Title: Things don't always go as planned.
Author: Snacky
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Summary: The final part to BAATB. It's only natural he wants to be there with her.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or any of its characters I'm only borrowing them. I don't make any profit from this Fic. I don't own the song it's only natural that belongs to crowded house.

Authors Notes: The end and beginning are always the hardest part. It's done, I wont be doing another sequel - it took long enough to finish this part. Hope you enjoy and remember to feedback please. You know what I always say - feedbacks the author's best friend!

You're staring! I know I'm staring! She's looking at you say something quick.

"Uh, um, uh" Oh yes very clever anything else you would like to add to that?


"Hi Sir"

"Hey" opps very high pitched, she's starting to stare now and doing a very good impression of myself now I'll bet!

"You look nice Carter" oh thank god I thought she was going to slap me soon.

"You look nice to, new suit?"

"This old thing?" No way am I telling her I bought this, this morning just for this date and will probably never wear again.

"So you want to get going, I booked reservations and were going to be late soon"

"Oh yes of course, I'll Just lock up" How long was I staring? When she's not looking check your watch, perfect she's getting the car. 8.10!!! Ten minutes I was staring for ten minutes. Never mind just get in the car.

Dum, Di, Dum... maybe I should suggest she put the radio on, the silence is unbearable. You have to think of something to say, She has the excuse of concentrating on the road. Let's see 'you look nice' no already used that one um, how about 'Did you have a good time at work?' no can't use that, you work with the woman, idiot, you know what her day was like! Ok what about 'where are we going?' anything wrong with that one? Nope, go for it.

"So Carter, Where are we going?

"A restaurant"

"Funny! Seriously which restaurant?"

"You'll find out shortly, don't be inpatient" Fine I'll sit here quietly then. Dum, Di, Dum, great I'm back were I was when we started driving. Wait What's that noise? Her phone's ringing, is she trying to ignore it or is she deaf? Should I tell her? It might be important! Tell her.



"Your phone's ringing"

"Phone? Oh yes" ok were was she just then, do I really want her to be driving?!

"Hello? General what can I do for you?" What does he want?

"Right now?" Please don't make us come in, Please don't make us come in. Opps she's staring again, she must have seen me crossing my fingers and looking up to the roof of the car.

"Ok I'll be right there" damn!

"He's here, want me to pass him the phone?" What? Oi!

"Ok I'll tell him, bye"

"Tell me what?" Opps calm down; snapping at her will only make things worse.

"The Tok'ra need our help"

"Why couldn't SG5 do it? There free, right?"

"Yes but they insisted they needed SG-1"


"I don't know the general never told me"

"Oh" Those Tok'ra have it in for me I swear!

"Who you calling?"

"The Lyndon"

"Ah, so that's were we were going, very classy"

"Hi, This is Samantha Carter, I have reservations with you for 8.30, and I'm going to have to cancel...Thank you, Bye"

Well it was nice while it lasted. So now we have to get back to reality, Back to the SGC. Wait a sec...

"Were going strait there now?"


"But I can't, Not dressed like this"

"It's not as if I want to go wearing this"

"Yea but you look gorgeous I just look like a prat" why is she looking at me again? Please Sam, keep your eyes on the road!

"Thank you Sir, and you don't look like a prat, you look like rather handsome actually"

She thinks I look handsome? Where did the prat come from? Did I say the gorgeous thing out loud? God, is it hot in here?"

"Are you all right sir? You look flushed"

"Fine, Just fine, A tad warm that's all, You don't mind if I remove my jacket do you?"

"No that's fine"

"Can I put the radio on?"


#That was Glow by Alien Ant Farm, now here's it's only natural by crowded house, Enjoy!#

#Ice will melt, Water will boil#
#You and I can shake off this mortal coil#
#It's bigger than us#
#You don't have to worry about it#
#Ready or not here comes the drop#
#You feel lucky when you know where you are#
#It's gonna come true#
#Here in your arms I remember#

Great our date gets cancelled, I have to see the Tok'ra, I'm thinking out loud and now the song that reminds me of Sam is playing while stuck in a car with her and now it's to late to turn it over!

#It's only natural that I should want to#
#Be there with you #
#It's only natural that you should#
#feel the same way too#

#It's easy when you don't try#
#Going on first impressions#
#Man in a cage has made his confession#
#You've seen me at my worst#
#And it won't be the last time I'm down there#
#I want you to know I feel completely at ease#
#Read me like a book#
#That's fallen down between your knees#
#Please let me have my way with you#

I can see the base. I'm saved! Now all I have to do is go see those pesky Tok'ra.

Anyone want to know one of the worst parts about this base? The elevators, yep the elevators, granted I've never been keen on the damn things anyway. If you get in one with someone you hate or worse some one you don't like that insist on talking to you then, your stuck with them for ages, not just
seconds I'm talking minutes. It might not seem much but you try being stuck in a confided space with someone you hate!

Here we go. Hmmn now this is strange, Hammond is waiting for us.

"Colonel, major, I was just about to contact you when I was informed you had just arrived"

"What's up general?"

"The Tok'ra wanted SG-1 as they wanted Dr. Jackson's expertise, unfortunatly he is unavailable so they have taken Dr. Fieldman and SG-5, I'm sorry I had to drag you out here"

"That's all right General" Alright! All right!

"I guess you need a lift then Sir?"


"Why, are you staying here?"

"Yep and your staying with me"

"I am?"

"Yep, would you care to join me for lunch in the commissary, M'lady?"

"Cake afterwards?"

"Of course"

"Then lead on" I was never one to refuse a lady, especially not this one.