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You've Got a Way

by Pixie5252

Chapter One

Uniting of the Head Girl and Head Boy

She stepped out of her jet-black BMW Z9 Cabriolet and slammed the door, locking it behind her. Keys jangling in her hands, she headed up towards the pub, unseen by everyone else on the street except her.

She pulled the door open, and entered into the pub, christened The Leaky Cauldron. Without a sideways glance to the various people inside, she headed straight for the back, pulled her wand out of the back pocket of her hip hugging jean skirt and tapped the bricks above the trash can.

Standing back, she made way for the arch to open her into the world of magic. She instantly grinned at the happenings in the alley.

Witches and wizards of all shapes and sizes bustled through the busy streets, each going a different direction, talking about different things. Some happily awaiting their chance to at last go to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, others groaning as they carried their new books down the cobbled street, already awaiting the arrival of their next summer. But this was the last year for Lily Evans, and she intended to enjoy every moment of it.

She placed her keys and wand back into her back pocket, and continued down the cobbled street towards the shops and stalls of the magical town. She was interrupted, however, by an oh too familiar voice.

"Lily. Been meaning to talk to you." The voice said. Lily spun around on her heel to see Candace Daily. They were friends, of a sort, and they had shared a dormitory during the last six years of school. They were once best friends, but that was before their fight.

"What do you want, Daily?" Lily replied in an impatient tone.

"Look, I'm sorry about everything that went on last year. I didn't mean for it to get that out of hand." She said. Her mahogany hair caught the sunlight, and her brown eyes were soft, with a sort of sincerity that Lily couldn't even overlook to be suspicious. "Let by-gone's be by-gone's?" Candace asked, holding her hand out to Lily.

"Consider them gone." Lily smiled, took her hand and shook it.

"Excellent. I knew you would never live without me, no matter what you said." Candace answered, her tan face splitting into a grin revealing straight white teeth and dimples that every girl would envy and admire.

"I survived for seven months, you'll be amazed how much I lived without you. But it is you, however, who can't live without me." Lily joked in return, smiling back at Candace.

"Oh," Candace said quickly, spotting someone over Lily's shoulder. "I'll catch up with you later." She turned and strode briskly down the cobbled street.

"OK, bye." Lily waved, as she felt a pair of arms seize her from behind, and kiss her fondly on the neck.

"Good to see you again, Lily." The voice said. Lily turned to face Remus Lupin, her boyfriend of a year and a half.

"And you." She answered, smiling affectionately at him. She flipped her long red hair behind her shoulder as she leaned in to kiss him. Their lips met momentarily before they broke, and set down the street hand-in-hand.

"So, congratulations on Head Girl." Remus smiled fondly at his girlfriend, who flushed in excitement that he remembered.

"Thanks. I'm so excited for it. By the way, do you know who Head Boy is?" She asked, flipping her hair back again.

"I'm not sure you want to know." Remus answered truthfully.

"Oh come on, how bad could it be? I mean it's not like it could be James Potter or anything..." She laughed at her own joke, but she noticed Remus didn't join her. "What? It isn't him, is it?" She asked cautiously, fearing the answer.

"Yeah, it is." Remus answered gruffly. "Sorry to disappoint you."

'James Potter?! Head Boy? What was Dumbledore thinking? He's a nuisance! A scandal! An arrogant, selfish, conceited boy!' Lily's mind flashed, and her almond shaped green eyes narrowed dangerously.

"No...no disappointment. Just a bit unnerving about who they're trusting with responsibility these days." Lily answered huffily.

"He's not that bad. He can be forced to behave....occasionally." Remus answered truthfully. Lily glared at him, flipping her long red hair again. He loved it when she did that, it nearly drove him mad, her thick red hair flying behind her shoulder, gleaming in the sunlight.

"Moony!" A voice emerged from Flourish and Blotts. It was Sirius Black, looking spiffily handsome with his black hair, hanging down, not too much, but just enough to cast a sexy look upon his fiery, gray eyes.

"Padfoot!" Remus answered, a smile spreading across his face as he caught sight of his friend, one of the faithful four.

"Evans." Sirius said, nodding to Lily stiffly.

"Black." Lily responded, her voice lacking warmth.

