhere even if you did." A man in a purple suit stood in front of him. His skin was deathly pale. Goku gasped. He saw that man before. He didn't recall where but he remembered him.

"Where am I?" Goku's eyes shot around the almost bare huge room.

"By the boat docks. You know why you are here so why bother to fight. Tell me the code and there won't be any pain." Goku gritted his teeth.

"You'll have to kill me first."

"You never break a promise do you? Well, you see that." He pointed to a small table next to him. Goku gasped as he saw various sharp objects. "You don't want anything to happen to your pretty skin now do you?" Goku's eyes went wide as he shook his head. "I didn't think so. Now tell me the code!"

"I told you, I won't so I won't!" Frieza fisted his hair painfully.

"Tell me them now!" Goku remained silent. Frieza let go of his hair. "Fine. You want it the hard way." He reached down and picked up a knife. "I didn't want to have to do this to such beautiful skin but you give me no choice." He brought it to Goku's skin but didn't cut in just yet. "Are you going to tell me now?" Goku didn't answer. Frieza suddenly stabbed the knife into his leg. "AHHH!!!"

To be continued . . .

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