Jealousy In The Air

Summary: A plain and unpopular girl soon begins to be accepted into the in- crowd. The popular guy she longed to be with finally notices her, but things aren't always the way it seems to be... Inu/Kag


Chapter 1: The Past is the Past

The boy in front of her suddenly asked her something that she'd always wished he would ask. "Will you go out with me?" he asked, staring right at her. She stared dreamily into his eyes and let out a dreamy sigh.

She'd never seen any eyes as intense and golden as his. Before another precious second passed, she answered, "Yes!" Just as she thought this was going to be a new start for this new relationship...

Ugh... not another one of these dreams, Kagome said, rubbing her eyes with her chubby fingers. I knew this was too good to be true. None of this stuff ever happens to me.

Kagome picked up her thick glasses and put them on. She changed into random clothing. It didn't matter what she wore because nothing ever looked good on her anyway.

She walked over to the full-length mirror hung onto the back of her bedroom door and studied herself. She saw a girl with long and tangled black hair that didn't seem it could ever be combed through, staring right at her with thick glasses. She looked down a little towards the body. She was chubby. That's how most people would describe her.

No one ever paid much attention towards her, especially the guys. Some girls were nicer than other. They'd wave at her and greet her. She knew that guys never liked girls who were like her, and she didn't blame them.

Kagome suddenly stopped her thoughts. It wasn't like she was going to turn any prettier while she was staring at herself. She quickly brushed her teeth then going down the stairs, not bothering to spend half an hour getting her hair smoothed out.

She gathered her school supplies to get ready to school.

As she got on campus, she immediately searched for one particular guy with his friends gathered around him, in front of the school entrance, waiting for the bell to ring, and then go in.

It was the guy she used play with everyday in first grade. They'd go over to each other's house and have sleepovers. They were best friends since then, but soon drifted apart when they started high school. They haven't been speaking to each other for almost three years.

Even thought he barely ever glanced at her, she still liked him. Not just as a friend, but as a crush. She noticed she had started liking him more than a friend when she was in 8th grade and when she first got her glasses.

She kept it to herself and waited for the right time to tell him, but of course, there never was a right time.

At the beginning of her freshmen year, they had exchanged schedules to see if they were in any classes together. Kagome got depressed when she found out.

Kagome was never any guys' idea of a girlfriend. However, her friend, Inu yasha, was the dream guy of every girl. He had the looks and the attitude. He soon became popular and gradually stopped spending so much time with her.

Kagome knew that he wouldn't ever look at her the way he did when they were in elementary school and middle school, but wished he would.

She missed the times they spent together at his house. She recalled the way she had looked like when she was in first grade. How could I have turned into such a toad when I looked so cute back then? She thought.

Kagome pushed those thoughts away once again, not wanting to depress herself more than she already did. She quickly walked pass his group, without a glance.

She spun her locker combination and put the books she didn't need in.

As she turned around the corner of the hallway, she bumped into someone.

She looked up and found herself looking at her worst nightmare... Kikyo.

She hated Kikyo. Kikyo and her snobby group of friends would always go picking on people like Kagome, herself.

"Gee, I can't believe you take up so much room that even I can't get through," Kikyo said irritated. "Out of my way! Unlike you, we have somewhere important to go." With that, she pushed Kagome aside like a nobody.

Kagome hated Kikyo's guts for doing that, but also because it made her mad when she saw her trying to flirt with Inu yasha. Practically the whole school knew that Kikyo had this "thing" for Inu yasha.

Kagome thought Kikyo looked really pathetic, but that was just herself. Her thoughts didn't count for anything.

Inu yasha looked like he enjoyed the attention, but she knew that he didn't exactly like Kikyo the way she liked him.

Kagome was still glaring at the back of Kikyo's head when she got out of sight.

Not wanting to look so mad just because of that, she shook her feelings toward Kikyo away and tried to look cheerful.

She sauntered towards the stairs. Once again, she bumped into someone.

The girl she bumped into had a long, loose ponytail and as she turned around, Kagome saw that she wore a nice friendly smile.

Kagome noticed that it was Sango, another girl part of the in-crowd Kikyo was in. The only difference was that she was actually nice. She was nice to everyone.

She had a tall attractive and handsome boyfriend everyone knew of. Miroku. He usually couldn't control himself around girls, but tried his best with Sango. They usually had fights now and then, but everyone knew they'd get back together.

Kagome opened her mouth and said quietly, "I-I'm sorry."

Sango smiled warmly and said, "It's okay." Then she turned back around to catch up with her other friends.

Before she was completely gone, Kagome saw her wave at her slightly.


In second period, Kagome sat in the back of the room. She watched Inu yasha snooze away during the teacher's long and boring one and a half hour lecture.

Sure, she felt lucky that she was in at least one class with him but it's not like he pays any attention towards her.

She was so bored that she dug into her backpack and took out her sketching pad. She doodled in that pad whenever she was bored.

Before she knew what she was doing, she had written the words "Inu yasha and Kagome FOREVER" across the center of the page. She then decorated the page with hearts, stars, and other stuff.

She was so focused on that that she didn't even notice that the teacher, Mrs. Kaede, was standing right in front of her.

Mrs. Kaede cleared her throat. "Would you like to share what you were doing with us all?" She tapped her foot against the ground. That was something Kagome found very annoying.

She looked up and blushed when she realized everyone's eyes were on her, even Inu yasha's. He had gotten up from his little 'nap.'

"Uh... no?" Kagome said, not sure.

"Well, you'd better put that thing away and make sure I never see it again," Mrs. Kaede said sternly. "You wouldn't want us all to see what you wrote, do you?" With that, she walked back towards the front of the room.

Kagome could hear her classmates whispering everywhere around her.


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