"What's with all the hostility?" Another voice came. "It's so thick I could cut it with a knife." James Potter came behind Sirius, his jet black hair sticking up in the back, like always, and a smirk across his face as he caught sight of Lily. "Ah, Evans. I should've known." He walked over by Sirius's side, hazel eyes gleaming with excitement behind his round glasses, which were slightly crooked, sliding down the bridge of his nose.

"Lay off her, Prongs." Remus said quietly. Lily couldn't take her eyes off his crooked glasses.

"She always seemed to, what's the word for it, hate us." James said to Sirius, grinning.

"Yeah, but Moony never had problems getting her into bed." Sirius answered. James and Sirius roared with laughed at their own petty joke.

"He hasn't gotten me into bed." Lily snapped, her grip on Remus's hand tightening.

"Ashamed, are you, to be dating Moony?" Sirius asked, laughing harder.

"Watch out then, Evans. He's about to plow you." James agreed, tears in his eyes from laughter, his glasses sliding down a bit more askew. He made no attempt to fix them.

"No one's going to plow anyone. Especially James Potter." Lily growled. "I've noticed you've been rather inactive lately. Or should I say the last six years?"

"You've noticed then? Have you been waiting for me or something?" James asked with an air of cockiness.

"Yes, I wait endless nights for great James Potter, hero of the Quidditch field, best in Defense Against the Dark Arts to finally give his heart to me." Lily said in an over-exaggerated, love stricken voice, eyes still fixated on his crooked glasses.

"You forgot new Head Boy." James said taking the badge out of his pocket.

"Give me a break." Lily muttered rolling her eyes, turning to walk away.

"She rolled her eyes at me." James said sounding sarcastically astonished. "Can you believe it Padfoot, Lily Evans actually rolled her eyes at me."

"Give it a rest." Lily muttered, annoyed.

"I'm so offended. I...I don't know how I'm going to show my face in public after being disgraced by Lily Evans!" James continued. Sirius barked out a laugh.

"Get over yourself." Lily snapped, spinning around to face him. His glasses were unimaginably crooked. She bit her lip to try and overlook them. "If you're going to be in their company for the rest of the day, I'll have to see you later, Remus. By the way, Potter. Fix your stupid glasses." Lily snapped, turning on her heel, hips swaying as she strode away.

"Thanks, real smooth of you guys." Remus answered, extremely annoyed at the childish antics of his friends. James pushed the bridge of his glasses, looking astonished at how out of hand they had become.

"Come on Moony! We were just having a bit of fun." Sirius laughed, clapping Remus on the back.

"You have to admit she's extremely sexy when she's mad. And that skirt! Ouch!" James hooted at the thought.

"I heard that, Potter." Lily called from somewhere in the crowd of people, her red hair standing out like a red tulip in a sea of yellow flowers.

Remus had to grin. He just couldn't help himself. He had to admit, he was one lucky guy. "Now there's the Moony we know." Sirius grinned. "Wormtail's meeting us at Floreans."

Remus nodded, watching Lily fade from sight before going with Sirius and James.

Anger coursed through Lily at the thought of James Potter, 'the arrogant little bastard.' She thought to herself. After six years of having to take his crap, she decided she no longer was going to take it from him. She just wasn't going to. She was sick of it.

She took her school letter out, and quickly skimmed what she had to buy. She headed off towards Madam Malkin's to get some new robes. She entered the shop, which smelled strangely of rubbing alcohol, and walked to the back of the room trying to find assistance.

"Hey Lily! Lily! Over here!" A voice came from the corner.

"Alice! Hi!" Lily smiled walking over to her. "How are you?"

"Fine." Alice smiled, her round face glowing. "I'm waiting for Frank."

"Frank Longbottom?" Came Madam Malkin's voice, who appeared from behind the counter. "Now he's a nice boy."

"Only the nicest." Alice beamed.

"Oh, how may I help you, dearest?" She asked.

"I just need some new robes for school."

"What house are you in?"

"Gryffindor." Lily replied, drumming her fingers on the desk.

"Ah yes, just take a step onto that block, if you would."

Lily Evans...her enticing full lips, creamy complexion, and thick, dark red hair that shone in the sun...lust was the one word for it, James decided. It was simply lust that made him absolutely infatuated with her for the last six years.

'That's not being honest with yourself.' James admitted, yet only in his mind. Lily was phenomenal...beautiful, lusty, and amazing.

'Moony, you are one hell of a lucky guy.' James said to himself, rumpling the back of his hair to make it stick up more.